10 Best Cutco Knives Review 2021 (American’s Best Cutlery Brand)

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How did you get to know about Cutco knives? They have a unique marketing strategy of directly approaching their customers with salespeople and demonstrating the knives in person.

 I got to know about Cutco knives when a saleswoman, who appeared to be a college student, of Cutco came to our house to promote and demonstrate their new steak knife set.

Cutco knives are quite expensive, and my mother is pretty frugal. But the saleswoman still managed to convince my mom to buy it, and she has not regretted that yet.

Best Cutco Knives Review

Cutco knives can be too heavy on the pocket, but their lifetime guarantee and high performance make it worth it. I will give some Cutco knives reviews with their pros and cons here. But first, let me answer some common questions regarding Cutco.

3 Best Cutco Knives: Comparision

Best Cutco Knife Set
Cutco 21 Piece Kitchen Knife Set  Block
Cutco 21 Piece Kitchen Knife Set Block
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Materials: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Number Of Knives:  21-pieces
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Color: Classic
  • Made: USA
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Best Cutco Steak Knife Set
Cutco Red handle 4-pieces Table Knife Set
Cutco Red handle 4-pieces Table Knife Set
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Materials: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Number Of Knives:  4-pieces
  • Blade Edge: Double-D
  • Color: Red
  • Made: USA
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Best Cutco Chef Knife
Cutco 8″ Petite Chef Knife
Cutco 8″ Petite Chef Knife
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Construction Type: Laser Cut and Heat Tempered
  • Materials: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Size:  8-inches
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Color: Black
  • Made: USA
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Best Cutco Paring Knife
Cutco 4-inches Gourmet Paring Knife
Cutco 4-inches Gourmet Paring Knife
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Materials: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Size:  4-inches
  • Blade Edge: Straight Edge
  • Color: Brown
  • Made: USA
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Best Cutco Trimmer Knife
Cutco 8-inches Trimmer Knife
Cutco 8-inches Trimmer Knife
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Materials: AHigh Quality Nickel-Silver Alloy Rivets
  • Size:  8-inches
  • Blade Edge: Serrated Edge
  • Color: Classic Black
  • Made: USA
  • Dishwasher: Safe
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Are Cutco knives worth it?

I have already said that it is. The price of the knives might seem too heavy on your pocket first. But in the long term, you will not regret spending this much money on these knives.

There are multiple reasons for this extra price of the knives. The first reason is that you are paying the salesperson a small fee with your every Cutco knife buy, for they get a commission on each sale.

Another reason is the lifetime guarantee. You have to pay the cost of the knife plus the warranty. You also do not need to sharpen these knives for a lifetime. They save the effort of sharping knives now and then.

You can find the best prices on Cutco knives, comparing many e-commerce websites and their reviews.

How Much is a Full Set of Cutco Knives?

These vary in the number of knives on the set. In these reviews on Cutco knives, I have mentioned four knife sets.

Two of them are large knife sets on 19 and 21 pieces. Both of them cost more than fifteen hundred dollars. As I have already mentioned, Cutco knives are super expensive, so obviously are the sets.

The other two knife sets both have four knives. And each of them is a small table knife of Cutco. The cost of one set is more than one hundred seventy dollars, and the other one is more than two hundred eighty dollars.

The price of the Cutco knife sets is within this range. The big heavy-duty knife sets cost more than fifteen hundred dollars. And the small four-set ones more than one-eighty dollars.

Where to Buy a Cutco Knife Set?

Cutco knives generally try to sell their knives directly by their salesperson. However, if you got to know about Cutco knives from your friends and family and decide to buy them, you can look for them on the official website of Cutco.

You can also request a demonstration if you are in America. You can search by Zipcode to get in touch with the local officer. However, if you are not from America, you can call at 1-800-361-8800 or contact an independent officer for sales and service.

 There are offices of Cutco in the U.K, Australia, Costa Rica, Korea, and Germany. You can contact them there if you are from these countries.

The online e-commerce websites also sell Cutco knives like Amazon and many more. You can buy from these sites as well checking the reviews and ratings.

Top 10 Cutco knives reviews

Here are the ten best Cutco knives and knife sets that are worth the money.

01. Cutco 19 pc Kitchen Knife Set Review

Cutco 19 Pc Kitchen Knife Set Cherry Wood Stand

Let’s start with the exclusive kitchen knife set of Cutco. This set has nine unique Cutco knives, a sharpener, and a Cherry Finish Oak Block.

