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10 Best Glass Cutting Boards 2020 with Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Cutting boards are one of the most essential materials in your kitchen. Wooden and plastic cutting boards are the most common, but the one to grab your attention the moment you see it is the glass made one. And today, we are going to talk about the best glass cutting boards.

Glass cutting boards are more beneficial in so many ways. They are really easy to use as they do not need any extra maintenance.

After you use a wooden or bamboo cutting boards for a few days, it gets stains and does not look good. A glass cutting board will look good in your kitchen. It will be safer for your food. It will be safer for the environment, as well.

3 Best Glass Cutting Boards: comaparision

Vance Surface Saver 16 X 20
  • Rating: 4.0/5
  • Materials: STempered Glas
  • Manufacturing: Vance Surface Saver
  • Size: 16″ x 20″
  • Color: White
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Farberware Glass Utility Cutting Board, 12-Inch-by-14-Inch, 12
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Materials: Tempered Glass
  • Manufacturing: Lifetime Brands Inc
  • Size: 12″ x 14″
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Zeller 26270 2-Piece Glass Cutting Board Set for Ceramic Hobs 52 x 30 cm Tomato Design by Zeller Hoverboard for beginners

Zeller 26270 2-Piece Glass Cutting Board Set 

  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Manufacturing: Zeller Present Handels GmbH
  • Size: 1 – pack
  • Color: Tomato 
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Why use a cutting board made of glass?

Cutting boards are vital to save your kitchen countertop and make cutting tasks easier for you. Plastic cutting boards are used by everyone. Plastic is the most common material for a cutting board.

 Materials like wood, bamboo are also used to make cutting boards. But, glass cutting boards are not anything you hear much about. They are unique and better than others in so many ways.

Firstly, let us come to the structure of a glass cutting board. There are only a few materials with a flat surface like glass. Glass has a smooth, flat surface.

So when you cut something on a glass cutting board, the food residues cannot stick to it. So, it produces fewer bacteria. And a glass cutting board is safer for your food too.

Secondly, glass cutting boards are really easy to clean. You can just wash them with warm water and a dishwasher, and you will be good to go.

When, on the other hand, wooden or bamboo cutting boards need extra caution while cleaning. You will have to dry them very well after washing.

Even the best wood cutting board and bamboo cutting board will get ruined if they stay wet for too long. Plastic cutting boards are too porous. You will have to scrub their surface really well to clean them properly.

Finally, it is about the appearance of these cutting boards. Bamboo, plastic, or wooden cutting boards get scratches from the moving of the knife.

This makes them look so gross and dirty even if they are not. Glass cutting boards do not have any problem like this. They are made of top-quality tempered glass.

No matter how long you are using them, they will remain smooth and look clean. They will look good on your countertop. And who wants to make their kitchen look dirty when it actually is not.

And after considering all these, I guess I would not have to say anything anymore. You will understand yourself that why a glass cutting board is the best and why you should choose one.

Top-10 Glass Cutting Boards

Top 10 Glass Cutting Board Reviews

As we already discussed how a glass cutting board could be super-efficient and super elegant, it is time for you to choose.

But you will have to buy one first to understand how amazing they are. If you are planning to buy one but can’t understand which one would be best for you, you do not need to worry. Because, here I am today, to talk about the best glass cutting boards out there.

All of them are super-efficient, they look great, they are made of excellent quality tempered glasses. Overall, they will be the best thing in your kitchen. And I can guarantee that you will never regret buying a glass cutting board.

01. Farberware

Farberware Glass Utility Cutting Board, 12-Inch-by-14-Inch, 12" x 14", Clear

Even though there are varieties of glass cutting boards out there, nothing can beat the beauty and elegance of a precise cutting board. Nothing can go wrong with it, right? If you want nothing, not even colors on your cutting board, I present you Farberware clear glass board.

This board is made of tempered glass. The use of tempered glass makes it extra strong and breakage-proof. It is heat and scratch-resistant. It does not get knife wears.

