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10 Best Dalstrong Knife Review 2021: A Classic German brand

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Whenever someone asks me to suggest some highly efficient cutting tools, I recommend taking a look at Dalstrong knives.

Over the years, I have gained a great deal of experience with Dalstrong cutlery. I can tell you about the benefits and shortcomings of these brands. Therefore, I’ve assembled this best Dalstrong knife review to help others!

So if you are seeking information about these amazing knives, you have come to the right place. Follow my lead to the end of this article to learn everything about Dalstrong and the service it offers!

Let’s get all the juicy details without wasting more time, shall we?

3 Best Dalstrong Knife: Comparision

Editor’s Pick
DALSTRONG Knife Set Block
DALSTRONG Knife Set Block
  • Brand: Dalstrong
  • Blade Material: Forged Thyssenkrupp High-Carbon German Steel
  • Blade Edge: Serrated
  • Color: Black Handles
  • Block: Walnut 
  • Number of Knives: 18-pcs
  • Warrnty: Lifetime Warranty


Budget Pick
DALSTRONG Steak Knives set
DALSTRONG Steak Knives set
  • Brand: Dalstrong
  • Blade Material: High-Carbon German Steel
  • Blade Edge: Serrated
  • Color: Black Handles
  • Handle Materials: G10 garolite
  • Number of Knives: 4-pcs
  • Warrnty: Lifetime Warranty
Best Seller
  • Brand: Dalstrong
  • Blade Material: Premium Steel Japanese AUS-8
  • Blade Edge: Retention
  • Color: Black Handles
  • Handle Materials: Pakkawood 
  • Size: 9.5-inch
  • Warrnty: Lifetime Warranty

Are Dalstrong Knives a Good Brand?

Despite being a relatively new company in the market, Dalstrong has won many hearts with its top-tier knives. As a professional chef, I always love how these knives support my agility and kitchen style.

Most of their knives are constructed with premium-grade materials such as Damascus layers and super Japanese steel. They are high-performance knives that come with outstanding Rockwell hardness rating. So yes, considering their brilliant service, I must say that Dalstrong knives are among the best in the market.

What are the Best Dalstrong Knives to Buy?

Dalstrong is one of the best knife brands in the world. It is a classic German brand and makes high-performance knives with different series. Every series has a different quality from others. Only for quick view:

Top 10 Dalstrong Knife Review To Buy

01. Dalstrong Gladiator Review

I grew up in Minnesota, and steak was a regular thing in my house. Since then, I have learned to respect rightly cut meat. Obviously, I am starting my list with a Dalstrong Gladiator review and telling you about this terrific meat cleaver that will change your cooking game.

If you want a cleaver that will accurately chop your meat on the first try, this Gladiator Series “R” Obliterator is the greatest thing you can get. As it is forged from top-quality HC 7cr17mov steel, this cleaver is exceptionally sharp and provides long-lasting service.

This cleaver comes with a full tang construction to offer maximum sturdiness while cutting stubborn bones and tricky meats. Moreover, this blade is 60HRC heat-treated to ensure optimum performance and durability.

The incredible feature of this meat cleaver is the handle. It is a military-grade G-10 handle that is designed for the most secure grip. Despite being nearly indestructible, the handle is very comfortable to hold, thanks to its ergonomic design.

This knife was hand-polished for a perfect finish and designed to be flexible and with minimum slicing resistance. Moreover, the tall blade height offers the much-needed knuckle clearance.

However, this cleaver is quite a heavyweight one, so make sure you are comfortable with that.


  • Forged from premium-grade HC steel with 60+ hardness
  • They are perfectly designed for knuckle clearance and flexibility
  • Full tang construction with comfortable military-grade handle
  • Exceptionally sharp and long-lasting edge retention


  • The cleaver is quite heavyweight
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02. Dalstrong Shogun Review

DALSTRONG - 9" Meat Cleaver Knife 'The Raptor' - Shogun Series - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - w/Sheath

If you pick up any best Dalstrong knives review, you will see this meat cleaver from the Shogun series. It’s a Japanese-style knife that comes in different blade sizes. You can choose the finest one for yourself.

The best feature of this knife is its scalpel-like sharpness that allows you to cut meat like butter. Moreover, it comes with a 62+ Rockwell hardness rating that ensures maximum edge retention and superior durability.

The Raptor meat cleaver is constructed with an AUS-10V Japanese steel core, famous for its ultimate performance. Additionally, it comes with full tang construction for the highest robustness to support an aggressive cutting style.

Now let’s talk about the great handle of this knife. The military-grade G-10 handle is impervious to heat and cold. This triple-riveted handle provides top-tier balance, flexibility, and agility to support the user.

