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Best Knife Bag for Chef in 2021 that’s perfect Knife Storage Solution

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Carrying your knives with care and safety can be a huge responsibility, but not with one of the best knife bag for chef. We know that chef knives need to be handled and maintained with great care and cautiousness.

It is necessary to keep your knife working. A chef knife carrier is the only thing that can be used to store your silverware, keep your knives safe. It also prevents your knife blade from being deformed.

It keeps a knife away from moist, so it stays rust-free. It also does not let your blade get scratched, stained, or bent. And that is why today, we will talk about chef knife bags and everything about them.

3 Best Knife Bag for Chef: Comparison

Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag, Elastic and Expandable 10 Pockets, Adjustable/Detachable Shoulder Strap, Travel-Friendly Chef Knife Case Roll By Aaron Leather (Caramel, Leather)
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Materials: Leather
  • Manufacturing: Aaron Leather goods
  • Capacity:
  • 10 Knife Pocket + Zipper pocket + Suede Pouch
  • Color: Caramel
  • Features: Adjustable/Detachable Shoulder Strap, Travel-Friendly,Elastic And Stretchable Knife Pockets, and Durable Zipper Pouch
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Mercer Culinary Double-Zip 17-Pocket Knife Case
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Manufacturing: Mercer Tool Corp.
  • Capacity: 17-knives
  • Color: Black & Red
  • Features: Shoulder Strap, Zippered Compartments
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Chef’s Knife Roll Bag (14 slots) Holds 10 Knives PLUS Meat Cleaver, Utility Pocket, AND 4 Tasting Spoons! Our Durable Knife Carrier Includes Shoulder Strap and Name Card Holder. (Knives Not Included)

Chef’s Knife Roll Bag 

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Materials: 600 Denier Polyester Canvas PVC Coated
  • Manufacturing: Noble Home & Chef
  • Capacity: 15-knives
  • Color: Black
  • Features: Handle and Shoulder Strap, Zippered Compartments
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What is the best chef knife bag?

A knife bag can be one of the essential things for a chef. Firstly, chef knives are high maintenance and need to be handled with care, even on the go.

And storing your knives appropriately altogether during a journey can be challenging. Secondly, chef knives are fragile. To keep them safe from moisture, scratches, and stain, a chef knife bag is necessary.

If you buy a chef knife bag keeping some facts like its texture, durability, number of pockets, the material it is made of, or if it has a handle and shoulder strap or not, you will be able to choose just the right knife bag for your use.

Why do you need the best chef knife bag?

A knife is one of the essential tools for a chef. A chef is always particular about their knives. Knives are like weapons to them. They want their knives to be perfect and comfortable. If they are not comfortable using the knife, they would not be able to work with them.

And after a chef buys his knives, it needs high maintenance and care. Even taking care of these chef knives require a skill.

And a chef would always want his knives to be safe, away from dirt, moisture, at a place where the blades would not have a chance to get scratches, stains, bending. That can be arranged in the house.

But, how would you keep your knives this safe and store them with this much care when you are out? You might want them to take to your culinary school. You even might need a barbecue party or parties like that.

That is when the use of a knife bag becomes clear. It will allow you to carry your favorite chef knives with great care. It would not let them get any kind of damages. And this is why you will need the best chef knife bag.

Top-10 Knife Bag for Chef

Knife Bag Reviews

I have already said so many things about these chef knife bags. But if I keep talking, I still would not be able to make you understand how amazing these chef knife bags are. And to realize that you will have to buy one yourself.

Different products work differently for everyone. And to find out how a chef knife would help, how would you use them, the only way is to use them. Because no one would understand your comfort, cooking habits, and the excellent care of your knives like you do.

And that is why we are today to talk about the top ten chef knife bags out there. They would help you to choose the best chef knife bag according to your need and use.

01. Aaron Leather

Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag, Elastic and Expandable 10 Pockets, Adjustable/Detachable Shoulder Strap, Travel-Friendly Chef Knife Case Roll By Aaron Leather (Caramel, Leather)

After working years after years with leather, Aaron has achieved perfection, and superfine finished work. The knife rolls they make with their best craftsmanship and vintage-styled knife rolls can be the best thing for a chef to store their knives.

Aaron’s knife roll has a compartment to store different kinds of your kitchen tools like knives, various chef utensils, paring, knife sharpeners, scissors, etc. it stays tight when we roll it up, which keeps the blades safe and secured.

This knife roll is handmade from buffalo calf leather, which is exceptionally good in quality. It is carefully stitched so that the shape does not get ruined. It has a strong structure and lasts long.

 You can use it just to store knives or to carry your knives around.

The knife pockets inside are stretchy and elastic. They hold onto your knives and kitchen tools firmly and prevent them from falling off of the roll. It also contains a zipper pouch to protect smaller devices.

This knife roll protects the knives. They do not let the structure of the blades to get damaged. They prevent the cutters from scratches, spots, or deformation.

