10 Best End Grain Cutting Board Review in 2021 with Depth Analysis

Fact Checked By Luna L. Rusk | Last Updated on January 18, 2021
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The cutting boards with end grain are known for their intricate and quintessential design. Their checkerboard pattern appeals to the most enthusiastic customers. In addition to unique features, end grain boards are highly rated for their performances.

When I moved out of my parent’s house, I used to work with a typical, cheap cutting board. I cannot even tell you how many times I have cut my hand while deboning or cutting steaks. You must have injured yourself at least once, right? 

I dreamt of having a stable end grain cutting board with an iconic design. And when my mom presented me with the object of my desire, it was the best Christmas gift ever. Believe it or not, even after six years, it is good as new.

So are you stuck with the rough, slippery, scarred board like I was? No worries, I will be presenting the best end grain cutting boards that will quench your thirst for the product.

The ideal chopping boards with end grain possesses threadlike surfaces. Such surface enables the blade edges to dip into the vertical threads while cutting. They are highly durable with self-healing properties.

The surfaces can be crafted out of soft or hardwoods. But they are resistant to knife scratches. Moreover, it will not dull or chip blades either. Customers cherish these boards because of their decadent designs.

Ten absolute best end grain cutting boards

The characteristics of these cutting boards depend primarily on the wood. Bamboo, teak, maple, acacia, and walnut boards are the most common and durable ones.

Here are the various types of end grain cutting bxoard reviews:  

John Boos Maple Classic Reversible Wood End Grain Chopping Block, 20"x 15" x 2.25

This John Boos block is one of the finest and durable blocks in this roundup. With its medium colour Maple wood body, it is a specimen of appeal.

The wood is hard enough to give stability for heavy work like cleaving and deboning. The hard surface also prevents knife scratches.  

The butcher’s block is designed with high-quality Northern Hard Maple. It is 20 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 2.25 inches in thickness.

You have to sharpen the knife often to prevent its edge from becoming dull. On the plus side, its heavy body ensures that it does not move or slide while working.

Unlike the common face grain and edge grain ones, end grain chopping boards have vertical wood fibres instead of horizontal ones. This feature makes them almost invincible to nicks, cuts, and scratches.

John Boos have a checkered pattern with vertical fibres to withstand knife cuts. The reversible feature enables you to work on either surface of the block.

If you are a hygiene freak and always concerned about the bacteria on the food preparation surfaces, this board is perfect for you. It is ideal because maple wood is naturally antimicrobial.

Even if the wood is porous and absorbs food liquids, it will keep the surface hygienic.  Moreover, washing the block after every use will reduce the bacterial interaction with the body. 

For a convenient cutting and food preparation experience, apply oil or cream to the board surface regularly. The oil or cream offers an additional layer against bacterial fluids.



Made in USA, Large End Grain Walnut Wood Cutting Board, 17x13x1.5in with Sorting Compartments, Non-Slip Feet, Juice Groove (Gift Box Included) by Sonder Los Angeles

If you are on a limited budget, this block is ideal for you. This board is the best budget end grain cutting board with its magnificent black walnut surface and innovative features available at a low price.

The vertical design ensures that each knife cut is between the wood fibres, not cutting them.  Its forgiving nature keeps the knife-edge sharper even after extended use.

The deeply-decadent walnut used to craft this masterpiece complements any type of kitchen décor. Even though it is a moderate size, the surface is hard and perfect for chopping, dicing, carving, cleaving, etc. 

It has a user-friendly handle. The handle allows you to lift it single-handedly and transfer food into a bowl or pan. Although it has 8 pounds body, there is no risk of sliding the small rubber feet enables the board to grip even a wet countertop.

These are not the only fantastic features of this food preparation surface. It has three built-in compartments to hold your chopped or diced ingredients separately.

The deep juice grooves around the edges store excess juices or liquid from vegetables and meats. Thus, you do not have to clean your work surface afterwards!

The product will outlast most of your kitchen items if handled with care. Wash the board using hands only.

Apply vegetable or any type of oil every 3-4weeks for outstanding performance. Working on a dry surface will be a disadvantage for both the board and your knife.



Large End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board | Professional, Antibacterial Butcher Block | Non-Slip Rubber Feet by Top Notch Kitchenware

This eco-friendly bamboo cutting board is one of the most popular among young adults. Its stylish looks, reasonable price, and innovative characteristics make it pop.

