10 Best Cutting Board for Japanese Knives in 2020

Fact Checked By Luna L. Rusk | Last Updated on November 12, 2020
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Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting Board, Large




Yoshihiro CUTTING BOARD, Large, Peach




Synthetic rubber cutting board Asahi Cookin cut (LL)


It is a precondition to equip our kitchen with necessary utensils for use in day-to-day life. Japanese knives have gained popularity all over the world due to its sharpness. But you cannot necessarily chop off foods on an open kitchen slab with it, right?

The pre-requisition of using a Japanese knife safely is to have a cutting board under it.  It is not easy to buy the best cutting board for Japanese knives since there are way many things to look upon.

From the board’s longevity and the knife to their hygiene, a cutting board has to be a full package. This article is all about leading that way and some more.

Although many brands present this kitchen tool with their respective facilities, there has to be some materialistic knowledge about how these boards are made to buy the best one.

Cutting boards made of wood grain, especially from Japanese cypress, are the best ones for Japanese knives to preserve their longevity. 

The 10 Best Cutting Board Reviews

Synthetic rubber cutting board Asahi Cookin cut (LL)

This cutting board from Asahi is all manufactured in Japan. Since it is a Japanese brand, they are already aware of what should be offered to make the best out of a Japanese knife. If you are looking for something softer than the Hinoki ones (wood from Japanese cypress), then this is the board for you.

The softness this board promises is all due to the material it is made of. It has been constructed with high-class synthetic rubber. The material has the capability of absorbing water. So, no need to worry about its sanitizing process.

You can simply put it underwater, maybe with some soap when you are done cutting food materials. Due to its heat resistant capability, you can also chop off foods coming right out of the stove.

Once you get your hands on this 16.1 inches long beige cutting board, you will not get enough of it. It is an amazing product to keep the edge of the knives dull free. The product may come in contact with the knife while chopping. The knife may get inserted into it slightly that you have to pull it out.

But once you get used to it, you will understand it is better than the wooden ones to keep the edge of the knife safe. So, do not waste your time some more on searching for the best Japanese cutting board.



Yoshihiro Hinoki Cypress Anti-Bacterial Japanese Natural Wooden Professional Grade Cutting Board with Anti Twisting Walnut Rim (X-Large) Made in Japan

This product includes everything lacking in the previous one (but, of course, with a higher price). The extra-large cutting board is made of hinoki tree, which provides the best woods for constructing such a device. Although it comes in other sizes, this size is the handiest and suitable for chopping foods.

The cutting board preserves all the natural advantages that are compulsory to preserve both the board and knives’ longevity. For example, the oils that are made naturally by the woods act as an antimicrobial component. It is suitable for maintaining hygiene. The oil also protects the board from hard stains.

The hinoki wood has a walnut rim to surround it. So, it is easier to make the board while drying. Although the wood needs a minimum of 5 rounds of oil smear to maintain its longevity, it gives the board a very aesthetically pleasing look.

It has an extra rotating latch with it, which will also help while drying the board. All of these features protect the board from any kind of disfiguration. The proudly made in Japan product also has a soothing fragrance of the hinoki wood.

If you have not experienced your first cutting board to explore your cooking endeavors yet, this one is a big recommendation. The details of this board, both in quality and design, is indeed pleasing. 



Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting Board, Large

If you are on a budget but still want to buy the best cutting board for shun knives, nothing is better than this one. For regular cooks around the world, shun knives are very well known. They are not only sharp cutting knives but also have beautiful designs on the outside.

These authentic Japanese knives surely need something to work in harmony for the proper fulfillment. What can the better product be there other than this cutting board, right? It will keep your shun knives extra sharp for most parts.

This board is also made of real hinoki wood. It has such an aristocrat look with its welcoming scent. It comes in all sizes according to your kitchen accommodation, but I will suggest going with the large one. Since it gives a balanced surface to cut foods, it is very handy to use.

Many people complain of staining on board. You can avoid it on this tool by wetting the surface. The natural oil preserves the hygienic purpose. You can also smear oil on it to increase the longevity of wood.