Many people do not prefer Cutco knife sets for their extra price. However, if you fancy the quality of Cutco knives and the price is not an issue, then this knife set is perfect for you.

It comes with an in-built sharpener. Cutco knives are made of 440A stainless steel. They are so finely made that you do not need to sharpen them for a long time if maintained properly.

So, there is a high chance that you won’t need this sharpener quite often. However, it can help increase the lifespan of your knives.

All the knives of this set have a lifetime guarantee of Cutco. They will replace it if the customer is not satisfied or face any issue even after years of use.

You get eight table knives in this set. They are considered the best Cutco knife for cutting meat/ steak. Only the presence of these knives on the table can make your dinner look elegant.

There are four types of Santoku knives in the set. There is a Santoku-style trimmer, carver (8 inches), and slicer (10 inches). There is a regular trimmer as well. There is also the traditional cheese cutting knife of Cutco in this set. I love the look of this knife.

You also get a Gourmet Prep and paring knife in this set. The Prep knife is 3 inches. And lastly, you get a tuning fork and 18-pieces cherry finish block in this set. The whole set weighs around 10.52 pounds.


  • Nineteen pieces knife set with nine unique knives and a cherry finish oak block
  • Eight Table knives
  • In-built sharpener
  • Lifetime guarantee of each knife on the set


  • Expensive

02.Cutco Chef Knife Review

Cutco Petite Chef Knife

A Chef knife is the most significant knife in the kitchen for me. A good Chef knife can do pretty much all the jobs. That is why I do not mind investing a bit more in this.

This Cutco 8-inch Chef knife is also famous globally. The best part of it is its top-notch construction. It is laser-cut and heat-tempered 440 A stainless steel. Thus, it makes the knife super easy to maintain. The plain blade edges are easy to sharpen at home.

However, you will not need to sharpen them quite often as well. Cutco is confident enough in its products to give them a lifetime guarantee. They will get your knives repaired if you face any issues. And if it is beyond repairable, they replace it with a new one.

So, you do not have to worry about getting a new Chef knife for your kitchen ever again. You can find many happy customers of Cutco on the Internet who get their faulty Cutco knives replaced after years of use.

The black handle is a universal fit for all sizes of hands. The ergonomic design is fatigue-resistant and locks the forefinger and thumb in perfect position. It provides extra grip and safety to the user.

Also, the blade extends throughout the length of the knife. So, you do not have to worry about your blade breaking in half.

But, if you like to explore new brands of knives for your kitchen, then Cutco can be a bit too expensive for you as you can buy two high-end Chef knives at this price. But considering, the guarantee it is definitely worth the money as you won’t have to buy a Chef knife ever again.


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Full-length blade
  • Ergonomic handle that is a universal fit for all sizes of hands
  • Easy to maintain and sharpen at home


  • Expensive compared to the other Chef knives on the market

03. Cutco 21 Piece Kitchen Knife Set Review

Cutco 21 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Cherry Finish Oak Block, 8 Table Knives, Paring Knife, Trimmers, Santoku Chopper Chef Knife, Carver, Slicer, Cheese Knife, Turning Fork, Shears, Peeler, Sharpener

It is probably the best Cutco knife set so far. It has every knife you need for your kitchen. It is the most expensive product on this Cutco knife set Review. But as they say, a great product comes with a great price. So, you cannot complain about it.

This knife set helps organize all the knives in one place and makes the kitchen look more classy and elegant. The cherry finish oak block can store eighteen knives and has an in-built sharpener for them.

Even though you do not have to sharpen these top-notch quality knives frequently, having a sharpener works as reassurance. You can sharpen these knives easily at home. Moreover, the high carbon 440A stainless steel makes it easy to maintain.

All the knives of the set are full tang which means the blade extends the full length. It provides extra safety and grip. Moreover, the ergonomic handle with triple rivets is easy to use for all sizes of hands. It is fatigue-resistant and extra safe to use.

The knives of this set are almost the same as the first one on this list. This set also has a Gourmet pairing and Prep knife. The paring knife here is 4 inches. You also get a Santoku-style trimmer, carver ( 8 inches), and slicer (10 inches) here.

You get eight table knives in this set. These knives are perfect for a dinner party. The elegant design and looks of the knives enhance the spectacle of the table.

The super shears and vegetable peeler are the two extra things that are not present in the first 19-pieces set. Shears making cutting herbs and leaves smooth, and you know how valuable vegetable peelers are!