The beautifully engraved blade has a non-stick quality that allows you to clean these knives very easily. It comes with a hand-polished spine, so you can hold this knife with maximum comfort and work without getting tired.

In addition to all that, this cleaver has gone through a precise cryogenic therapy. Believe me, this is what turns this knife different from all!


  • Top-tier AUS-10V super Japanese steel blade
  • Full tang construction with a handcrafted spine
  • Triple-riveted G-10 handle for maximum comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant


  • You have to put more effort into the knife to rock and chop
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03. Dalstrong Omega Review

DALSTRONG - 5" Steak Knife Set (4 Piece) - Omega Series - BD1N-V - Hyper Steel - w/Sheath

Well, most of you might have been waiting for this Dalstrong Omega review, so here I come! This high-performance steak knife set is one of the most beautiful pieces of craftsmanship that can win anyone’s heart.

The blades of these knives come with 8-12 degrees angles on each side so you can cut your steaks without any trouble. Moreover, the 63+ hardness ensures long-lasting sharpness and better durability than ever.

As the blades have Liquid Metal pattern on them, cutting and slicing food is much easier. This pattern provides a non-stick quality that makes them effortless to clean and maintain.

The handles of the steak knives are one of the most essential features to look for. Like most other Dalstrong knives, these handles are made with G-10 military-grade material and exceptionally robust yet comfortable.

Moreover, the hand-finished spine and triple-riveted construction give it the much-needed robustness to work with immense stability.

The tapered blade shave makes these knives ideal for slicing with precision. As these blades are forged with BD1N-VX Hyper steel, you can expect long-lasting durability and extraordinary resilience.

On top of everything, the tapered bolster offers the ultimate security so you can avoid accidents in the kitchen. And so this cutlery is mentioned in every Dalstrong steak knife set reviews.


  • Full tang construction for ultimate stability
  • Comfortable G-10 handle for a firm grip
  • Premium-grade hyper steel blade for optimum performance
  • Triple-riveted handle and hand-finished spine for balance
  • Easy to clean


  • These steak knives are relatively heavier than the regular ones
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04. Dalstrong Phantom Review

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 9.5" - Phantom Series - Japanese High-Carbon - AUS8 Steel - Pakkawood Handle - w/Sheath

Now it’s time for Dalstrong Phantom review as it is a popular one. Though this phantom series comes with many different knives such as Santoku, cleaver, bread, butcher and breaker, crixus knives, I will be reviewing the 9.5-inch chef’s knife.

Well, let’s talk about the ruthlessly sharp blade of this knife at first. As the blade is made with top-grade AUS-8 Japanese steel, you will get superior edge retention.

The long and thin blade cuts the fishes without pulling or ruining the fiber, so the flavor remains intact. It is carefully designed with a perfect tapered shape for a smooth slicing experience.

Furthermore, the blade has to be nitrogen cooled for corrosion resistance, superior hardness, and flexibility.

This full tang knife is forged from a single-piece HC steel, so you can expect the highest stability while cutting. Moreover, the handcrafted spine and ergonomic bolster make it amazingly comfortable.

The handle of this knife is crafted with rich black Spanish Pakkawood so you can have the most secure grip. It is designed with an ergonomic D-shape to offer ultimate comfort to the user for longer cooking and cutting sessions.

This knife is also perfect for cutting poultries, hanger steak, or pork tenderloins. Because of its terrific versatility, you will see it in every review of Dalstrong knife.


  • Made with Super AUS-8 Japanese steel
  • Full tang construction for robustness
  • Handcrafted spine with bolster for safety and stability
  • Ergonomic D-shape handles for perfect grip
  • It comes with a protective sheath


  • This knife is more on the expensive side
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05. Dalstrong Crusader Review

DALSTRONG - Crusader Series - Birds Beak Paring Peeler Knife 3" - Forged Thyssenkrupp High-Carbon German Stainless Steel - w/Magnetic Sheath - NSF Certified

If you are looking for a fantastic set of knives, this Dalstrong Crusader review is going to be your savior! This eight-piece set comes with all the blades you need every day and offers top-notch service.

These knives are one of the most aesthetically pleasing ones from this brand. They are forged from a single-piece ThyssenKrupp HC steel to offer amazing service as long as you own them. These all-steel knives are exceptionally sharp and wear-resistant.

The perfectly polished spine of these knives offers top-notch stability and a secure grip while working. Additionally, they are precisely tempered for optimum resilience.

If you are looking for blades to slice meats, veggies, and fishes perfectly, you can go for these German steel blades. They are hand-honed at 18-20 angles for accurate cuts.