It is stain-resistant. Because of not having porous skin, it is easy to clean. It has a smooth surface. So, it does not let food get stuck, which does not let bacteria grow. It does not catch odors. It is more hygienic for your food. The rubber bottom won’t let it slip while you work. It also saves the board from scratching the countertop.

It makes your kitchen look elegant. It gives an amazing performance. It is a bit cheaper but still a good choice for your kitchen.


  • Anti breakage
  • Anti breakage
  • Stain proof and Rubber back
  • Easy to clean
  • Safer for food
  • Comfortable size and Durable
  • Does not catch the odor
  • Sleek and light


  • Might be noisy
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02. Zeller

Zeller 26270 2-Piece Glass Cutting Board Set for Ceramic Hobs 52 x 30 cm Tomato Design by Zeller

This board is specially made for ceramics hob. If you have ceramic hobs in your kitchen, they are the best choice for you. This cutting board brightens up your kitchen as well as gives excellent performance.

It has versatile uses. It protects the induction area. It can be used to place stuff. You use it as a chopping board too. It will look excellent in your kitchen. Its bright and vibrant colors make it so gorgeous.

It is made of tempered glass. It is specially constructed to be heat-proof. It is wear and scratch-resistant. It is really easy to clean. Its surface does not breed bacteria, so it’s safe for your foods.

Its sturdy structure makes it durable. It is easy to clean. It is lightweight and thin. It will be such an attention catcher in your kitchen.


  • Bright color
  • Made of tempered glass
  • Covers the induction area properly
  • Heat and shock proof
  • Durable
  • Versatile uses


  • Can have a poor finishing
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03. Vance 20 X 16 inch

Surface Saver Vance 20 X 16 inch Black Tempered Glass Cutting Board, , 20 X 16-Inch

If you have all-black fittings in your kitchen, it can be a bit difficult to find the perfect glass surface saver for your kitchen. You might not want a clear, patterned, or painted cutting board with an elegant black kitchen counter.

But don’t worry! Vance 20×16 black tempered glass surface saver has got your black. Its elegant black color can change the whole look of your kitchen.

Black tempered glass is rarely used to make a glass cutting board. This cutting board can be installed or attached to your kitchen counter if you want to save space. You can also use this without installing it as a regular cutting board.

These tempered glass-made boards are safe for your food. They are heat, shock, and scratch-proof. Their laminated backs do not scratch the surface underneath. It is strong and lasting. For being made of glass, it is really easy to wash it. Food can not get stuck on its surface. This is why it does not produce bacteria. In does not produce any nasty smell even after using it for a long time.


  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of tempered glass
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Heat, shock and scratch proof
  • Laminated back
  • Does not slide
  • A beautiful black color
  • Does not catch the odor
  • Does not stain


  • Might be noisy
  • Might full your knife
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04. Vance 16 X 20

Vance Surface Saver 16 X 20" White Built-in Surface Saver Tempered Glass Cutting Board, White

If you are not very fond of clear glass cutting boards, but you also want to keep it simple, this cutting board can be a great addition to your beautiful kitchen.

This plain white glass cutting board gives you a simple and elegant look. It is perfect for your kitchen with white fittings. It will cover a large area so you can place more food than usual.

This cutting board is made of tempered glass. The glass is heat, shock, and scratch-resistant. It does not get wears by your kitchen knives. They are strong and durable. These glass cutting boards last for a long time if you take proper care.

It is really easy to clean them. The nonporous skin does not grow bacteria. It is safer and more hygienic for your food. Installing it to your countertop saves your countertop, makes it lasting. It also increases the beauty of your kitchen.


  • Perfect fit for a white kitchen
  • Larger in size
  • Made of tempered glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Heat, shock and scratch proof
  • Does not get knife wears
  • Versatile use
  • Safer and more hygienic


  • Might dull knife
  • Might make noises
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05. Vintage Bird

Vintage Bird Series Tempered Glass Cutting Board (Northern Cardinal)

If you are a person who loves colors like me, this cutting board is definitely for you.  Instead of a transparent surface, it has some beautiful vintage decor of Northern cardinals from a postcard on it.