  • 21 high-quality knives in one set
  • An in-built sharpener
  • Full tang knives with ergonomic handles
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Expensive

04. Cutco Table Knives Review (4-pieces)

Cutco #1865 4-Pc. Table Knife Set in Gift Box (Red handle)

It is one of the best-selling knife sets of Cutco. The table knives of Cutco are exceptionally famous for their Double-D edge. The knives have a cutting edge with three points on the side. It keeps the knives sharp for a long time.

They are so sharp that you can chop on marble or graphite countertop without damaging the knives. These knives make cutting meat and steak smooth as butter.

This 4-pc table knife set comes in a beautiful gift box. The bright red handles make it even more beautiful and perfect for a Christmas present. The full length of the knives is 8 and 3/8 inches with 3 and 3/8 inches blades.

The construction material of these knives is the same 440A stainless steel. So, they are super easy to maintain and sharpen. The Double-D cutting edge makes it more efficient.

You might not need to sharpen them in a lifetime. The handle of the table knives is a bit different than the other knives of Cutco. The thermo-resin handles are durable and easy to use.

This set also comes with a lifetime guarantee. You do not have to worry about getting new steak knives anymore. This customer-favorite table knife set can easily charm your guests with its look and performance.


  • Gift box included
  • Double-D cutting edge keeps these knives sharp for a lifetime
  • Bright red ergonomic handles
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • More expensive than the same knife set of black handles

05. Cutco Table Knife Set Reviews

Cutco Table Knives Set of Four with Tray, Four of Cutcos Best-Selling Knife in a Dishwasher-safe Tray, 8.4 Inch Long, 3.4 Inch Double-D Serrated Edge Blades with 5 Inch Classic Brown Handles

Tables knives are the best Cutco knives to buy for me. These knives are sharp and last a long time. The features of the knives are similar to the previous knife set. Only the looks and packaging is different here. Instead of a gift box, these knives come in a dishwasher-safe tray.

I like this set more because of this tray. It can store the knives beautifully, keep them in the drawer or hang it on the wall. The handles are dark brown, according to Cutco. However, it is so dark that it appears black to me.

The table knives of Cutco are customer-favorite for their Double-D serrated cutting edge. They are sharp enough for cutting through steaks and meats. They are also perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables or spreading butter.

The same 440A stainless steel construction material makes it so long-lasting and easy to maintain. The Thermo-resin ergonomic handles are easy to use and perfect for any dinner table.

These knives are American pride. Cutco claims it to be the No. 1 brand in Quality Cutlery. The knives are 8 and 3/8 inches in length with 3 and 3/8 inches blades.


  • Double-D serrated cutting edges
  • Dishwasher-safe tray
  • Ergonomic thermo-resin handles
  • Forever guarantee


  • Fairly expensive

06. Cutco Paring Knife Review

Cutco 4720 4" Gourmet Paring Knife | Classic (Brown) Handle | Forever Guarantee

You can find this Gourmet paring knife on the 21-piece knife set on these Cutco knife set reviews. This 4-inch paring knife is perfect for all small cutting chores.

Paring knives are perfect for cutting onions and small fruits and vegetables. This knife is a life savior for people who love Asian cuisines. Because then you know how efficient it is for cutting onions.

It is also great for making sandwiches or spreading butter or cheese. The 4-inch blade is the perfect size for paring knives. Peeling vegetables is super easy with it.

This paring knife has the same construction material as 440 A Stainless steel. The plain blade is easy to maintain and sharpen. It lasts for a long time, even after daily use.

The handle is the same classic dark brown as the knife sets, with three riveted ergonomic handles. They are fatigue-resistant, safe, and firm.

The blades are full tang which means they extend to the full length of the knives. It makes the knife strong and durable.

All the knives of Cutco have forever guarantee. Their paring knife is no exception. You can repair them free of cost if you ever face any problem. Cutco can also replace them with a new one if it is not repairable.


  • High-quality 440A stainless steel construction material
  • Ideal 4-inch size
  • Forever guarantee from Cutco
  • Long-lasting sharpness


  • No blade sheath

07. Cutco Santoku Knife Review

CUTCO Model 1766 Santoku Knife.......... 7.0" High Carbon Stainless Straight Edge blade.............5.6" Classic Brown handle (Sometimes called "Black")....................In factory-sealed plastic bag.

Santoku knives are one of my favorites for their long-size blades. These knives are perfect for all forms of cutting, like slicing, chopping, and dicing.  