For cooks who use high carbon steel regularly, this board is a must-have for them. It is not only easy towards the blade but also keeps the edge away from dullness. This lightweight board is far away from any wood chunk hanging on your kitchen wall.



Kiso Hinoki Cutting Boards, Made in Japan, Authentic Japanese Cypress, 20 x 12 x 1 Inch

What better product to start your journey today in the kitchen than an iconic Kiso cutting board? Generally, Hinoki cutting boards are high end. But this one is not only taking care of your kitchen but also your purse too.

Even after being made of authentic Cypress wood, it has preserved its softness. Your delicate Japanese knives will be properly taken care of if you are going for this cutting board. The knives’ edges will not get inserted into the board even after coming in contact with it.

Food materials, especially raw vegetables, are fruits, are very sensitive to bacterial growth. Although many suggest cleaning the board now and then, it does take a toll on the board’s longevity. So, it is better to buy a board with integrated antibacterial properties.

The natural wood it contains has phytoncides that will prevent molds and other organisms’ growth. Many companies that claim to have Hinoki wood in their boards put a thin slice of woods in layer to make it a thicker one. But this board is exceptional to that with thick, sturdy slices of wood in its content.

Since it is natural wood, it is better to seal it for protection with oil. Many boards need 4-5 oil rounds to be sealed. But this one gets prepared even in one go. People cooking to make a living can try this best Japanese cutting board offered by Kiso.



Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board, 14.5-Inch × 11.25-Inch, Natural

If you are looking for something more local or cannot really stand the natural Hinoki fragrance, then this cutting board is here to serve you. This multifunctional cutting board is made in the USA from Richlite paper material. This component makes the board completely poreless.

The 14.5 inches longboard comes in three different colors-natural, nutmeg, and slate. All of them are equally treat for the eyes to match your other kitchen cutleries. The lightweight board is for everyday use so that you can carry it even out of the kitchen.

It has a built-in thumb hole that makes it easier to hand on the wall or store however you want it to. It is also heat resistant to 350-degree Fahrenheit. So, you can use it as a tray to carry hot food or cut them after coming right off the stove. 

Almost all the products from Epicurean are eco-friendly, and this one is no exception to it. You can use this board on both sides. Both of the sides are highly sanitized. You will not even have to put it in the sink since it is dishwasher friendly as well.

I could go on all day about explaining what an amazing product this is. You name any feature that is a must-have criterion for a cutting board; this product has it. Buy this now to find all about the facilities it provides.



Yoshihiro CUTTING BOARD, Large, Peach

The softer a cutting board is, the more strain it saves for both hands and knives. This Hi-Soft cutting board is the best among the bunch to fulfill that requirement. Although it is a bit on the pricey side, why not buy the best cutting board material for Japanese knives to show off that culinary skills?

Although it is not made of fancy Hinoki wood, it does the job it claims to do. This plastic made board is an absolute goal for day-to-day cutting purpose. I have seen even lifetime sushi chefs recommending this board with five stars. So, the quality of the board is already unquestionable in every bit.

This peach-colored board has integrated components that absorb odor and bacteria. So, you will not have to worry about molds or bacterial growth. It is made of such high-quality synthetic material that you will not see any noticeable marks even after cutting bones on it.

Although it is not heat resistant, you have to be careful about that part. This cutting board is one of the top-notch ones currently ruling the market. Since it is not Hinoki wood, you will not have to lose sleep over giving it oil treatments.

You can use a light detergent to clean it up now and then because it is not advised to put inside a dishwasher. If you are looking for an opportunity to use that fancy knife set on something even fancier, then do not waste your time buying this one.



Single Piece Hinoki Cutting Board, Eco Friendly Raw Wood Slab, 16 x 8 x 1 Inch

If you are in a hunt of furnishing your kitchen slab with a bona fide Hinoki cutting board, this product is an imperative one. Many times, natural Hinoki are smeared with oil, glue, etc. to be preserved. People complain about glue stuck on their wood board while receiving them.

But this one does not come along with such hassle. This product promises you to be free of all the chemical alteration, yet having its antimicrobial capabilities. It has a soft woody consistency that will protect the edge of your Japanese knives.