The bamboo board has a medium build that makes it an ideal choice for apartment and small kitchens. It does not warp and crack easily.

I love bamboo products compare to wooden ones. If you have a conscience like me, this board may be the best end grain cutting board for you. It has aesthetic looks plus extra features.

Bamboo has a harvest cycle of 3-5 years. On the other hand, trees have to grow for at least 20 years to give timber. Thus, this block does not make you guilty of deforestation! Anyway, let’s get back to its notable features.

Similar to the previous board I talked about, it has non-slip rubber feet too. They offer you leverage while working on chicken or large vegetables. It also has juice groves to avoid a messy countertop.  

The bamboo surface is relatively softer than walnut or maple. Hence, your knife will not lose its sharpness quickly. The block has a non-porous surface that resists bacteria growth and keeps your food hygienic.

One of the most outstanding features of this multi-purpose product is you can use it as a tray. Yes, it is big enough to serve slices of meat, cheese fruit, etc. to your elegant guests. You can also utilize it to mix flour for bread or similar items.



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The boards mentioned above have innovative and helpful features. Unlike them, this one is a classic, minimalistic chopping board.

This board is just a rectangular maple wood board that has vertically arranged fibres and a checkered pattern. Other than that, it has no handle, and juice grooves let alone compartments.    

If you are more prone to buying an old-fashioned chopping block, this is the best maple end grain cutting board you can get. This chopping board is a board that has been crafted for heavy-duty work.

You can use it for any purpose from cutting veggies to carving your turkey. Due to its colossal size, it does not budge even though you exert a large force.

Moreover, the large block is reversible. That means you can use one side to tend meats and fishes and another for cutting bread, fruits, and veggies. This way, your food will not be cross-contaminated with one another.

The hard maple wood surface ensures no scarring of the block. Additionally, it has high knife-edge retention. That is, your knife will need sharpening less frequently.

However, I will not recommend it to you if you have a physical issue lifting heavy objects. What is more, it does not have any handle, so it may be a bit difficult to carry it around.

Most of the boards on the list are not dishwater safe. Even if they are, I will recommend you to hand wash them. Soaking them in water for a long time can reduce their performance and durability. 



Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia Wood End Grain Cutting Board Butcher Block with Groove, 16 x 12 x 1 3/4 in | For Chopping & Serving Cheese | (Gift Box Included) with BONUS e-Book

Similar to the previous product, this is also a heavy-weight cutting board. But it has some essential features too.

The butcher block appeals to aesthetic customers due to the medium-brown acacia wood. The design is eye-catching. The first thing people will notice in your kitchen is the iconic cutting board in your kitchen.

Anyway, this 2-inch thick cutting board best for professional chefs as it is designed for heavy-duty work. It is highly durable and will last almost a lifetime. 

However, you can utilize it for regular use too. It has built-in inner handles that makes it portable. Using the handles, you can shift it comfortably.

Although it does not have any rubber feet, it has a non-slip finish at the bottom. Hence, your kitchen experience will be safe.  Moreover, its hard wooden surface ensures that it will not warp or chip over time.

The downside of the hard exterior is it will dull your expensive gradually. But the plus side is it is scratch and mark resistant. On top of that, it has juice grooves to accumulate drippings from the meats and vegetables. 

Like the bamboo cutting board, this one is eco-friendly too. Acacia is a member of the pea family which more of a shrub than a tree.

Nonetheless, its merits outrun its demerits. For its classic, artistic look and fantastic performance, it is loved by thousands of customers. You can try it out too if you have a taste for heavy-duty, durable acacia wood chopping blocks!



Catskill Craftsmen Super Slab with Finger Grooves

This block is a 3-inch thick butcher block for quartering and deboning large cuts of meats or turkeys. It has a pleasing exterior, designed with caramel and cinnamon colour checkered pattern.

Before choosing this product, I must tell you the difference between blocks and boards. Butcher blocks are thicker, heavier, and more anchored.

On the other hand, cutting boards are lighter and easier to carry around. So, choose wisely, making sure what features you expect from the products.  

Now, let us get to the point. If you are comfortable with the heaviness, it may be one of the best end grain cutting boards for you. There are finger slots for easy maintaining.

