Best Gyuto Knife to Buy in 2021 (Review & Buying Guide)

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While working as a professional chef, one thing you need the most is a good knife. For chopping or cutting as a professional chef, the best gyuto knife will be very beneficial for you.

Gyuto knife is a kitchen tool that originated from Japan. These knives are very sharp and cut to the edge. But finding the best gyuto knives can be troublesome for you.

If the knife you use isn’t sharp enough to cut through anything, you will face a lot of trouble while cooking. A gyuto knife can get you rid of this problem.

Now it’s time to know about the top 10 gyuto knife to serve your cooking purpose.

Why should you buy a gyuto knife?

These knives are thin, sharp and good looking. You will get long durability and flexibility from these. The steel of these gyuto knives are very hard, and in case of knives, the harder, the better. Not only for cooking, but these knives are also multi-functional.

You can prepare very good western dishes using this knife. The usage of this knife is versatile. You will get different design from different companies. But you have to choose which one is best for you. It serves the purpose of cutting and chopping very well.

 You can use this gyuto knife very smoothly. It ensures your cutting to the endpoint. Gyuto knife is the best choice of both professionals and newbies. If you even don’t know anything on kitchen, you will love this knife. Because this knife comes in the best possible way.

 A gyuto knife is made of outstanding material and it has a well history. Most japanese chefs are fond of this knife because of it’s good performance.

A Good knife can last for long time. It can serve you in many ways. If you buy a gyuto knife, you will get everything you need from a knife. Your regular works can be done in a special way with a gyuto knife.

Top-10 Best Gyuto Knives

Top Picks


Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife (8.25'' (210mm))

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Materials: Japanese Super Steel
  • Manufacturing: Yoshihiro Cutlery
  • Size: 8.25″
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Tojiro DP Gyutou - 8.2" (21cm)

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Materials:  Cobalt Alloy Steel
  • Manufacturing: Tojiro
  • Size: 8.20″
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JapanBargain 1552, Japanese Chef Knife Gyutou Knife Sushi Knife, Stainless Steel, Made in Japan, 7-1/4 inches

JapanBargain Japanese Chef Knife Gyutou Knife
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturing: JapanBargain
  • Size: 7¼ “
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Top-10 Best Gyuto Knife Review

Tojiro DP Gyutou - 8.2" (21cm)

A multipurpose knife is what you need in the kitchen. This knife can serve you like a multipurpose tool. The main problem that we often face about a knife is stains. Stains can dull the knife blades. But this knife is safe from stains. It’s edged, but you can use it fine with both hands. You will be able to cut beef, pork, chicken or mutton easily with this knife.

The edges of this knife are very sharp and smooth. Its core is made of cobalt alloy steel. The handle is made of reinforced, laminated substance. Tojiro is the main manufacturer of this knife. But you should not wash it with dishwashers. This knife is made in japan.

 It is a double bevel knife. The bevel is around fourteen degrees. You have to be very careful with it because it is very sharp. The handle is just perfect and comfortable for holding. You will like its design a lot. The handle is very cool and designed as western styles.

It avoids friction and gives you the perfect grip. You get it in decent packaging. The height of this knife is 35 cm. It comes in 4.5 ounces weight. The material of this knife is stainless steel. Overall, this will be a good purchase for you.



Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife (8.25'' (210mm))

This essential knife can provide you versatility. You can quickly dive, cut, chop, slice anything with this knife. From vegetables to chicken or beef, everything can be cut with this.

It is made with three layers. It gives outstanding performance and sharpness. You will also get edge retention and durability with this knife. Yoshihiro is renowned for their knives, but this is the best Yoshihiro knife among all.

The outer steel of this knife is of 16 layers. This knife looks very stylish and elegant. The handle is made with mahogany wood for durability. The built quality is well balanced for user comfort. If you are a beginner with knives, this knife can be the best company for you. It is handcrafted and made from Japan. It looks stunning too.

The height of this knife is 8 inch. It comes in 6.4 ounces weight. The material of this knife is stainless steel. It has really good specifications.



Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife (Octagonal Ambrosia Handle) (8.25" (210mm))

You will get a combination of performance, look and versatility from this knife. This is essential for cooking. It has an extended curved blade and sharp tip to chop anything smoothly.

This knife is built with 46 layers of steel. This is very well built and durable. It has the core made of VG-10 material. Hammered technology is technology to avoid friction. This knife is built with this extraordinary technology. Your food even won’t stick to your knife after cutting. This knife is protected with saya covering.