Furthermore, the full tang construction adds the much-needed robustness if you will work in a professional environment. The ergonomic handle shapes will provide the utmost comfort and excellent maneuverability.

You will get 4 knives, an 8” Honing Rod, and a Manchurian Ash-Wood Storage Block.

Though these knives’ seamless construction allows you to clean them easily, you need to pat them dry immediately after washing.


  • Top-tier German Steel construction for excellent service
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Full tang construction for maximum robustness
  • Lightweight finish to support user’s agility


  • Tend to rust if not maintained properly
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06. Dalstrong quantum 1 review

DALSTRONG - Nakiri & Vegetable Knife - 7" - Quantum 1 Series - American Forged BD1N-VX High-Carbon Steel - Carbon Fibre G10 Hybrid Handle - Leather Sheath

Yes, now it’s time for a Dalstrong Quantum 1 review, and I know you were waiting for this one! Well, this series has some terrific knives, but I will be reviewing the most amazing Nakiri and Vegetable knife.

The Quantum series is popular because of its excellent ergonomics and seamless construction. This knife from this series is precisely honed for ruthless sharpness to making your chopping and slicing effortless.

As this blade is made with BDN1-VX HC steel, you don’t have to worry about its durability and performance. You are getting a wear-resistant knife that will stay brutally sharp even after cutting loads of ingredients.

The tapered design of this knife makes it exceptionally flexible and enhances the hardness. Additionally, the “Nova Prime” pattern makes it highly efficient. And the tall height provides knuckle clearance to ensure a better experience.

This knife comes with a 63+ hardness rating to assure optimum performance every time you hold this knife.


  • Forged from premium-grade American steel
  • Ergonomic handle with a secure grip
  • A well-balanced cutting session with maximum flexibility
  • Excellent knuckle clearance and supports fast cutting style
  • Wear and stain-resistant with full tang construction


  • The knife may require frequent sharpening
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07. Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Review

A passionate chef is always in search of the perfect Santoku knife. So for you, here is my Dalstrong Shadow black series review.

This high-performance knife’s specialty is that the HC German steel is completely coated with black Titanium Nitrate. This sleek yet aggressive knife is perfectly fitted for chopping with any style.

And the blade is exceptionally sharp, so you don’t have to worry about putting too much pressure while cutting.

It comes with a 15-degree angle with each side for precise cuts. The non-reflecting coating enhances its performance by making it wear-resistant and remarkably non-sticky. So this knife is super easy to clean and maintain.

This full tang knife comes with a midnight-black handle, which is made with fiber resin and military-grade. Additionally, it is impervious to heat and moisture. This handle is perfectly shaped to fit in your hand so you can work with supreme ease.

Furthermore, you will get a perfectly fitted sheath to keep this Santoku knife protected all the time.


  • HC German steel blade coated with black Titanium Nitrate
  • Wear-resistant and easy to clean
  • Flawlessly curved G-10 handle for a comfortable grip
  • Mercilessly sharp and highly durable
  • Excellent Hardness rating


  • It’s quite an expensive Santoku knife
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08. Dalstrong 18 piece knife set review

DALSTRONG - 18pc Knife Block Set - Crusader Series - Forged Thyssenkrupp High-Carbon German Stainless Steel - w/Magnetic Sheath - NSF Certified

You will see this set in every review of the best Dalstrong knife because of the efficiency it offers. This 18-piece set comes with every regular kitchen knife you will need every day, so it’s quite popular among the users.

These all-steel knives are an example of a dynamic combination of functionality and beauty. You can get this set to pamper yourself or as a present for a bridal shower or wedding.

Furthermore, these German-made ThyssenKrupp blades are tremendously sharp and cut ingredients like butter!

This set’s knives come with 16-18 degree angles so you can cut precisely without breaking any sweat. As the knives come with a seamless design, you won’t feel fatigued even after longer cooking sessions.

For a sturdy and well-balanced performance, these knives are full tang yet relatively lightweight. The tapered design makes the knives amazingly flexible, and the handles are very comfy to hold.

This set includes 11 Crusader Series knives, and 9” Honing, and a RodAcacia Wood Storage Block. So if you want to get all in one, this knife set is the one you should grab!


  • HC German steel construction
  • Well-balanced and flexible
  • The comfortable and lightweight handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with excellent edge retention


  • Tends to lose sharpness quickly if not taken care of properly
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09. Dalstrong 5 piece knife set review

DALSTRONG Knife Set Block - Shogun Series X Knife Set - AUS-10V High-Carbon Japanese Super Steel - 5 pieces

Here is another Dalstrong Shogun review as this set is an example of culinary perfection. These knives come with an award-winning design to give you a delightful experience in the kitchen.