The hardwood surface limits the knife marks and nicks. It is also self-healing with oil-finish. Despite having a hard exterior, it will not dull your blades. It is long-lasting and highly resistant to warping.

The square block is reversible. That is, you can utilize both sides. Use one for veg items and the other for non-veg to prevent contamination.

For the first two weeks, you will have to rub oil on the surface at least two times a day. After that, do the oil treatment, once a week. Then continue doing it once a month for the best performance. 

Remember if you do not follow the above steps, there may be a risk of warping and cracking.



Ironwood Gourmet Charleston End Grain Board with Channel, Acacia Wood

This board is a medium-size board, measuring 14 x 20 x 1.25 inches. It consists of gorgeous dark-brown acacia wood. Ironwood end grain board is also known for its elegant alternating patterns.

Its structure is the best for cutting strong materials without breaking. Moreover, this structure will reduce the scars on these boards. Thus, your cutlery will live a longer life.

The acacia wood naturally resists bacterial growth. Hence, you do not have to be concerned about hygiene.

Similar to many cutting boards in this roundup, it has a juice channel too. Unlike others, it can hold the highest amount of liquids, about 10 ounces. So, you do not have to get rid of the juices frequently.

The exciting thing is, the producers use organic wood for small farmers. They make sure the tree is at least 25 years before using the timber. So considerate, right?

In addition to decent performance and durability, the product gives you a sense of goodwill too! In return, you can take good care of it.

Use warm soapy water to hand wash the board. Make sure to dry it immediately. Refrain from soaking the product in water. Do not store the product in high humidity environments.

If you follow the advice, there will little to no risk of warping. Moreover, do not forget to oil it regularly. It will preserve the lustre of the surface and make sure it does not crack.  



Made in USA, Large Reversible Multipurpose Maple Wood Cutting Board, 17x13x1.5in Juice Groove with Cracker Holder (Gift Box Included) by Sonder Los Angeles

So far, you have read about several types of end grain board. Each one has unique characteristics. This one has some similar and some different features compared to others.

Comparing the boards and their merits and demerits will help you choose the perfect one for you. Let us explore the Sonder board’s impressive features.

Unlike other maple boards, it has a light brown colour. The board exterior is designed with vertical partitions. There is a short and straightforward logo of Sonder Los Angeles along the length.

The built-in handles give you leverage while moving it. You can use the board for preparation as well as serving and entertaining your guests.

The perfectly sized board can accommodate cheese and meat slices. Its grooved edges prevent any small items like nuts, olives, etc. to roll over.

The 1.5inch thick board has deep juice grooves to hold excess liquid from chopping fruits, vegetables, and meats. This feature is handy because the acidic or alkaline juices cannot stain your countertop.

This characteristic is also helpful if you love to organize barbeque parties. It is excellent for carving juicy brisket, ribs, or grilled fishes. You can show off to your friends how organized you are!

Moreover, the board is crafted out of hard, closed-grain wood. That makes it durable and resistant to bacteria. The sturdy wood can withstand regular chopping while being gentle on your knife.

One of the best parts about this product is it comes with a gift box. You can present it to family and friends on joyous occasions.



Lipper International Teak Wood End Grain Kitchen Chopping Block and Cutting Board, Small, 12" x 8" x 1-1/4"

Compared to all the other boards listed here, this one has some distinctive characteristics. The board is the smallest one with 12 x 1.25 x 8 inches and a weight of mere 2.64pounds.

This minimalistic block will be perfect for you without extra features if you are just learning knife work. The tiny board is also popular among chef’s assistants’ for its compact size.

Moreover, people with health issues like arthritis will be benefitted from this. It is easy to maintain and control.  Additionally, using this one means you have more counter space.

It is crafted with one of the best woods-teak. Teak cutting boards are most notable for their knife-friendly qualities and stylish looks. It has a sophisticated zigzag design made with strips of wood.

This wood is relatively softer than maple and walnut. That makes it excellent for retaining the sharpness of blades.



Daddy Chef End Grain Wood cutting board with Juice Groove - Large Reversible Chopping block countertop - Wood butcher block - Kitchen Wooden chopping board (DT2X 20x12x2)

This rectangular food preparation block is one of the best end grain cutting boards on the list. Along with its dark, shiny looks, it offers excellent performance.

This versatile board is reversible. You can use either side for chopping and prepping your meal. Even the design on both sides is the same except for one thing- the well. 

