Best Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Reviews

Best Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Reviews 2021 For Excellent Performance

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Professional chef knives can give excellent performance. But they are not just the best thing for your everyday use. And in cases like this, choosing a knife from these best Chicago cutlery knife set reviews can totally change your life.

Some brands are famous for making professional chef knives. We know that chef knives can give fantastic performance; they are easy to work with. They can give fine, clean cuts and make your food look like the work of a professional. So, most of us think these knives must be the best thing for our household uses too.

And that is where I went wrong too. Professional knives are made for heavier uses, more work. They are extra sharp to give the finest, most prominent cuts. If you are just cooking your daily meals, you are super enthusiastic about cooking, but you just cook at home, you would not need those professional knives.

Those will be hard to handle and maintain as you need some skills to use those professional kitchen knives. And Chicago cutlery is the best line to make necessary kitchen accessories for home cooks. These knives will be just right for household uses. They will have the perfect characteristics, strength, sharpness, and design for the users.

3 Best Cuisinart Knife Set: Comparision

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Materials: High-carbon stainless-steel 
  • Manufacturing: WORLD KITCHEN-ECKO
  • Size: 18-pieces
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Lifetime
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Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 Piece Knife Block Set
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturing: Chicago Cutlery
  • Size: 17-pieces
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Lifetime
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Chicago Cutlery Essentials Stainless Steel Knife Block Set (15 Piece)

Chicago Cutlery Essentials Stainless Steel Knife Block Set

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Materials: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturing: Chicago Cutlery
  • Size: 15-pieces
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Lifetime
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Is Chicago Cutlery Good Knives?

Chicago cutlery is a line of knives to make knives for household works especially. Home cooks mostly use these knives. There are so many famous brands and lines that make knives for professional uses. 

Those knives are heavy-duty, they comparatively need more maintenance. They are mostly heavy. They require some professional cooking skills to handle these kinds of knives.

They need knives, which can perform well enough to do the household works. They will give a fantastic performance to the home cooks. They do not require much maintaining. They are easy to use and handle. Overall, if you are an enthusiastic home cook, a Chicago cutlery chef knife set will be enough for all your cutting purposes.

Are Chicago Cutlery knives dishwashers safe?

As we mentioned earlier, Chicago cutlery chef knives are easy to use. They need little maintenance. One of the many advantages of these knives is rust, scratch, and wear-proof because stainless steel is used to make Chicago cutlery chef knives.

Stainless steel does not get scratches, so you can quickly put them in the dishwasher. As these knives do not rust, you can just hand wash them with warm water and a dishwasher. But you do not need to worry if you are running late. You can just put your Chicago cutlery knife in the dishwasher.

This little advantage of these knives will make your work a thousand times faster and easier. And you can get these advantages from a Chicago cutlery knife only. These knives are specially made for amateur cooks. They are made to ensure the highest comfort for the users.

 If you are a home cook, cooking might not be your only work. So, you would not have to worry about cleaning your Chicago cutlery chef knives. You can wash them in the dishwasher while you do other household works. These knives will save you time and energy.

What is the Best Chicago Cutlery Knife Set?

One of the things which were bothering me when I started cooking was the perfect kind of knife. All of them had some problems. Some of them were not sharp enough, some of them broke or got damaged too fast, some were just too heavy to handle. And the day I switched to a knife set from the Chicago cutlery knife set, everything changed. 

They are the best knife set I have ever had. As a user, I can tell you that if you choose a Chicago cutlery knife being aware of your usage type, comforts, and habits, you will never regret trying one.

Top-10 Best Chicago Cutlery Chef Knife Reviews

Here are some of the best chicago cutlery knife reviews, which will help you to choose the perfect Chicago cutlery knife for your kitchen. Changing your knife can be difficult. But, once you start using your Chicago cutlery knife, you will understand how perfectly it was made for your regular use.

01. Fusion 17 Piece

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 Piece Knife Block Set

The knife set of 17 pieces contain knives for every purpose. This set has basic kitchen knives to cut meats and vegetables, this set has knives to cut bread and separate knives for mincing and peeling. So, you can call this beautiful set an all-in-one.

These fusion knives stay sharp longer. The fusion knives are tasted to remain sharp more extended than the regular chef knives. The knives of this set are Asian influenced. Their cushiony grip prevents slipping while you hold them with wet or oily hands.