It is so different in style, even from most other glass cutting boards. It gives your kitchen an elegant and vintage touch. Those who are not fans of clear glass boards, this board will be an excellent thing.

This board is made of tempered glass. This has a height of 0.6 inches.

The bottom of the cutting board has rubber corners to prevent it from slipping. It has a rippled surface. The upper part of the board is slippery, but not that much that the vegetables would slip.

It does not smell. The glass is specially made to be heat, scratch, and shockproof. The smooth surface does not grow any bacteria. It looks so good in your kitchen cabinet.


  • Vintage decor of Northern Cardinals
  • Thick tempered glass
  • Non-slip backside
  • Heat and shockproof
  • Anti breakage
  • Does not get knife scratches
  • Does not smell
  • Beautiful and elegant


  • Has a chance to dull your knife
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06. KESS Original

Kess InHouse KESS Original Candy Cane Red Chevron Cutting Board, 11.5 by 15.75-Inch

If you do not like clear glass cutting boards or anything with a specific picture on it, this board is a great option for you. It has this beautifully patterned surface, which makes it simple yet elegant.

This board is really unique. Most of the glass cutting boards are either clear or have pictures on it. But glass cutting boards decorated with patterns are rare.

It has a scratch-proof back. This prevents the cutting board from scratching the surface of your kitchen countertop. It also does not let it slip while you work.

It is made of robust tempered glass. Its non-slip back prevents sliding. You can use this gorgeous board even as a tray. It is shock and heat-resistant.

Glass cutting boards are generally easy to keep clean. This board is also dishwasher safe. So, cleaning this will literally take no time. This is a unique design by the Kess InHouse artists’.

This board has a large size of 11.5×15.75 inches. So, it is easier to put your food. It can be used to cut a large quantity together. It also comes in a smaller size for your comfort.


  • Gorgeous and unique design
  • Versatile uses
  • Heat and shockproof
  • Made of tempered glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Large in size


  • Can dull your knife
  • Can be noisy
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07. Vance 12 X 15

Vance 12 X 15 inch Gray Graphic Built-in Surface Saver Tempered Glass Cutting Board,

This is another tempered glass counter saver that will blow your mind. This comes in a comparatively smaller size. It will better for those users who wants their cutting board installed. But does not want to cover a large area with it.

This board has a stainless steel rim around it. It’s one of the basic and simple-looking glass cutting boards. You can use it without attaching it to the counter as a single cutting board too.

It will make your kitchen counter last long as you won’t be cutting anything directly on the counter surface. This amazing glass cutting board will keep your food safe from bacteria.

As it is not porous, food would not stick to its surface. It is easy to clean. It would not smell bad from prolonged use. It is scratch-proof. It will not scratch your countertop if you are using it as a separate cutting board because it has a protected laminated backside. It will also make sure the board does not slip while you work.


  • Basic and simple design
  • Stainless steel rim
  • Scratch proof
  • Heat and condensation proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with tools to install
  • Does not catch the odor


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Might dull the knife
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08. Plumeria Flowers

Glass Cutting Board Plumeria Flowers 15.25" x 11.25"

This cutting board here decorated with real photographed plumeria flower is one of the most amazing glass cutting boards out there. It can be a great choice for nature lovers.

This glass cutting board can bring colors to your kitchen. It looks so vibrant and gorgeous. The picture of Daisy flowers, which were taken from a real photograph, make it look realistic.

As this glass cutting board is made of tempered glass, it is sturdy and durable. The surface of the board is heat, shock, and scratch proof. The rubber feet make sure it does not slip away while you cut something on it.

Its stunning and gorgeous colors make it a multi-purpose tool. You can use this as a tray. You can serve food on it too. Its surface is textured. This nonporous board does not stick food to itself. So, it does not smell. Bacteria can’t grow on it. It is easy to wash.