The outer design of this knife is very eye-catching and beautiful. If you want to use it in your home, you can. It is a professionally used knife for all kinds of foods. The height of this knife is 8.2 inch. It comes in 4.8 ounces weight. The material of this knife is high carbon steel. It will relieve you from a lot of trouble.



YOSHIHIRO Ice Hardened High Carbon Stainless Steel Wa Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife 9.5" (240mm)

Here is another excellent knife for you. Though it looks simple, it can serve you in a fantastic way. This knife was created in Japan, so it’s an original gyuto. The body is made of fantastic and smooth structure. It has a good angle to cut.

The blade is made of their ice-hardened series, which is known to be one of the best blades of all time. The blade is thin and very sharp that you can compare the blade with a razor.

The sharp edge extraordinarily fulfills all your cutting purposes. The handle is made of rosewood. The depth of the blade is about 2mm.

It is covered with magnolia saya. You will get stain resistance from this knife. It has extended edge retention included in it. This knife is super comfortable and provides a good grip for any sized hand. You can make it your everyday buddy.

The height of this knife is 9.5 inch. It comes in 1 pound weight. The material of this knife is stainless steel. This will be a good purchase for you if you notice the specifications.



TATARA | Japanese Chef Knife for Sushi 8 inch | Professional Gyuto VG10 Damascus | Perfect For Sushi, Vegetable, Meat Cutting | Comes With Wooden Case

Another gyuto knife to meet your needs to the point. The first look will impress you. It is an ultra-sharp knife. You can create any food with this. The sharp and thin blade allows you to cut anything you need.

It has a 9-12 degree cutting edge, which gives you the perfect shape of foods. It combines hardness and flexibility altogether. This knife is very easy to maintain. You will find it very useful whether you use it personally or professionally.

You will get a fantastic grip from its handle. This knife is made with an eco-friendly product that ensures quality. You will get it in a case made of pinewood. So, it won’t need any further assistance to store it.

This company provides a money-back guarantee if you find any problem with their product. This is a perfectly made product to save your kitchen. If you are looking for the best Japanese gyuto knives, it will fulfill your needs.

This knife comes in a good height and weight. It comes in 2 pounds weight. The material of this knife is high carbon stainless steel. Overall, this will also be a good purchase for you.



Kai Seki Magoroku Damascus Gyutou Chef Knife 180mm (AE-5204)

Here is another unique knife you will fall in love with. The handle of this knife is made with laminated wood. You will get a very ergonomic design from this knife. This knife is made of extraordinary value. This can be used for numerous purposes.

The body of this knife is very smooth and well structured. The edge of this knife is very sharp, so you have to be super careful while using it. You won’t be able to use it in hard foods.

It works best for cutting and chopping meats, chickens and even beef. It is the best knife for toughness and durability. It can resist stains. This knife has humidity and weather resistant property. It won’t ruin because of oxidation.

This knife is really well functional and multipurpose. It is best for use in professional purposes. But even if you are not a professional chef, you will love it for your household works.

The height of this knife is 31 cm. It comes in 10 ounces weight. This amazing knife is created of high carbon stainless steel. You will get this at a reasonable price.



Mercer Culinary MX3 Premium San Mai VG-10 Steel Core Blade Gyuto Chef Knife, 240mm 9 1/2 Inch

Another good to go knife for you. It has an outer layer made of high carbon coating. It is made of stainless steel. It has a lifetime warranty for you.

The edge is angled with 14 degrees. On the other hand, it provides super balanced property. It is ergonomically designed. You won’t have to worry about its further maintenance.

This knife looks very thin and stylish. You can cut and prepare any kind of food as you like. The blades are sharp as a razor. The handle is made of Delrin polymer, which serves you water-resistant property.

This knife provides extreme strength and temperature resistance too. It is the most demanding knife to the professionals. The height of this knife is 9.5 inches. It comes in 1 pound weight. The material of this knife is high carbon stainless steel. This knife is a highly made product.



Fujitora saku Gyuto 210mm FU-808

This is a chef knife. This knife has three layers. The handle is made of stainless steel. It has sharp and angular edges. This knife can cut through meat, chicken, even beef. You can use this knife even if you are not a professional chef.

This knife provides great comfort. It is really a long-lasting product. This knife is highly recommended by professional chefs. This knife is very cost-effective. It will give you the opportunity to use it for versatile ways.