The ultra-sharp blades of these knives are made with top-grade AUS-10 steel for optimum performance. Moreover, they are corrosion resistant and nitrogen-cooled for enhanced durability.

In addition to all that, the blades are vacuum treated and have a 62+ Rockwell hardness rating! These knives are stain-resistant, amazingly flexible, and stay sharper for a long time.

The premium-grade G-10 handles offer ultimate comfort to the user, so you can hold and chop with it for longer cooking sessions effortlessly. Moreover, the ergonomic blade spine allows you to hold with a professional pinch grip.

You will get 5 Shogun Series knives in the set. Each blade comes with an 8-12 degree angle to ensure precise cuts every time.


  • Made with top-grade AUS-10 steel
  • Ergonomic G-10 handle for a secure hold
  • Well-balanced and flexible
  • Highly durable and robust


  • Needs proper maintenance for the best performance
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10. Dalstrong steak knives set reviews

If you are looking for a professional-grade steak knife set, you can end your quest here. You will see this one in any of the best Dalstrong knives, thanks to its fantastic performance.

As the blades of these knives are made with top-tier AUS10-V steel, you can expect the best service from them. These blades are razor sharp and can hold their edge retention pretty well. Additionally, they are nitrogen cooled for enhanced performance.

These sets’ knives are made with 67 layers of HC steel for the most excellent and accurate cuts. So if you want to keep the meat’s flavor perfectly intact, you can go with this set.

As the military-grade G-10 handles of these knives are nearly indestructible, you don’t have to worry about their durability. Moreover, they offer the utmost comfort while holding knives, so you are going to love them!


  • Triple-riveted G-10 handle for a comfy grip
  • Premium-quality HC steel construction
  • Nitrogen-cooled for enhanced performance
  • Highly durable and user-friendly
  • Aesthetically pleasing and high-performance knives


  • May require frequent sharpening
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Here is my list of the best Dalstrong knives so you can have a better understanding of this brand. Now let me enlighten you with more details; hence you can make some confident purchases.

How Do You Care for a Dalstrong Chef’s Knife?

Follow the method I am mentioning below to take care of your Dalstrong chef’s knife.

  • Always wash by hands and pat the knife dry with a washcloth immediately.
  • Wipe the knife clean instantly after cutting something acidic.
  • Wash and dry your knife before eating.
  • Remove rust spots
  • Sharpen before every use
  • Apply mineral oil
  • Store in a dry place

Which Dalstrong Knife Series is the Best and Why?

As every person has different preferences and expectations from their knives, Dalstrong has made each series of knives with unique ergonomics. You can get heavy-duty professional knives as well as regular ones within various budgets.

So which knife series is the best one is complicated to decide. My sense of the best series can be totally different than yours. So it would be better if you check every best Dalstrong knives review to determine the most suitable one for yourself.

Some Frequently Asked Question About Dalstrong Knife

Which is the highest grade Dalstrong knife?

All of the Dalstrong knives are made with premium-grade steel and handcrafted for a smooth finish. They come with a 58-62+ Rockwell hardness rating, so in a sense, every Dalstrong knife is the highest grade.

Which Dalstrong boning knife is the best?

You will find some terrific boning knives in the Quantum 1 or Phantom series of Dalstrong. As the definition of best varies from person to person, you can check their reviews to find out the perfect one for yourself.

How to sharpen a Dalstrong chef’s knife?

Here is how you have to sharpen your Dalstrong chef’s knife.

Hold the honing steel and place the tip of it in a flat service in an angled position.
Use your dominant hand to hold the knife’s blade closely
Hold the edge at an approximately 20-degree angle of the honing steel
With light pressure, drag the blade up and down, and then repeat the process.

How to sharpen a Dalstrong knife?

You can sharpen your Dalstrong knife with a whetstone. Here’s how you do it.

Soak your whetstone for ten minutes
Lay the stone on a cotton cloth
Hold the knives at a 10-18 degree angle against the whetstone
Put lighter pressure on each side to sharpen the blade and repeat the process

Is Dalstrong real Damascus?

Some of the knives from different series, such as the Shogun one, Dalstrong provides cutlery with authentic Damascus layers. As they come with lower-price points, this fact may seem like a tall tale, but it’s the absolute truth.

Final Verdict

In this best Dalstrong knife review, I have mentioned tools from different series so you can understand the versatility it offers. As this manufacturer provides knives within different budgets and styles, you can easily pick one for yourself.

Knives are the greatest weapon of a chef. So to win your cooking battles, you can go with Dalstrong knives without any doubt!

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