  • Beautiful and vibrant
  • Made of tempered glass
  • Heat, scratch and shock proof
  • Rubber feet prevents from sliding
  • Does not grow bacteria
  • Wear resistance
  • Versatile uses


  • Textured surface might not always be comfortable
  • Might be noisy
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09. Vance 16 X 20 inch Almond Border

Vance 16 X 20 inch Almond Border Built-in Surface Saver Tempered Glass Cutting Board,

While talking about glass cutting boards, the first brand name that should come into anyone’s mind is Vance. And this board is one of their wonders. This board can be perfect for your countertop.

When you do not use a cutting board, you do your cutting works directly on the countertop. The knife strokes scratch your countertop and damage it permanently.

But some people do not feel like keeping a cutting board in their kitchen. Some just do not like the concept of carrying it every time they cut something.

This glass cutting board here can be a great option for them. You can install this cutting board on your kitchen countertop. It will save you from the hassle of carrying your personal cutting board while you work.

You will not have to worry about keeping your glass cutting board safe. If your kitchen has little space, you can still keep them properly. It will just be like a part of your countertop.

This cutting board is made of tempered glass. This board has a decorated, thin stainless steel rim around it.

The tempered glass is impact-proof, heatproof and scratch. This is one of the safest cutting board surfaces. It does not breed bacteria, so your food will be safe. Its smooth glass does not catch food residues, so it does not smell.

Even if your kitchen countertop got ruined for not using a cutting board, it would have your back. You will just have to cut the parts of the countertop and install it here. You will have your kitchen just as it was, with an elegant cutting board installed.


  • Made by tempered glass
  • Heat, shock and scratch proof
  • Does not break easily
  • Odor proof
  • Safer for food
  • Elegant and beautiful
  • Laminated backside


  • The rippled surface isn’t always comfortable to work on
  • Might dull the knife
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10.Vance 16 X 20″ Wild Spice

Vance Surface Saver 16 X 20" Wild Spice Built-in Surface Saver Tempered Glass Cutting Board, Wild Spice

According to me, this is one of the best tempered glass cutting board out there. And what makes it different is the beautiful design on its surface. You can not ignore this one if you love flowers. It will increase the beauty of your kitchen and make it look elegant.

It will protect your kitchen countertop. It has versatile uses. You can use this separation as a regular cutting board. Also, attaching it to your countertop will be useful. The installation tools come with it. This is so beautiful that you can use it to serve food too.

Now, let’s talk about its construction. As the name says, it is made of tempered glass. It is durable and robust. It is heat and shockproof. It is wear-resistant.

It is smooth, so really easy to clean.

Bacteria can’t grow on their surface. It does not stick food to its surface. It is more hygienic and safe for your food. It is really easy to keep it clean and fresh as it is easy to wash. The laminated back does not let it slide or scratch the surface.


  • Made of tempered glass
  • Beautiful design and Versatile uses
  • Thin, light, and Easy to clean
  • Heat and scratch proof
  • Wear resistance
  • Protects your kitchen counter
  • Laminated back
  • Does not smell


  • Might be noisy
  • Might full knives
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Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy Your Glass Cutting Board

These are some of the most amazing glass cutting boards you may buy. Even if you were not planning to buy them, after knowing about them, I am sure now you want one for yourself too. But, before you go order or buy one, here are some things you need to know to buy one of the best-tempered glass cutting boards for yourself.

These are just some pretty basic things you should know before you buy a glass cutting board. This will help you understand what qualities make glass cutting boards better. And it will also make it clear why the products I talked about are the best ones. So, here are the things you need to remember before you buy a glass cutting board.

Non-slip back

All we talked about is how smooth and flat glass is and how it makes the best cutting boards. But, have we ever thought how slippery this thing can be on our countertop?

This one question also popped up in my head when I first heard about glass cutting boards. Then I did some research. If this question is in your mind too, let me tell you more about this.

Glass is one of the smoothest elements discovered till now. So, it is really slippery, especially on a surface made of materials like marble. It is really difficult to keep a hold on to a cutting board, which is continuously slipping.