If you are searching for the best Japanese gyuto knives,  you can keep it on your list. This knife is able to serve you in all the ways that you want. If you want a knife with both performance and look, you will surely like this knife. This knife is lightweight. It can prevent rust and stains. The sharpness of this knife will amaze you.

This company provides excellent quality in their knives. So, if you are worried about your knife’s quality, stop worrying. This knife is coated by using cladding technologies. The angle of its blade is 50/50.

The height of this knife is 210 mm. It comes in 6.3 ounces weight. The material of this knife is stainless steel. It will be a good buy for you.



JapanBargain 1552, Japanese Chef Knife Gyutou Knife Sushi Knife, Stainless Steel, Made in Japan, 7-1/4 inches

The blade is made of molybdenum, which protects the blade from getting rust and stain. The edge is very sharp that it will scare you. You will get the most control and comfort with this knife. The handle is very suitable to use roughly.

If it becomes dull, you can resharpen it easily. The handle is made of wood. The wood won’t damage easily. The sharpness of this knife can serve you in multiple ways. You will be able to cut anything within seconds. But you can’t wash it with a regular dishwasher.

You have to wash it with your hands and only water to prevent damage. Make sure to be extra careful while washing it because it can be so dangerous because of its sharp angles. If you don’t be extra careful, you may injure yourself.

You will get this knife so sharp and ready. The blade is very thin. The blade is soft but efficient. This knife is edged. These are of the double bevel. You will get this knife at a really affordable price. This will serve you as an outstanding starter knife for your kitchen.

In your kitchen, you need good looks and quality products. But if the product comes with only good looks, it won’t serve your purpose. This gyuto knife comes with both looks and service. Many professional Chefs use this knife for their regular usage.

You can chop or cut anything with this knife. The height of this knife is 12 inches. It comes in 6.4 ounces weight. The material of this knife is stainless steel. So it is one of the budget pick best sushi knife



ZHEN Japanese VG-10 67 Layers Damascus Steel Gyuto Chef Knife 8-inch

The look of this knife can catch your eyes in the first look. It is very well designed. The color is matte and stylish. Moving to the specifications, it can serve you as a pro knife. Wherever you use it, you will get the best service ever.

 It can be cut as a multi-functional knife. This knife is made with top quality steel, and it has stainless properties. This knife is very long-lasting. It provides edge-retention quality as well. You can sharpen it again if it becomes dull after constant use.

If you face any defect, the company provides a warranty for this knife. It will be the best chef knife for you. The height of this knife is 8 inches. It comes in 7.2 ounces weight. The material of this knife is stainless steel.



How to take care of a gyuto knife?

Gyuto knives are multi-functional and durable. But if you don’t take care of it properly, it may damage the quality of the knife. Let’s know-how can you take care of a gyuto knife:

  1. Don’t wash your knife with a dishwasher. The dishwasher can cause stains and make your knife less durable. To avoid stain, wash your knife with water and specific washers.
  2. Further maintenance of the knife can make it more durable than usual.
  3. Wash it properly after using it.
  4. Don’t try to cut hard surfaces. It dulls the blade.
  5. Try to resharpen the knife often. You can sharpen it yearly or monthly if needed. But don’t sharpen it too much, it can make the blade thin, and it may break. You can use water stones to sharpen them.
  6. Don’t give it to your children.
  7. To avoid damage in the handle, keep the handle dry.
  8. Cut in a specific way. If you don’t know how to cut, follow some tutorials. Rough cutting can damage the knife.
  9. Store your knife in a separate place than storing it with all of your tools.

Why Should I Choose a Gyuto Knife?

There are many directions to this question. Here are the few reasons why you should choose a gyuto knife:

  • They are made of extraordinary value and quality.
  • The blade of these knives is very sharp.
  • These knives are super easy to use daily. Especially if you are a professional chef, it can ease your everyday pain.
  • These knives cut so well.
  • The handle of this knife is built with outstanding quality.
  • You will get an extraordinary design from these knives.
  • These knives are good for everything.
  • If you buy the best gyuto knives, it can serve you in numerous ways.
  • A regular knife can be so ordinary for you to use in versatile ways. Especially if you are a chef, you need to use a knife for different purposes. An excellent gyuto knife helps you to use it in different ways than a regular knife.

The ultimate buyer’s guide to the for Top Gyuto Knife

You must have faced such a situation, and You buy something, then you see that it has problems that you can’t deal with. If you want to avoid this kind of situation, then you have to be concerned about some things while buying a gyuto knife.

