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Best Ceramic Knives Set review 2021 for sharpening hassle-free life

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People who spend a noteworthy time in the kitchen know how tough it can be to work with a dull knife. Sharpening your knife every week is another hassle. One of the best ceramic knives set can be a lifesaver in this case.

Ceramics knives are not that kind of knife you hear of frequently. But trust me, once you start using this, it will change your life. A ceramic knife has a hard surface. So, you would not have to worry about the blade bending or breaking in the middle of cutting the baguette or frozen meat. You would not feel the need to sharpen it every week.

The hard surface of this knife does not let it dull out. While cutting something, I still remember the first thing that came into mind was that I needed to sharpen my knife. I know, ceramics knives are not used that much, but this wonder made my works a lot easier.

3 Best Ceramic Knives Set: Comparison


Kikusumi 6-Piece Chef Knife Gift Set Bundle -SUMI Black Handle + Black Ceramic Blade - 7 inch Chef Knife + 5.5 inch Santoku + 5 inch mini Santoku + 4 inch Paring + 3 inch Paring + 6 Sheath (Black)

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Manufacturing: KIKUSUMI
  • Size: 6-Piece
  • Color: Black
  • Blade Edge: Plain
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Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-inch Serrated Slicing/Bread Knife, Black Handle, Black Blade

  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Materials: Ceramic 
  • Manufacturing: Kyocera
  • Size: 7″
  • Color: Black
  • Blade Edge: Serrated
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Knife Set Cermic 12pc

Cuisinart 12pc Ceramic Knife Set

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Materials: Stainless Steel with Ceramic Coating
  • Manufacturing: Cuisinart
  • Size: 12-Piece
  • Color: Various Color
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What are ceramic knives?

Ceramic knives are knives with ceramic blades. Now you must have been thinking, how can ceramic make a blade? Well, the blades are made by dry-pressing and firing powdered zirconium dioxide. A unique process named sintering is used in this case.

In this process, heat and pressure create a compact solid mass. Diamond dust coated blades are used to sharpen this kind of blades. As the surface of the blades is robust, you can’t sharpen them with regular knife sharpeners.

Ceramic can create a more rigid surface, which is really important for a knife. A knife with a ceramic blade does not bend, break or crack easily. They do not get dull, so you do not have to sharpen them every week.

What are The Best Ceramic Knives?

I hope you already kind of want to try out this knife for yourself. But, are you confused too like I was? It is totally okay cause changing your kitchen knife can be a big decision.

If you buy a set concentrating on the size, handle, the sharpness of the knives, it will go a long way. You would not have to worry about your kitchen knives anymore. You can easily use them for your regular kitchen works.

Best Ceramic Knife Set Review

Here are 10 of the best ceramic Knife set you can buy if you want to switch your regular knife with this robust, sharp and elegant looking knife.

01. Kyocera Advanced

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics – Revolution Series 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set: Includes 6-inch Chef's Knife; 5-inch Micro Serrated Knife; and 3-inch Paring Knife; Black Handles with White Blades

This is one of the most amazing ceramic knives sets for beginners. If you want ceramic knives for different purposes, but you are just a new user and giving it a try, this is just the thing for you. This set contains one all-purpose knife, one tomato knife and one paring knife for meal preparation.

This knife has a perfectly balanced design with a handle that is comfortable. These knives are light in weight. Their ergonomic structure makes using them a lot easier and comfy.

The one thing you will realize about these knives is that they are so elegant and beautiful, along with being super functional. The ceramic blades of these knives are zirconia metal registered by Kyocera. These zirconia metals get produced in Japan. They are of expert quality.

Their super-sharp edge gives you clean and more refined cuts. This sharpness stays at least ten times more than that of a knife with regular steel blades. The knives have a lighter body, which makes them easy to clean. They do not make your food brown.

They are acid-resistant so that you can cut any acidic food with them. They do not rust. The wear resistance of these knives does not ruin the familiar taste of the foods. The smooth and matte surface does not let the oil stick to it, making it easier to clean. The smooth surface does not let bacteria grow.