High-carbon stainless steel is used to construct these Chicago cutlery knives, making the blades hard and strong enough to resist stain, wear, rust, or pits.  The 26 degrees edge of the taper grind ensures maximum sharpness. This gives you clean, perfect cuts every time.

The forged design puts on some extra weight on the knife. This extra weight helps the knife to maintain balance for easy use. The chop assistant tool keeps the cuts even and precise. This is an excellent tool for the home chef to gain perfection in their cutting. The chestnut wooden block keeps the knives safe when they are not in use.

It is better to hand wash the knives after every use.  These knives set has a lifetime guarantee. This beautiful Chicago cutlery knife set will be perfectly functional for home chefs


  • Has knives for all purposes
  • Cushion grip non-slip handle
  • Ultra-sharp edge
  • Chop assistant tools for perfect cuts


  • Might be expensive
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02. Insignia2 18-piece

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener

This set is known for being a functional knife set from the Chicago cutlery line. These knives set containing 18 knives have knives to serve almost every cutting works in your kitchen. So, you would not have to keep any other knife set in your kitchen. This will do it all for you.

These knife sets come with a block with a sharpener. Every knife holder has ceramic plates inside them at a specific angle, which sharpens the knife every time it is taken out or put in the holder. This saves up your time. Also, it keeps your knife sharp all the time, without technically sharpening it.

Knife blades made of high-carbon stainless steel make the edges of these Chicago cutlery knives super sharp. The full-tang makes the knives strong. This gives the knife blades a firmer grip onto the knife handle. So, the knife handle does not come off while cutting something crusty.

The triple-riveted stainless steel blade secures the polymer handle onto the blade. The ergonomically designed handle makes it easier to use by both hands. The heavy-duty knives can go through your everyday use smoothly.

As these Chicago cutlery knives are made of stainless steel, you would not need any extra caution to wash them. You can just hand wash them with soap water, and your Chicago cutlery knife would be perfectly clean. The knives have a limited lifetime warranty.


  • In-block sharpener
  • Full-tang handle
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel blade with triple rivet


  • Might be too expensive
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03. Tradition Design B144/1104670

Chicago Cutlery B144 / 1104670 4" Wood Handle Steak Knife Set Walnut Tradition (2-Pack)

This knife set is one of the most beautiful knives sets with traditional-style wooden handles. With its beautiful design and perfect functioning, this knife is the best chef knife Chicago Cutlery made. This Chicago cutlery knife would serve all your purpose and look gorgeous on your countertop.

High-carbon tapered stainless steel is used in the construction of these Chicago cutlery knives. The grind edge technology ensures extreme sharpness, which makes perfect, clean cuts. Cutting with these knives also requires a minimum physical effort. These knives are super fast and functional.

The full-tang knives make sure the handle does not come off of the blade. The tang reaches to the furthest tip of the handle to make it extra strong.  The classic walnut wooden handle gives the knife some weight, which helps to keep the knife balanced. It keeps the knife safe and avoids an accident.

The brass rivets are triply compressed to keep the knife handle securely attached. It gives a full lifetime warranty for your Chicago cutlery knife sets.

The wooden handles with a super smooth finish do not hurt your hand while you work. Wood is not a slippery material. So, the handle ensures a comfortable grip and does not let the knife slip while you work.

These Chicago cutlery knife sets with a traditional design will give an elegant look to your kitchen. Also, it will come to work in your everyday cooking. This ensures full safety so that this knife set can be an excellent thing for any home chef out there.


  • Traditional walnut wooden handles
  • Full tang gives extra strength
  • Triple-riveted blades
  • Full lifetime warranty


  • The wooden handle might give blisters sometimes
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04. Essentials Stainless Steel

Chicago Cutlery Essentials Stainless Steel Knife Block Set (15 Piece)

If you need an all-purpose knife set for your kitchen, nothing can be better for you than this essential stainless steel knife set from Chicago cutlery. They are a perfect set containing 15 pieces of knife for every purpose in your kitchen. This can be a perfect set to start your cooking with.

This set contains almost all kinds of knives. It is super functional. Also, you can get this at a reasonable price. So, it would not be harsh on your pocket either. The high-carbon blades are strong and robust. They also ensure a super sharp edge, which gives you perfect, precise cuts every time.