It has a handle to carry it with comfort. The shoulder strap on this knife roll is detachable so that you can use the roll in both ways. The knife roll comes with one year of warranty.


  • Made with high-quality leather
  • Detachable shoulder strap for comfort
  • Durable
  • Stretchy, elastic pockets for tight holds


  • The leather might be defective in times


Chef Knife Roll Bag Carrying Case Holds 10 Knives PLUS Zipper for Culinary Tools – Knives Not Included

If you carry your chef knives around a lot, this chef knife carrier from EVER PRIDE can help you. They are specially made travel- friendly to ensure the highest safety for your knife on the go.

This knife roll has both handles and shoulder straps, which makes it so much easy to carry. If you are a cooking school student or a culinary student, this knife roll can be suitable for bringing your knives every day.

This roll can also help to carry your knives when you go camping or barbecuing somewhere. This knife roll contains a place to store ten utensils of different sizes, such as ceramic, paring, scissors, carving, and other kitchen tools. This makes this knife roll super convenient.

This knife roll also has compartments to store other knife-related tools such as knife sharpening rods and stones. The roll stays tightly when buckled up. This gives the knives extra protection, and they do not fall off.

You can store any knife up to a height of 18” in this knife roll. The roll is made with puncture-resistant materials so that the knives do not cut the roll.  As they do not cut easily, they last a long time. And all of these make them one of the best chef knife rolls.


  • Puncture and cut safe
  • Protects knife from moisture, scratches, and bending
  • Stays tightly rolled when buckled
  • Compartments for knives of different size


  • Not waterproof

03. Noble Home and Chef Store

Chef Knife Bag (21+ Slots) is Padded, Includes a Padlock, Holds 21 Knives PLUS Your Knife Steel, a Zipped Tool Pouch, and More! Our Professional Line Knife Carrier Includes Name Card Holder (Bag Only)

If you’re also a picky person like me, knife rolls might not be the best choice for you. And that is when you should go for a knife bag. Even though knife rolls are made with enough safety, the tight roll and elastic pockets would not let the knife fall off.

Still, the fear of a chef knife falling onto my leg while carrying it does not go away. So, for people who are too concerned about safety, this bag can be a great thing for them. This bag contains a robust interlocking zipper. It also has a padlock of three digits to keep your knives extra safe.

Chef knives are costly. So, locking them up is the only way you can keep them safe. The bag does not contain any picture of the knives on the outer cover so that no one knows that you are carrying expensive knives. It prevents your blade from getting stolen.

It has 21 pockets for your knives. There is a covered compartment for your tools like a knife sharpener. There is also another zipped pouch to store other small devices.

The padded cover provides extra protection to your knives. The primary materials used in the construction of this bag are ballistic nylon and leather. These give the bag durability and keeps it as it was, even after years of use.

The bag is cut and puncture-proof, so the knives cannot cut through the bag. The adjustable shoulder straps make the bag super comfy to carry. You can adjust the straps to the size of your shoulder. Overall, this is one of the best knife bags for chefs.


  • Three-digit padlock system
  • Twenty-one pockets for knife
  • Durable and sturdy texture
  • Puncture-proof padded cover


  • Might be a bit too expensive

04. Noble Home

Chef’s Knife Roll Bag (14 slots) Holds 10 Knives PLUS Meat Cleaver, Utility Pocket, AND 4 Tasting Spoons! Our Durable Knife Carrier Includes Shoulder Strap and Name Card Holder. (Knives Not Included)

This knife bag can hold a vast collection of knives. Knife rolls are more comfortable to use. They are lighter to carry too. If you want your knife carrier to be simple but effective,  I will suggest you the Chef’s knife roll bag from Noble Home and chef store.

Like the padded knife carrier bags, they also maintain their quality in their knife rolls. Their knife roll can store ten knives with the largest size being 18″. A sizeable zipped pouch bag is provided to store more extensive kitchen tools like scissors, meat cleavers, etc.

There are also specific compartments to store spoons. You can carry almost all of your kitchen essentials in this one roll. The roll bag has both a detachable shoulder strap and a handle, making it easy to move no matter how you want to take it.

The material used to make the roll cover is 600 denier canvas woven out of polyester, giving the knife roll a rich texture. It gets more durable and suitable for daily use. The knives stored cannot puncture or cut the roll no matter how sharp they are.

 The knife roll has a slot where you can store your business cards and name tags, helping you find out your knife roll. The knife roll had a double canvas cover with a strong zipper to have no accident chance. It is lightweight, so easy to use.


  • Both handle and shoulder straps
  • Canvas cloth structure for durability
  • Double cover with metal chain
  • Puncture and cut-proof


  • Might be a bit expensive

05. Becken Leather Co.

Chef Knife Roll Bag - Handmade Waxed Canvas and Leather Knife Bag Stores 10 Knives + Zipper Pocket and Shoulder Strap (Dark Brown)

The chefs who have to carry their knife carriers around a lot can be the best chef knife. Carrying the knives out in the rain can be great cause they are waterproof. The waterproof waxed canvas and cotton canvas gives the knife roll durability.