They do not make the food taste metallic. The special design of the knives removes fatigue, so cutting gets faster and easier. This can be your perfect choice to slice vegetables, fruits and boneless meat. They are also suitable for pilling and mincing.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Does not let bacteria grow on the blade surface
  • Does not ruin the actual taste


  • Not suitable for foods with hard surfaces

02. Cuisinart

Knife Set Cermic 12pc

People related to cooking or kitchen appliances and accessories in any way know the name “Cuisinart.” They are among the best and known brands of their excellent quality knives and all other kitchen accessories. No matter if you are a professional chef or a new cook and you just cook meals for yourself, there is no way you do not like a product from Cuisinart.

And just like them, there is no way you would not like this knife set. There are a multi-purpose knife and a smaller knife for mincing and dicing foods. The knife handles are color-coded so that you do not mix them up.

Mixing knives for cooked or uncooked foods can be contaminated in times as you should not keep uncooked foods in contact with cooked foods. The ceramic coated blades give you a smooth slide when you cut food. Their non-stick body does not let food stick to it.

The blades of these knives are made of top-quality stainless steel and have a ceramic coating. This gives you the sturdy structure of stainless steel and a non-stick, smooth surface of a ceramic. So, you get the goodness of both. You can call these knives all-rounder.

The ceramic coating gives the knives a longer life. The knife blades get more rigid and more robust, so they do not break, crack or bend easily. The ergonomic design of the handle of this ceramic knife makes it easy to hold and use. They ensure the maximum comfort to make cutting more comfortable and fun for you. 


  • Ergonomic structure of the handle
  • The goodness of stainless steel and ceramic
  • Color-coded handles to avoid contamination
  • Smooth, non-stick surface

03. Kyocera

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-inch Serrated Slicing/Bread Knife, Black Handle, Black Blade

Do you love collecting knives as I do? If you also like collecting different knives, this thing might catch your attention. This black knife from Kyocera is an absolute beauty along with its extraordinary performance. So, this can be a great knife to be in your collection.

This knife is best for cutting loaves of bread. But you can use it to cut vegetables, fruit, boneless fishes and meat too. It also can be an excellent tool for pilling, dicing and mincing. Basically, this knife is perfect for straight cuts.

The zirconium used to make this knife is produced in Japan and owned by Kyocera. So, we can easily say that it is made of good quality materials. The metal used to make this knife makes it ultra-lightweight. So, they can be held and moved easily, which makes it a lot easier to use.

The polished black surface does not let food or oil stick to it, making it easier to clean. As the surface of the blade does not hold food residue, bacteria or germs cannot grow on its surface. It does not smell bad. The ergonomic handle of this exclusive ceramic knife makes it easier to use.

It does not let your food taste metallic and makes the food taste as it should have tasted. It does not ruin the taste. The blade’s hard surface does not break, crack or bend, which gives it a longer life than regular stainless steel knives. It is rust-resistant so that you can use them for regular cutting works.

It does not brown food, so food looks fresher. It is an excellent tool for cutting vegetables and fruits. The elegant black knife increases the beauty of your kitchen countertop.


  • Elegant black design
  • Rust resistance
  • Top-quality zirconium from Japan
  • Light in weight


  • Not suitable for crusty foods

04. Kikusumi

Kikusumi 6-Piece Chef Knife Gift Set Bundle -SUMI Black Handle + Black Ceramic Blade - 7 inch Chef Knife + 5.5 inch Santoku + 5 inch mini Santoku + 4 inch Paring + 3 inch Paring + 6 Sheath (Black)

If you like everything to be unique, if you always look for something rare no matter what you are buying, this knife set is one of the best ceramic knife sets out there. This knife set containing six knives has a unique black finish, which will change your kitchen’s whole look in minutes.

The perfect ceramic blades are made of top-quality zirconium oxide, making these blades fifty times harder than regular steel knives. The precise edges give you perfect cuts every time. Its light weight makes it easier to hold, carry and use.

The blade stays at an 11-13 degrees angle, which is quite sharp. The hard texture does not let it dull quickly, so it stays sharp for a long time. The ergonomic design of the handle gives enough space between the handle and the blade, which ensures knuckle clearance. The perfectly balanced knife is more comfortable to hold.

As we said earlier, zirconium dioxide needs to be heated to make a ceramic knife. These black blades are heated at 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. The razor-sharp edges stay sharp ten times longer than regular steel knives.

The handle of the knives has an ambidextrous design specially designed to fit the size of a human hand to ensure maximum comfort.