These Japanese knives are super-efficient as they can cut through meat, fish, and vegetables. Most Santoku knives have hollows on their blades for preventing the clinging of foods on the knife blades. It can cut large pieces of roast or even mince meats with ease.

The hollows prevent raw meats from sticking to the knife blade and make the job easy. It does not have dimples like the other Santoku knives.

However, this Santoku knife from Cutco is a full hollow ground blade. Its 5.6-inch blade is sturdy and sharp. It is so sharp that it can cut through slippery tomatoes in a blink with precision. And the blade stays this way throughout the years.

The handle design of the knife is the same as the paring knife. It has the classic dark brown thermo-resin handle with three Nickel-Silver alloy rivets and a full tang blade. The 7-inch blade with the handle makes it firm and provides a perfect grip.

It also comes with the forever guarantee of Cutco. You can get all the functions of the Santoku knife that also with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Super sharp 440A stainless steel blade
  • Triple-riveted dark brown thermo-resin handle
  • Ideal 7-inch sized Santoku knife with 5.6 inches blade
  • Forever guarantee from Cutco


  • It comes in a factory-sealed plastic bag
  • No blade sheath

08. Cutco Petite Carving Knife Review

CUTCO Petite Carver Knife #1729 - Classic Black

Carving knives have large thin blades for carving dense meat in precision. This carving knife from Cutco has a 7-inch blade patented Double-D Edge. It does not only look good, but it also works flawlessly as well.

Carving knives have thin blades as they need to slice carve meat into thin slices. And the pointed tip works best against bones and cartilages in the meat.

You might feel like a Chef knife, or any other sharp knife can do the work of a carving knife. But that’s not true. A Chef’s knife has a wider blade for doing the heavy cutting. On the other hand, carving knives are thin throughout the blade.

It is perfect for cutting uniform slices of ham, meat, and poultry. It is used for cutting big pieces of roast/meat and turkey. So, hurry!, get it before Thanksgiving.

You can also use this knife for cutting large vegetables and fruits like melon and cabbage. Even you want a small carving set you, can combine it with a tuning fork.

The Double-D cutting edge of the knife makes it so sharp that cutting through meat seems smoother than ever. You do not have to worry about sharpening them anytime soon. The full length of the knife is 12 and a half-inch.

 It has the same three-riveted classic black/dark brown thermo-resin handle with an ergonomic design.


  • 7-inch patented Double-D edge blade
  • Razor-sharp for a long time
  • It can be used for carving meat and also slicing large fruits ad vegetables
  • Forever guarantee from Cutco


  • No blade sheath

09. Cutco Cheese Knife Review

Model 1764 CUTCO Traditional Cheese Knives with 5.5" Micro-D serrated edge

There are many varieties of cheese knives. Depending on the types of cheese, the knives are made differently. The paring knife, or spatula, or even table knife can be used for spreading cheese. But for cutting cheese, you will need different types of knives.

The Pronged cheese knives are perfect for cutting and serving the cheese at a time. The forked-tipped spear picks up the cheese for serving. The flat and narrow cheese knives are the more widely seen ones. These are usually used for hard cheese.

But this traditional cheese knife from Cutco is for soft to semi-soft cheese. There are three large holes in the blades. These holes prevent the soft cheese from sticking to the blade.

You can also push a piece of cheese off the knife through those holes. They also make the knife look nicer. The edge of this knife is Micro-D serrated. So, the knife is super sharp. You can also cut soft fruits and vegetables with it. They won’t stick to the blade or smash before cutting.

The knife looks elegant for its unique design and beautiful handle. It is the most good-looking single knife in these Cutco knives reviews.

The handle is the same classic dark brown one with three rivets. It is also a full tang knife with a lifetime guarantee. You can cut as many cheeses as you like with this knife.


  • Three holes on the blade for preventing soft cheese from sticking to the blade
  • 5.5 inches Micro-D serrated edge
  • Good-looking knife with an ergonomic handle
  • Forever guarantee from Cutco


  • Not so cheap

10. Cutco Trimmer Review

Cutco Trimmer #1721

Trimmer is Cutco’s version of Utility knife. However, it is a lot larger than the regular utility knives that we see in the market. The shape of the regular utility knives resembles Chef knives the most. But they are smaller and are used for light chores mostly.

As you can guess from the name, utility knives are mainly used for all small and daily cutting chores in the kitchen. This small version of Chef knife is pretty versatile too. However, this utility knife of Cutco is a lot different than the utility knives I am talking about.