The most excellent feature is it has a built-in well. The well can store chopped ingredients. Moreover, while using the board as a serving tray, you can use the built-in compartment to avoid nuts and olives running over the edges.

There are inner handles too. This feature ensures more comfortable transportation of the board during serving or chopping.

As I said, the board has everything. It has juice grooves to hold the liquids from juicy veggies or meats. The acidic drippings from tomatoes and lemons or the greasy juices from roast meats will not mess up your work station.

With its self-healing properties, the board is extremely durable and cherished by customers. This board will work for you, regardless if you are a novice or experienced.



How to Select the Perfect End Grain Cutting Board

If you are new to this, there are some key features you need to consider before choosing the best end grain cutting board for you.

Here is the list of things you have to keep in mind:


The cutting board’s material plays the most vital role in the performance, durability, maintenance, and affordability of the product. The common materials used are rubber, plastic, wood, and wood fibre.

Among them, wooden or wood-like hardwood boards are the best choice. Teak, walnut, bamboo, hard maple, and acacia are the ideal wood material for end grain slicing boards.

In slicing boards with end grain, the wood fibres are arranged vertically to minimize knife marks. Moreover, wooden blocks offer a better grip on the countertop compare to other materials.

Surface area and thickness

If you are a home cook, you may want to choose a moderate surface area. A medium-size gives enough space to work. Additionally, it is relatively easier to move around.

The best thickness for end grain cutting boards is between 2-4 inches depending on your desired purpose.


End grain cutting boards are comparatively expensive than other kinds of boards. However, they are worth it. You do not have to replace them often as the wooden boards last a long time.


The colour varies from material to material. If you are a fan of darker shades, choose walnut and teak. If not, then bamboo, acacia, and maple are lighter in colour.

Extra features

Finally, look for helpful features like rubber feet, juice grooves, and built-in handles. Rubber feet are useful for stability. Juice grooves are great while working with roast meats, lemons, or tomatoes.

Additionally, choose from brands that provide complementary oil or creams for the board.

How to Clean the End Grain Cutting Board?

What are the Benefits of an End-Grain Cutting Board?

Chopping boards with end grain can be an excellent addition to your elegant kitchen. These boards meet every need of yours. With their perfect wooden surface, there are ideal for all kinds of kitchen works.

Additionally, they are more long-lasting than normal cutting boards. The relatively hard surfaces are extremely immune to wear and tear while being forgiving to your blades.

Some of the boards have advantageous features. The rubber feet keep the board stable while working on large cuts of meat.

The build-handle provides leverage for carrying it around or using it as a serving tray. Some have built-in well or compartments to pile chopped ingredients like chives, tomatoes, or olives.

Another amazing feature is the juice grooves. They are small channels along the edge of the board. These grooves prevent excess juice from rolling down the board to the countertop.

Thus, end grain cutting boards have much more benefits than regular ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) For End Grain Cutting Board

These chopping boards are generally made from strips of wood or hardwood arranged together. Maple, walnut, and bamboo are popular materials.

The wood fibres are placed vertically to avoid knife marks. They are usually hefty boards with high durability. They are said to be the most expensive and elegant cutting boards of all.

These cutting boards are known for their stability and long-lasting properties. Even with heavy-duty kitchen applications, they show the least amount of damage and have self-healing characteristics.

These type of cutting boards requires constant care and maintenance. Refrain from using a steel cleaning tool. They will damage the oily coating of the board.

Keep the board in an airy, non-humid place. The good airflow will let the board breathe and ensure the durability of the wood.

These boards need to be oiled with mineral oil and beeswax regularly. If you regularly use the board, apply oil at least once a month to keep the surface smooth.

Remember, newly purchased boards require daily oil treatment. Apply a generous amount of oil or cream every day for at least 2 weeks. Then you can carry on with the monthly one.

I will recommend you to use warm oil. In this way, the oil can be absorbed by the wood.

Final Verdict

Looking for a particular product is exhausting. I hope this list has made your life a little easier by introducing you to the best end grain cutting boards.

Now that you have read all about them, you will just have to choose the right one for you.

You have to contemplate how big your countertop is and what size of the board it can accommodate. Moreover, you have to consider how often you prepare large meals.

Heavy work can wear and damage the board quickly. So, choose a hard or soft surface board depending on your needs.

Happy shopping!

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