 The set has six knives that you can use for different cutting works. The smart design makes it easier to hold by both hands. The tactile grip prevents slipping when your hands are oily or wet. The knives go through a second burning to embellish the Kikusumi logo on the knives.

The knives are packed in a beautiful gift box. The box generally has a logo of Kikusumi, which makes it a beautiful thing to give as a present. The knives come with a lifetime warranty, so even if they get damaged somehow, you can get them fixed. The company gives you a guarantee of 100% satisfaction.


  • The precise, sharp blade
  • Ergonomic and comfy handle
  • Durable
  • Does not dull easily


  • Might be expensive

05. Grey Ceramic

5 Piece Grey Ceramic Knife Set -Chef Knife Set - Grey Handles, White Blades. Includes 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” Ceramic Knives, Matching Sheaths and a Matching Vegetable Peeler in Gift Box (Grey)

Ceramic knives can be a great choice, whether you are a new cook or a professional. They are so perfect that they can be used easily by everyone. And if you are a professional chef and are looking for something that will give you a little more professional cutting experience, you can try this knife set.

If we talk about an excellent ceramic chef knife set, this set would be one of them. The perfect sharpness will ensure extra good cuts every time. The knives of this set have “injection molded handles.” This means the handles are directly molded to the ceramic blades.

Some ceramic knives have the handle glued to the blade, which makes them weak. So, whenever you try to cut something with a hard or crusty surface, the handle has a chance to come off. But, when your knife has the handles directly molded to the blade, they get a strong structure.

So, there is less chance for them to come off.As we just mentioned their professional performance, one of these knives’ main features is their sharpness. They are exclusively sharp. They can quickly cut anything precisely and a lot faster.

You do not get a lot of time to waste your time sharpening a knife when you are a professional chef. Keeping that in mind, these knives have sharpness, which lasts 15 times longer than any other regular knife. So, you can go for nearly one year without sharpening the knife.

So, you will get knives as sharp as new every day. The knives are so lightweight. So, they are easy to hold and use. They do any cutting works super fast. They are comfortable to hold.

They come in a luxurious gift box with excellent packaging. These make them an excellent present to your loved ones or maybe to yourself.


  • Extremely light in weight
  • Extra sharpness, which is 15 times more lasting than regular knives
  • Handles directly molded to the blades
  • Comfortable and easy to work with


  • Might be expensive


Ceramic Knife Set, 6 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Sheath Covers and Peeler Set - kitchen Chef Chef's Paring Bread Set

If you are also a fan of knives sets, which are all-rounders, which come with tools for every purpose, this is the best thing for you. Having all kinds of knives in one set makes it easier to organize and use. If you are comfortable using a knife of that style and structure, you will be comfortable using all of them. So, your works will get more fun.

The knives made of zirconium oxide and coated with ceramic do not let your knives not let your food smell terrible. The excellent quality knives set come with knives to serve almost every purpose. This makes this knife set an all-rounder.

All knives are of different colors. This color-coding helps you to avoid mixing up knives for different purposes. Mixing up cooked and uncooked foods can contaminate your food. So, it is better to be safe.

These ceramic knives are so light in weight, which makes them easy to use. The brilliant design makes it an excellent tool for carving. You can comfortably hold the knife, which gives you perfect balance. The sheath covers to protect the blades.

These colorful knives come in beautiful gift boxes. So, you can gift them to people. Or this fantastic set can be an excellent present for yourself.


  • All-rounder performance
  • Color-coded knives
  • Light in weight
  • The balanced design of the blade and handle


  • Not dishwasher safe

07. Kitchen Emperor

Kitchen Emperor Ceramic Chef Knife 8 inch,Professional Chef Knife with Safety Sheath,Antioxidant with Comfortable Ergonomic Handle

Nowadays, healthy kitchen accessories are a matter of concern for everyone. No matter if you are an amateur cook or a professional, the safety and use of healthy materials to make kitchen accessories is a concern to everyone. And, this can assure you that kind of safety materials. So, you can trust this ceramic knife without worrying about your health.

They use healthy and top-quality zirconium oxide, which does not harm our health and body in any way. This fantastic knife is rust and heat resistant. It does not make your fruits and vegetables turn brown. This knife is eco friendly, so it does not harm or pollute the environment too.