The knives of this set are made of stainless steel. So, the knife blades do not rust, wear, or stain. These make them perfect for daily use. The knife gets durable and goes for a long, even after regular use. The knives are comfortable to resharpen, so it gets convenient.

The blades stay at a particular angle of 25 degrees. This keeps the knife at a perfect angle to cut stuff. So, the cutting work gets quick and easy with this Chicago cutlery knife set. It gives your work agility and motion.

The full tang of this Chicago cutlery knife reaches to the furthest tip of the knife handle. This makes the knife handle more sturdy. It also makes sure the knife handle does not come off of the blade while you work.

 Triple rivet ensures the blade has a good grip on to the knife handle. This gives the knife durability and makes it last longer.

This knife set has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. The taper grind blade gives the edges extra sharpness. So, they quickly cut through food with the minimum physical effort. This knife set can be a great friend for amateur home chefs. They can quickly start cooking with this knife set.


  • Taper grind blade of stainless steel
  • Full tang makes the knife durable
  • Easy to hold and work with
  • Taper grind blade for extra sharpness


  • Might get rusty because of some low finish
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05. Belden High-carbon Stainless Steel

Chicago Cutlery Belden High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set (15-Piece)

This fantastic set of knives contains 15 pieces of unique knives to serve almost every cutting purpose in your kitchen. Like most other knife sets from Chicago cutlery, this knife set contains steak knives, bread knives, utility knives, and peelers.

All these pieces are perfectly organized in a cherry wooden block. This block will increase the elegance of your kitchen countertop in many ways. This knife set can be a great friend to amateur home cooks because this set contains almost every knife needed in a kitchen.

It saves a new cook from the hassles of buying all knives separately from stores. This wastes time and energy. Still, they do not guarantee the best knives. You can get all the knives you need at a cheaper rate while buying a set of knives.

The use of high-carbon stainless steel assures robust blades. It gives the knife blades longer lives. Also, the superfine edges give precise, clean cuts every time. It makes your food look like a professional job. The stainless steel saves your knife from rusting, wearing, and pitting.

The super-strong blades do not crack, bend, break or get scratches. This keeps the knife look new for a long time. The knife blades stay at an angle of 26 degrees, making the blade easy to cut any food. It also makes the resharpening of the knife easier. The grind edges ensure your maximum sharpness.

The forged design of the knives gives it some weight, which makes keeping the balance easier. Balancing the knife makes cutting safer and avoids the risks of accidents. The full metal tang ensures the knife handle does not come off of the blade. It gives the knife strength and durability.

The sleek, thin design of the handle makes it easy to hold. As it is easy to hold, it is so comfortable to work with. It does not hurt your hand. It ensures a tighter grip for proper handling.

The brand ensures a lifetime warranty for this knife set. Overall, this knife set is one of the most used sets from the best Chicago Cutlery knife set reviews. This set consists of knives with characteristics that are a must-have for a new cook. So, if you are a home chef, just buy this set without any hesitation.


  • Knives for versatile uses
  • Sleek, comfortable handles for easy grip
  • Does not rust, wear, scratch or stain
  • 26 degrees angled blade for easy cutting and resharpening


  • Might be a little expensive for some customers
  • Might not remain sharp for long
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06. Chicago cutlery, black

Chicago Cutlery , Black

The first thing you will notice about this knife set is how incredibly gorgeous these knives are. I know how a knife look is not the most important thing about a knife. You will understand precisely what I have been trying to say the moment you look at these knives. 

Their sleek and shiny black handles and the wooden block will make you want to grab them and put them on your kitchen countertop. If you have all black fittings in your kitchen, this will go perfectly with your kitchen’s whole look.

But it is not the looks only. This super functional knife set will blow your mind with its performance too. The stainless steel constructed knives are known among the new chefs for their sharp edges and clean, precise cuts. As the blades are constructed of stainless steel, they do not rust, wear, scratch, or stain, making them a lot easier to use.

Their sturdy structure does not let them break, chip or bend. This vital structure makes the knives long-lasting and durable. The whole set comes with a piece of steel to sharpen your knives. This will keep the knives sharp as new. The set contains different kinds of knives for your everyday cutting purpose.

The sharp edges give a professional performance and make your food look good. The lightweight knives are easy to hold and use. This makes handling the knives easier. The knife handles made of double metal are not only easy to use but also visually appealing.