The solution is easy. Go for a glass cutting board with a non-slip back. Glass boards with non-slip blacks just have some rubber corners, which prevent them from slipping while you work. Getting a glass cutting board with these rubber corners will save you from this hassle.

Tempered glass

Tempered glasses are some high-quality glasses with a robust structure. The specialty of these glasses lies in the way they are made.

To make a glass tempered, it is heated at a tempering oven at a specific temperature for some time. Then it is cooled to quench it. In this way, the glass becomes strong and does not break easily.

When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into the smallest even pieces. Which has less chance to hurt you. On the contrary, normal glasses break into larger uneven pieces, which can hurt you easily.

As a cutting board has to go through shock and pressure, it is important to choose a glass cutting board made of tempered glass. It will be strong and easy to work on. Also, there will be less chance of an accident even if it breaks somehow.


It is really important to know the weight of your glass cutting board. Well, in this case, I won’t tell you which one is better because it depends on the use and the choice of the user. Both of them can work amazing, only if you choose the right cutting board.

So, I will just go through some things. These will help you choose the right glass cutting board for you. Glass cutting boards are mostly light.

If you buy one you want to install to your countertop, you can buy it for any weight because you would not have to hold or carry it. It will be a part of your kitchen countertop, just made of glass.

So, it would not matter even if it is a bit heavy. But, if you do not want to install your glass cutting board, it is better to go for something lighter. A lightweight glass cutting board will be easy to carry, hold and use. You can place these glass cutting boards anywhere you want.

Clear or not

As we said about the weight, it depends on how you are going to use it. Any of them can be a great tool if you choose the right tool.

A clear glass cutting board looks elegant. It is excellent for your kitchen. It gives an amazing performance. It also has a great appearance.

If your glass cutting board is patterned or decorated with anything, it will be your kitchen’s attention grabber. It will add a glimpse of variety. At the same time, you will be able to use them as trays too.

It depends on your use, how you use your kitchen. You can take any of them if it goes well with your kitchen.

It is not necessary that you know this information. It will just help you choose what is best for you. It will also let you know about the product more.

You would not have to choose one blindly. Now you can know and understand and take decisions afterward.

Some FAQ About Best Glass Cutting Boards

Are glass cutting boards safe enough?

This is one typical question; I keep getting continuously. Yes, we can say that glass cutting boards are safe enough.

The glass cutting board is a great choice. It is safer than typical wooden or bamboo cutting boards. Glass cutting boards have a nonporous skin. So, there’s no chance of food residue getting stuck there and attract bacteria.

Glass cutting boards are made with tempered glass. Tempered glass is sturdy and long-lasting. It does not break easily like any other regular glass. You would not have to worry about it breaking or cracking while you work. So, glass cutting boards are a safer option for you.

How do I clean my glass cutting board?

One of the merits of glass cutting boards is that they are really easy to maintain. Cleaning a glass cutting board is really easy.

For having a poreless surface, food residues do not get stuck at this board. This does not even get scratch marks from knife cuts. To keep your tempered glass cutting board clear as it was, you can gently wash them with warm water and dish soap. This is all you need to do. And then you will have a clean glass cutting board.

Are glass cutting boards dishwashers safe?

Like all other cutting boards, you can put the glass cutting boards in a dishwasher too.

As we stated, glass cutting boards are made of top-quality tempered glass. These glasses are so strong. They were made in a way so that they do not cause problems when you use them in a kitchen.

This is why the glass cutting boards are dishwasher safe too. You can just put them in one, and you will have your glass cutting board clean.

Final Verdict

Here was a list of the best glass cutting boards. Even though it feels different at first, you will soon notice how amazing a glass cutting board is.

Buying a glass cutting knife is one of the enormous decisions you will ever meet. Regular cutting boards are just fine. But, if you are looking for something which will look good in your kitchen and will give excellent performance too, you can go for a glass cutting board without doubting it.

This cutting board has got a beautiful appearance along with its outstanding, hassle-free experience. So, just by one, and you see the difference yourself.

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