The brilliant design of the knife handles ensures comfort and safety. It does not hurt your hand. It does not let the knife slip. The knife slice and dice fruits and vegetables perfectly with the minimum physical effort. Zirconium oxide ensures a sturdy structure that lasts long.

This knife comes in beautiful packaging. This can be an excellent present for someone who loves to cook. This knife guarantees 100% quality. The super sharp edges do not require much sharpening. The ceramic coating does not let the knife react to the acidic foods.

The smooth surface is super easy to clean. The handle does not slip easily, so not dangerous to work with. The smooth surface does not let food stick to it. So, the surface does not grow bacteria.


  • Razor like sharpness
  • Eco-friendly materials used in construction
  • Does not react with acidic food
  • Does not brown fruits or vegetables


  • Not dishwasher safe


Ceramic Knife Set,Five Piece 6" Chef Knife, 5" Utility Knife, 4" Fruit Knife, 3" Paring Knife, 1'' Vegetable Fruit Peeler, Rust Proof And Stain Resistant, Kitchen Chef Knife Sharp Set (Colorful)

This is another multi-purpose ceramic kitchen knives set, which can be a great friend of you while doing any cutting works. This knife set contains knives for every purpose, which makes it one of the best knife sets. If you have this in your kitchen, you would not need any other knife. This knife set has it all.

The knives are made of zirconium oxide, which has a hardness score of 8.5. This makes the knife a lot harder than most other materials. Because of having this hard surface, the knives do not break, crack or bend. So, you can easily use them for regular works.

The super sharp knives give the most precise cuts. They do not require frequent resharpening. These knives remain sharp ten times longer than any other regular knives. The ergonomic design of these ceramic knives makes them easy to hold and use by both hands.

The adequately balanced handle gives extra comfort while holding the knife.

The weight of the knives is lighter than metal knives. So, working with them is always fun. Proper curves of the handle ensure full control of the knife.

The special non-reactive blade keeps food away from reacting to acidic foods. The surface does not let oil stick to its surface, so it is easy to clean. This versatile knife set can be used for different purposes. The high-end knives work correctly every time. The knife set also comes with a peeler and knife holder made of silicone.


  • Versatile
  • The rigid and robust structure
  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • Ergonomic design


  • It can be used on silicone, bamboo or plastic cutting boards only.

09. Faberware

Farberware 4-Piece Ceramic Knife Set, 2, Black

This knife set is another beautiful knife set with the best features. It will increase your kitchen countertop’s elegance and give you excellent performance in the kitchen.

The blades of this knife are made of top-quality ceramic. The blades remain sharp as new for a long time. So, you do not have to resharpen them frequently. The smooth surface glides through the knife giving it super smooth cuts every time. The ceramic handles are wear and rust-proof, so they do not need any extra maintenance.

The smart ergonomic design makes it easier to hold with both hands. The soft grip does not hurt the hand while you work for long. The non-slip handle ensures a firm and tight grip to avoid any accident.

Different knives can be used for a different purpose. So, this knife set can cover almost all cutting works of your kitchen. The surface does not stick food to itself. So, it is easy to clean as it does not let bacteria grow, so it is safe for health.

Don’t mistake read the 10 best faberware knife reviews


  • Remains sharp
  • Hard and strong surface
  • Non-slip grip
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Can not be used to cut hard foods

10. Imori

Best Ceramic Knife Set by IMORI – 3 Chef Rated Blades with SafeEdge Back Corners (6" Chef + 5" Slicing knife + 4" Paring)

This knife set is another one of the best ceramic knife set with all the best ceramic knife features. The knife set also can be used for different cutting works for your kitchen. The good-looking knives will make your kitchen countertop look beautiful along with being functional.

The super sharp can slice, chop and dice your food with the least physical effort. So, cooking gets a lot more fun and more comfortable here. Imori is a brand famous for making traditional knives. These ceramic knives of Imori are one of the most incredible and most fantastic creations of them.

The knives made of zirconium oxide make them more sturdy than regular knives. They have a sharpness of 8.5 in the Mohs mineral scale, whereas other metals like stainless steel score 4.5. this hard surface does not break or bend.

The ultra-sharp blades remain sharp as new for a long time. So, you do not need to resharpen these knives frequently. These ceramic knives are wear and rust-proof. They do not let your food get brown. The knife blade does not get stains quickly.