  • Elegant black design
  • Serves almost every cutting purpose
  • Does not break, bend or crack
  • Super sharp edges for the cleanest cuts


  • Can not be washed in microwave
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07. Metropolitan High-Carbon Blade

Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan High-Carbon Blade Block Knife Set (15-Piece)

If you are talking about the best Chicago knives, it would be unfair not to say the name of this fantastic knife set. This set has almost every necessary knife. So, one can easily buy this set to start cooking primarily.

Its high-carbon stainless steel construction makes it rust, wear, stain and pit-proof. It does not break or bend easily. These durable knives can go a long way if they are used with proper care. They are the perfect knives for your daily use.

The knife blades are angled at 25 degrees, which is the perfect angle for cutting things. These knives can cut anything with ease with this blade. The triple-rivet blade made of stainless steel perfectly sits over the knife handle, ensuring a strong structure.

The handle is designed ergonomically, which helps this Chicago cutlery knife comfortable to hold with both left and right hands. The handles show the full tang of the knife correctly. A full tang gives the knife strength. It makes sure the knife blade does not come off of the handle.

This vital structure makes the knife easy to use. It ensures the maximum comfort of the user. The user can have total control over the knife, which makes it faster. The polymer handle is comfortable to hold and ensures a firm grip on the handle.

The knife set has a limited warranty of a lifetime. So, you can get it fixed if it has any defects. The knife is easy to clean as stainless steel is used to make this knife. The company recommends handing wash it. Hand washing the knife with a dishwasher and warm water increases the life of your knife. It does not even take much time.


  • Perfectly angled blade ensures precision cuts
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Triple rivet blade gives clean cuts
  • Can be handled properly


  • Can be damaged by washing on a dishwasher
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08. Elston 16pc

Chicago Cutlery Elston 16pc Block Set

This is another beautiful yet extremely functional knife set that will complete the whole look of your kitchen. You would not be able to resist buying this set once you have a look at it. Its shiny, silver structure makes it different from most other knife sets.

This will look best if your kitchen has silver accessories and fittings. These 16 pieces of knife set are also functional. It has all of the knives you might need in the kitchen. Buying one of these sets will do it all. You will not have to buy any other knives if you have this.

The knife blade is made of top-quality stainless steel, gives the knife a longer life. The triple rivet knife gives delicate and precise cuts every time. The knife blade does not rust, wear, or scratch. These make this knife perfect for daily use.

The forged structure gives the knife some weight to keep it balanced. This balance ensures safety while using and avoids an accident. The full tang reaches all way up to the edge of the handle. This makes sure the handle does not break or get separated from the blade. A full tang gives the knife extra strength.

The knife has a blade angled 25 degrees, which is the perfect angle to cut stuff. This makes cutting fun and effortless. The tapered grind edges give razor-sharpness to cut through food effortlessly. This gives you the perfect cuts. The knife has a warranty of a lifetime so you can fix it if your product has difficulties.

As the knife is made of stainless steel, you do not have to worry about getting your knife rusted or scratched. These make your knife easy to clean. It does not even take much of your time to clean and maintain this knife. The handle is also made of stainless steel, which adds an elegant touch to the whole set.


  • Perfectly angled blade gives most fine and precise cuts
  • Strong, robust structure of the blade
  • Tapered grind super sharp edges
  • One set is enough for almost all cutting works


  • The knives might need frequent sharpening
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09. Avondale 16 Piece

Chicago Cutlery 16 Piece Avondale Knife Block Set

This set is another exclusive addition to the knife sets of the Chicago cutlery line. This knife set is super functional and classy in the same way. This knife will serve your purposes in the kitchen and will make your kitchen countertop look better at the same time.

The knives come with an espresso-stained wooden block to store them while not in use. These knives are primarily known for their robust structure. Its structure helps it to cut foods of different textures. It is the perfect tool to cut crusty bread or frozen meats.

The high-carbon stainless steel causes this rigid structure it is made of. Its structure makes it durable and lasting. The dual-material handle ensures a comfortable grip and, at the same time, an appeal to the eyes.

The forged design increases the weight of the knife. This increased weight gives the knife some balance and makes it easy to handle. The knife has a full lifetime guarantee. So, getting your product fixed is easy if it comes with any defect.