Not the looks but also the functions of this knife are different. As the blade is longer and thinner, it somewhat looks like the carver knife of Cutco.

The full length of this knife is 10 inches. The blades are serrated Double-D edge. So, they are super sharp too. As the blade is long, you can get all sorts of vegetables and fruits with it easily. It can also help cut shallots smoothly.

It is not as wide as the Chef knives. But as the shape resembles a carver knife, you can do carving with this knife as well. You can cut thin slices of meat or vegetables with it.

However, it is not recommended to cut meat and vegetables with the same knife. So, if you already have a carver, you can use it for vegetables and fruits only.

The handle is the same thermo-resin classic dark-drawn design. You will also get the forever guarantee of Cutco with it.


  • Long 10-inch knife
  • Double-D serrated edge
  • Dark-brown thermo-resin ergonomic handle
  • Forever guarantee of Cutco


  • Cardboard sheath
  • Expensive

How to Sharpen Cutco knives?

First of all, Cutco claims that their knives stay sharp like day 1 for years. First of all, Cutco claims that their knives stay sharp like day 1 for years. However, that might not be the case for some users.

It can get dull after some years of use. However, Cutco is known globally for its excellent customer service. You can call their local office, and they will get it sharpened in no time that also with no extra charge. You can see hundreds of reviews of their satisfied customers on the Internet.

Their knife block sets have an in-built sharpener. So, you can sharpen those knives easily at home. Cutco’s sharpener is also great, and it makes the tough job easy. Cutco recommends using their sharpener for sharping their knives at home.

The design is also attractive, with a big handle for a firm grip while sharpening. You just have to place the knife’s blade perpendicularly on the V-shaped slot of the sharpener. And slightly slide the knife down. Continue this motion 5-6 times lightly for perfect sharpening.

Why are Cutco Knives so Expensive?

Well, great products come at a great price. Cutco claims to be America’s No. 1 quality cutlery brand. It has also proved its claim valid in its 50 years of great service and performance.

The first reason for its extra price is its unique marketing strategy. You indirectly pay a charge for the salesperson in your every buys, as they get a commission on each sale.

The second reason is the lifetime guarantee. You do not have to buy another knife for a lifetime. If you face any issue with Cutco’s knife, they will repair it free of charge. The expense of this guarantee is also included in the cost of the knife.

Are Cutco Knives Better than Henckels?

Both Henckels and Cutco are premium cutlery brands. So, they are often compared.

Henckels are even more expensive than Cutco knives. They are mainly used by professional chefs all around the world. The knives are forged, so they are super durable and sharp. You can get both wooden and synthetic handles.

Cutco is a comparatively new brand but it is already popular among households in America. As its knives are stamped, they are a bit cheaper than Henckels. But their guarantee and service are second to none.

So, it is hard to say which one is better. If you are a home cook looking for a reliable knife then Cutco is the right brand. However, if you are a professional, then Henckel might be the one.

What Knives are Comparable to Cutco?

Cutco knives are made from 440A stainless steel. This material makes the knives sharp and a bit cheap. The pricing of the Wusthof knives is similar to Cutco. They are the biggest competition of Cutco at present in the market.

The manufacturing process of Wusthof is unique and reliable. The knives go through a 40-step process to ensure high-quality and flawless products.

They make both forged and stamped knives. The forging process of Wusthof is the most refined in the industry. It breaks the molecular structure of the steel and rearranges it. Their series of knives are unique and well-designed.

How to Use Cutco knives?

Cutco knives are easy to use. There are no special instructions for using them. The Double-D serrated-edged knives are so strong and powerful that you can use them on graphite and marble countertops without damaging the blades.

The lifetime guarantee also makes them super reliable. You do not have to worry about sharpening or repairing them. You can get it done free of cost.

If you know the basic cutting techniques, then using Cutco knives will be a piece of cake for you. Cutco recommends handwashing their knives. However, many users have put them on dishwashers for years with no problems. So, these knives are easy to use and maintain.

Final Verdict

Cutco has become the No.1 quality cutlery brand in America within just 50 years. There are a couple of factors behind their success. Their unique direct marketing strategy and lifetime guarantee make them stand out among the other premium brands.

Cutco knives have become a well-known member of all American kitchens. These Cutco knives review has product descriptions with the pros and cons of ten popular Cutco knives and knife sets.

It covers everything you need to know about Cutco knives. So, if you want to know what is all this buzz of Cutco knives about, get yourself the perfect Cutco knife from this list and see for yourself.

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