If you do that, then you don’t have to deal with those problems. Now I am going to give you a reminder about those things.

● Materials

The first thing you should think about is material. How good a product’s materials are!- it matters a lot. Most of the things of a product depend on the materials of a product. So be very sure about the materials of the product you are buying.

● Quality

Quality and brand matter a lot. If the product doesn’t provide good quality and doesn’t come from a good brand that it won’t be good enough. So check the qualities and brand of the knife before buying it.

● Durability

Along with checking other things, you must have to check the durability of the knife. It matters a lot. You can check people’s reviews and check the warranty card for getting knowledge about the durability of the product.

● Budget

You have to select the budget wisely. If you limit the budget very low, then you can’t get a good product because good things are worth the price. If your motive is buying the best gyuto knife under $100, you can choose from the products I have given above.

● Looks-

Presentation is super important, right? Then besides having a knife with other features, make sure your knife got good looks.

● Multiple-use

If a knife isn’t sharp enough, then for what it can be used? So sharpness is the most important thing about a knife. Check the sharpness of the knife before buying the knife.

● Easy-Usage

Check the handle of your knife properly. Hold it in that way, in which you are going to hold it while working. If it feels comfortable to you, then go with it. If not, then the knife you are holding is not for you.

● Stainless property

Make sure that your knife comes with the stainless guarantee. It is important. If it gets stains, the knife won’t be durable, and it can’t serve you well.

● Weight

If it’s weight is too heavy, then you will never be able to work with it. Your hand will feel the unstoppable pain. To check if your knife is light enough for you or not. Buying a lightweight knife can protect you from fatigue. You will be able to work extra hours with a light knife.

● Adhesion

If your knife is not adhesive enough with the handle, then it can fall any time and cause huge accidents. So check the adhesion properly.

● Parts

Though a knife is a very little thing, but its importance is huge. So be very careful about every part of a knife while buying it. Sometimes there is a mismatch in the blade and handle. The blade can fall off if it’s not properly attached. Check for the parts very carefully.

Some Frequently Asked Question About the Gyuto Knife

Before buying something, you must be curious about it with lots of questions. But you don’t find any proper answers from the shopkeepers. So now I am going to tell you about some frequently asked questions and their answers. Here you go.

Generally, a Gyuto knife is used on professional premises. As in restaurants or food stalls. It is known as the “chef’s knife.” While preparing vegetables, it is used for chopping the vegetables.

Yeah, it is sharp enough for cutting vegetables and other stuff. It is a Japanese type of knife which is made with enough sharpness.

No, you don’t have to make it sharp again and again. It is a knife with good quality that works properly for several times without getting sharped.

A good knife obviously shows the quality of proper sharpness. It makes clean and Swift cuts. It can cut foods with one chop easily. The gyuto knife shows all these qualities. So yes, we can call it a good knife.

Yes, the gyuto knife is very versatile. You don’t have to use it just for cutting vegetables and foods. You can use it on other premises too. So we can call it a versatile product.

Thinner, harder and sharper are the best trio for a knife. You can’t call a knife good without these qualities. The Gyuto knife includes all of these qualities. That’s why it is too good.

Most probably, yes. The Gyuto knife is designed in a way that it cuts the vegetables in the thinnest slices. It is also known as a beef cutter. And we can find it from professionals, for its features and qualities.

Yes, you can. These are very much suitable for regular cutting. Your everyday troubles will be gone with this.

These knives are made and originated in Japan mainly. Japanese chefs just love to use this knife for preparing different cuisines.

A knife is our regular kitchen friend. If you are a chef, it’s even way more necessary for you. Rather than an ordinary knife, a gyuto knife can serve all your purposes. These are multi-functional. That’s why you should buy a gyuto knife.

Final Verdict

You can’t deny the fact that the Gyuto knife is essential for us. Though it is mostly used in restaurants or professional premises, you can use it in various ways. You can use it as a cooking supplement for your daily life.

If you are a beginner in cooking, then it will help you a lot in your cooking and literally will save you time. Besides using it in your daily life, you can use it on adventurous journeys. Cutting woods won’t be a significant matter for it. So when you are in a jungle, on an adventurous trip, you can carry it with you.

So, you know how useful a gyuto knife is if you have read this article thoroughly to this point. Now you are ready to buy the best gyuto knife as a piece of magic for your kitchen.

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