People often complain of having a warped cutting board. These types of boards are more likely to slip off from the kitchen counter while using. It is harmful to both your board and knives. But this product has sloppy edges to prevent such accidents.

The cutting board has to be cleaned after every use. Even though it is dishwater friendly, it can be cleaned with normal water with detergent mixed. Hinoki woods are generally hard to get stained. You can wash it before using it to be extra cautious as well.

There are many examples of spending extra bucks on a single cutting board and being deceived with cheap plastic. If you are eager to buy something simple yet gorgeous in both cost and function, get your hands on this one right now.



Taekhaus is ensuring butting boards that will be not only your first but also your last as well. So, you may get to spend an entire lifetime with just one board if you are buying from them. They are that good. However, it is a bit on the pricier side but better to pay a big amount at once rather than changing and repairing every other year.

Apart from the Japanese cypress tree, taek wood is one of the most suitable ones to look for in the best Japanese knives cutting board. Taekhaus is determined to bring out the best taek wood from their forests to take care of your knife blades.

These woods are as sturdy for itself as soft; it is for knife edges. They are free of Hinoki smell. They come with the standard guidelines of handwashing and oil smearing on the wood to conserve longevity. This 24-inch brown color board looks exactly like a piece of wood.

It is an FSC certified board which does not have the hassle of staining or twisting. The lightweight board is made of edge grain wood, which is exactly the type used for making a cutting board. A lot of companies use end grain woods, but those are more appropriate for Butcher’s block.

This board has grooves surrounding it. So, the juices dripping from cutting fruits can be easily held in there without ruining the kitchen slab. The integrated handgrip on the board makes it even easier to carry food wherever you want in and out of the kitchen.



Notrax Sani-Tuff Premium Rubber Cutting Board, Professional Grade 12" X 18"

Among too many different wooden cutting boards, Notrax has brought to a rubber made cutting board. This board stands out for its authentic rubber made texture, and all the facilities the construction has to offer. 

This plain rubber cutting board is very soft in texture. It does not get stained like hardwood now and then. When knives’ edges come in contact with the board, it does not cause dullness to the blades. So, it is safe to say that the rubber is not less material than the woods.

This beige color board is a bit on the heavier side. So, it is recommended to use it more around the kitchen than out of it. Although it does not come with a hand grip of its own, it stands still on the kitchen counter due to its rubbery texture.

It has the capability of absorbing odor and bacterial growth. Hence, you will not have to lose sleep over cleaning it. The simple cleaning process should be enough to keep it on the go. The foods which will be cut over it will be safe and bad odorless.

This is the best Japanese knives cutting board if you are thinking from a regular cook’s perspective. If you are looking for something a bit contrasting, then this is just the one.



John Boos Block RA03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 24 Inches x 18 Inches x 2.25 Inches

Saving up the best for the last, this John Boos cutting board is an absolute favorite for regular and commercial cooks. It is the first product mentioned here, which is made of Maple wood, and it will not deprive you of all the other authentic Hinoki vibe at all.

This 2.25-inch-thick product can be used not only as a cutting board but also as a butcher’s block. The multifunctional board gives you both sides to use while cutting. 

It comes with its handgrip. So, you can carry or hang it anywhere you want. The hardness of the board is to take care of your Japanese knives. 

Costly products always need the greatest care. You have to clean it with hot water after every use. It is better to air dry it and give it oil treatment now and then. Since it is Maple wood, John Boos provide their mystery oil (which you have to buy separately) to seal the wood.

Although this product is not budget-friendly, if you are a professional cook and looking for that one cutting board to live with forever, this one is the most suitable.



Buyer's guide: Best Cutting Board For Japanese knives

Japanese knives and their corresponding boards are like ornaments for any regular or commercial cook around the world. These days even some people buy these to explore their newly raised culinary hobbies. It may not be such an easy task for them to obtain the right product at the right price. 

This guide is for those people who want to buy the best Japanese cutting board to save them some time and slack.