  • Perfect for cutting hard and textured food
  • The robust structure makes the knife durable and perfect for daily use
  • The dual-material handle gives a comfortable grip and looks awesome
  • Can serve different purposes of cutting


  • Might need to re-sharpen frequently
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10. DesignPro 13 Piece

Chicago Cutlery DesignPro 13-Piece Block Knife Set, Black

The knives from this set have unique handles. The handle of this knife ensures a firm hold onto the handle. The positioning of the handle helps to have full control over the knife. This is a beneficial feature for new users. It ensures maximum comfort with the perfect cuts.

The etched dots on the handle guide where to place your finger. This leads you to a professional experience of cutting.

Stainless steel blades from Japan are famous for making chef knives. The blades of these knives are made in Japan, which means you can trust them without any hesitation. Steel and polymer are used to make the bolster. The perfect mix of these two materials makes the handles strong and comfy to hold.

All of the knives have a lifetime warranty in times of defect or faulty products. This also has a wooden block to save the knives while they are not in use. It fits perfectly to the user’s hand.


  • With guided dots to get you 100% satisfying performance
  • Double material handles are functional and easy to use
  • Ensures 100% comfort
  • Every knife come with a lifetime warranty


  • Might be expensive for some users
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How to sharpen Chicago Cutlery knives?

Chicago Cutlery knives can be a great friend to you if you are a home chef. They are specially designed to give the new chefs professional performance and also keeping it easy. The cleaning and handling of these knives are super comfortable. They do not waste your time, but also give you the best performance possible.

As the handling is easy. It does not take much to sharpen Chicago cutlery knives. They are meant to be used for daily works. That is why these knives require frequent resharpening. But the resharpening process is so easy that you can easily do it by yourself every week.

Chicago Cutlery knives are sharpened with sharpening steel. This piece of steel sometimes comes with the knives set. But, even if they do not, you can easily find them in any knife store. Buy one of these sharpening steels, and you will be fine.

All you need to do is hold the sharpening steel pointed down and rest it on a steel surface. Hold your Chicago cutlery knife at an angle of 15 degrees and start moving it against the sharpening steel. Keep the movement back and forth.

Carefully check the sharpness of the edge while you think you are done. But you will have to do it carefully so that you do not cut yourself. You are repeating this sharpening process once a week to keep your knife perfectly sharp and working.

Chicago cutlery vs. Henckels

Like Chicago cutlery, Henckels is another brand famous for making chef knives. They have fantastic collections of knives too. If we talk about the quality of these two brands, there isn’t much difference.

Chicago cutlery is a line famous for making knives for home cooks. They provide you the best quality and performance with easy handling and maintenance. These make this knife easy to use. On the other hand, JA Henckels knives provide you best quality knives for professional chefs and cooks. They give you an utterly professional cutting experience.

Even though these knives are quite similar, they have some differences in their structures as well. Chicago cutlery knife blades are made of forged steel, where Henckels make many stamped lines of knives.

As Chicago Cutlery knives are mainly for home chefs, they’re not for professional chefs; their quality might get down in times. You will have to remember that these knives provide you with a professional quality performance at a cheaper rate.

On the other hand, Henckels knives are entirely professional knife makers. They make international quality chef knives for professionals. They maintain their quality standards pretty strictly.

Chicago cutlery vs. Wusthof

Wusthof is another famous brand for making knives. Their knives maintain a standard quality to serve your purpose. They give excellent performance. They are just the right thing for your kitchen.

The only differences they have with Chicago Cutlery knives are their durability and quality standards. Both of the knives can give excellent performance. But the thing which differentiates these two is the quality of them.

Top-quality steel is used to make Wusthof knives. They maintain their quality and lasts so long. On the other hand, Chicago cutlery knives give a good performance, but they are not much durable. They last less than most other knives. They also require frequent sharpening.

Final Verdict

These best Chicago Cutlery knife set reviews will come to your work if you plan to buy a set of these knives and start cooking by yourself. This knife set can be one of the most excellent tools for new chefs. It will give them professional performance and help them get used to professional chef knives at a reasonable price.

If you also cook your meal, owning a set of these knives will serve almost every purpose you face in the kitchen while cutting stuff. As you know about the best Chicago Cutlery knives now, you can easily choose one for your kitchen.

You can have faith in these knives as they are known for making knives for a long time. So, all you need to do now is just grabbing the one according to your work, cooking habit,s and comfort.

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