They do not react with acidic food. They do not let your food taste metallic. So, the taste remains as it is. They do not odor the food.

The design of the knives has SafeEdge back corner, which makes them safer to work with. The custom sheaths fit the knives properly. They save your knife from causing an accident while you are not working. These knives are specially designed for chefs.

 So, they give you professional quality performance with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They make cutting a lot more fun and more comfortable. You would not be disappointed with these exclusive knives.


  • Exclusively sharp edges
  • Custom sheaths for maximum protection
  • Rust, stain and wear-proof knives
  • Does not ruin the taste and smell of the food


  • Cannot be used to cut hard foods
  • Cannot be used in the dishwasher

Why use ceramic knives?

Now, the question is, why would you use this knife. You must need a reason to change the kitchen knife you have been using. And here is what I am going to say as a user, they are so much better than your regular knives.

If you know knives, you might have heard about the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This scale is a qualitative scale to characterize the scratch resistance by scratching a comparatively softer material with a hard material.

A ceramic knife scores 8.5 on this scale, whereas other materials like regular steel have a score of 4.5 and hardened steel has a score of 7.5. This is why these ceramic knives have an exclusively strong and hard structure.

 These features make them durable. These hard surface knives do not dull quickly, so that you can choose them without any doubt. They do not break or bend, which makes them survive cutting hard or crusty foods and last long.

How to sharpen ceramic knives?

Ceramic knives are famous for their robust and stiff structure. They have a Mohs mineral score of 8.5, where steel has a score of 4.5. According to this scale, diamond is the only metal harder than ceramic. This is what makes sharpening ceramic knives a bit difficult.

We know that ceramic knives do not require much resharpening. Once you buy them, they can have the same sharpness for a long time. But, when you will need to resharpen them, you will require a diamond sharpener.

Regular knife sharpeners do not affect their sharpness. So, you cannot take care of them in the house. You will have to get them sharpened by a professional when you need it.

But, this would not require much of your time or would not cause hassle as you do not need to sharpen ceramic knives that frequently. Sharpening them once would smoothly go for nearly one year. So, just go out and get your ceramic knives to sharpen professionally. Sharpening your ceramic knife this way would be a lot more beneficial.

Ceramic knives vs. Shun knives

Ceramic knives are made of zirconium oxide. They have a coating on the outer side made of ceramic, makes the knife more substantial and harder. This coating does not let the knife break, chip or bend easily. The extreme razor-sharp blade gives an impressive performance. The sharpness lasts ten times longer than regular knives. They are lightweight and easy to work with.

On the other hand, shun knives are made of stainless steel. They are generally made of hardened stainless steel and has an outer part made of softer stainless steel. The softer steel coating is to protect the inner core. As it is made of steel, it is thinner in structure. So, shun knives have a chance of breaking or bending. Also, they are heavier than ceramic knives.

Shun knives need more frequent sharpening than ceramic knives. Sharpening them with regular knife sharpeners at home is more accessible. Where a ceramic knife needs a diamond sharpener to be sharpened, stainless steel can stick oil and food residue, which does not happen to ceramic knives, so they are healthier.

Ceramic knives vs. Steel knives

Steel knives are just made of regular steel. They are suitable for cutting frozen foods, bones, etc. However, a ceramic knife is not the right choice for that kind of food. Steel knives can give your food a metallic taste and make them brown. But ceramic knives keep food fresh. Ceramic knives do not react to acidic foods, which a steel knife does. So, you cannot use them for acidic foods.

Ceramic knives are smooth, and they do not rust or wear. But it is easy for steel knives to have rust. The ceramic knives are rigid in structure. But regular steel is not as robust. Ceramic knives, on the other hand, are more fragile than steel knives. They can chip easily.

Final Verdict

You must be curious to buy a ceramic knife for yourself and try that out. As a user and fan of ceramic knives, I can tell you that it would not disappoint you. After you get used to it, you would not be able to get over this fantastic tool.

If you want to do your cutting works faster, they are the right thing for you. They do not require much time to maintain them. You do not need to sharpen them every day. They are going to be a fantastic experience overall.

You just need to buy one of the best ceramic knives set, and you will see that yourself. So, I would not tell you to believe my words. Just go and buy one for yourself, and you will see how it changes your experience of cutting.

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