A cutting board can be made of various types of materials such as plastic, wood, rubber. Every material has its give and takes. It fully depends on the cook’s preference that what material he/she wants to use as their ultimate cutting board.

  1. Woody cutting boards are best if they are made of Japanese cypress tree wood. They are beautiful to look at with a pleasing aroma. Despite the wood materials being hard and sturdy, they do not cause dullness to the blade. It is an advantage to keep the board stain-free while using it.
  2. Plastic materials are best if you are worried about maintenance and bacterial growth. Plastic cutting boards are made of ethylene polymers. It is an important property to prevent the growth of microorganisms. These boards are easy to wash and maintain, whereas the wood ones have to get a minimum of 4-5 oil round to keep.
  3. Rubber materials are more on the softer side. While cutting any food, the knife may contact the board and get inserted into it. Once you get habituated to the effect, it can be very helpful for the blades.

Hygiene property

Most of the cutting boards have antimicrobial properties in them with the capability of absorbing odors and minerals. It is a common fact to have the growth of bacteria on board when cutting food materials. So, it is better to buy one that can prevent it.

Sanitizing property

Most cutting boards are cleaned with detergent and water on the sink. These are hand washable.

Some boards are dishwasher friendly. These boards save the extra hassle of getting your hands on detergent.

Heat resistance

If you are looking for cutting meals coming out of the stove, then you might as well buy a cutting board that can tolerate heat up to a certain point. Otherwise, there will be visible dents or stains.

Cutting Board vs. Butcher's Block

It is a very recurrent dilemma for cooks: what should they get- a cutting board or a butcher’s block? Also, is it possible to use a butcher’s block as a cutting board? Keep an eye further to clarify such confusion.

A cutting board is a board you can use under knives to cut vegetables and fruits, maybe sheer meats as well. Since it is a lightweight material with very low thickness, it is not suitable for the heavy meat cutting process. Cutting boards are structured to tolerate strains from sharp yet shorter knives.

On the other hand, a butcher’s block has a technical difference from cutting boards and usage. It has to be 1.5″ thick and 12″ by 12″ surface area covering a large chunk of meats. It should be structured to tolerate heavy cutting material without damaging none.

A butcher’s block is used for quartering, slicing, deboning, and chopping meats. So, the antimicrobial capabilities have to be higher than the cutting boards. Cutting boards are generally made of thin woods, whereas Butcher’s block is made of heavy tree blocks, as the name suggests here.

Although using a cutting board as a butcher’s block is never a smart choice, you can do it once in a very long while running out of utensils in an emergency.

What type of cutting board is best for knives?

In one sentence, the softer, the better. When the knives come in contact with the board, it may cause dullness and chip in the case of hard cutting boards. 

Even though softer boards may provide some extent of the knife’s insertion into the board, the material provides longevity for both your knife and the board itself when you get used to it.

Which type of cutting board is the most hygienic?

Our health depends a lot on the foods we eat in our day-to-day life. I have heard people falling victim to food poisoning simply because they had dirty utensils in the kitchen. So, it is very much needed to be aware of what type of cutting board you are using to maintain hygiene. 

The plastic made cutting boards have to win over wooden ones in this regard. Plastic strips have the inbuilt capability to invade bacterial growth over wooden boards. Although wooden boards provide specific protection against certain microorganisms, it is not as vast as plastic boards.

There is a lot of time while cutting fruits or vegetables; the food will contact the board. Since fruits have more water content than the rest of these, more bacteria (or other organisms) are prone. So, plastic made cutting boards can be a go-to option for it.

It is not that the wooden ones are the worst of the label. You can also put 4-5 rounds of oil now and then keep it preventive to such unhygienic substances. It is just in the case of plastic; there is no extra workload of maintenance.

Final Verdict

The kitchen is where people share the most joyous family memories and bonding. Cooking and eating together with your closest ones, can be such a refreshing element in our monotonous lives. To furnish the kitchen with the most appropriate apparatus is very much imperative in this regard.

Buying the best cutting board for Japanese knives should be no exception in that case. You can lose yourself in the search for getting the best from the crowd. 

The purpose of this article is to enlighten you with some of the valuable insights about these from the market.

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