Waxed canvases are breathable. They do not let the knives get moist and later rust. As the waxed texture is smooth, it catches less dirt. And when it does, it is easy to clean and does not take much time. You can wipe the off with a soft cloth soaked in cold water.

This knife roll is a perfect combination of style, quality, and comfort. The leather buckle tightly holds the knives and does not let them slide and fall off. So there is less chance of any accident happening.

Like other knife carrier bags out there, both handles and shoulder straps make it easy and comfortable to carry everywhere. It is perfectly suitable for your cooking class to your friend’s backyard summer party.

The zipped small compartment on the roll’s side can store other kitchen tools like scissors, peelers, garlic press, grater, meat thermometer, sharpener, etc. It can store up to ten knives with the highest length of seventeen inches.


  • Waterproof design
  • Durable and sturdy structure
  • The leather buckle keep the knives in space perfectly
  • Has a zipped pocket for smaller tools


  • The straps might not feel robust enough to hold the whole bag

06. The Ultimate Edge

The Ultimate Edge 2001-EDB Deluxe Chef Knife Case, Black

This is another padded knife carrier bag to carry your chef knives with comfort and elegance. The deep black padded cover provides protection and safety to your knives.

This knife cover bag has so many pockets and compartments that you use it as a whole bag. This bag has a large capacity for storing knives. It can hold 18 utensils.

The pockets in the knife compartment are double stitched and elasticized. It ensures a firm grip on the knives to not slip off even inside the zipped bag.

Five other zipped compartments contain the smallest details like business card holders, pen or pencil holders, etc. These smaller intricate parts make the bag perfectly suitable, even using it as a whole different bag.

The reinforced padded handle does not only helps you to hold it comfortably, but it also does not hurt your hand after having the bag for a long time.

The D-patterned rings on the sides are for the detachable shoulder straps you can put on or off according to your comfort. The shoulder strap is also padded, which does not hurt your shoulder after long uses.

This lightweight padded knife bag will be comfortable to use and a great place to store your knives. The material is breathable. It does not let your knife stay moist and get rust. It saves knives from bending, scratching, or getting stained. It keeps your blades fresh and usable.


  • Padded cover
  • Padded handle and shoulder strap
  • Double-stitched knife pockets
  • Five different compartments


  • Some might find so many pockets challenging to use

07. Messermeister

Messermeister 34-Pocket Chef's Satchel with Large Storage Pocket, Black

If you want your knives perfectly zipped and safe, these bags from Messermeister can be the best knife case for your use. The primary material used to make this knife bag is 600D polyester, which is more than robust enough for a bag to store and carry kitchen knives.

The knife carrier bag has a PVC back part. It has one of the largest capacity to store knives. This means that this knife bag will be more beneficial to keep your blades than carrying it around.

If you are a culinary student or studied that, you must already know that it is not the only thing you use or need for your work. This bag here is not only a bag to store or carry knives. It has an individual compartment to keep your other culinary tools.

So, you get all of your needed tools stored safely altogether. The bag is zipped. The zippers are of commercial grade. So, they last longer and give a better experience. They do not come off when you pull them and ensure comfortable use.

The knife pockets are elasticized to have a firm hold on to your knife and secure it to the place. Two of the thirty bags are loose to store other kitchen tools you need.

Chef knives are expensive and high maintenance. The bag you carry them in should also be heavy duty. And precisely this is the reason you can trust this knife bag. This is the best carrier bag for any chefs of any level.


  • Thirty compartments
  • Different compartment for culinary tools
  • 600D polyester body
  • PVC back part


  • Might not be the best thing to carry knives

08. Mercer Culinary

Mercer Culinary Double-Zip 17-Pocket Knife Case

If you are a fan of bags rather than rolls to store your knives, this knife case from Mercer can be the best thing for you to use. Mercer is a known name for making a culinary tool for so long. They hold this name even today, and you can see it in all of their products.

This knife case for Mercer is made of heavy-duty materials to make it durable and sturdy. There is enough ample space allowance in the knife case.

On the inside of the case, there are zipped compartments with full width. Some zipped pockets are on the outside of the chance to store small regular things. It can work as a whole bag because of its storage space for other everyday items.

Double safety straps are locked into place with snap lock. This does not let the bag fall off of your shoulder because of extra weight and hold it right into place.

You can attach the shoulder strap according to your comfort. It is adjustable too. If you are using it, you can adjust the length of the knife according to your use. There is a business card or ID card holder, which makes it easy to recognize your bag.


  • Durable and robust structure
  • Enough zipped compartments
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable shoulder strap


  • Perfect for chefs only, might not be that suitable for regular use

09. MiM Houston

MiM Houston Chef Knife Bag | Natural Leather Knife Roll W/ Adjustable Shoulder Strap | Handmade

This knife bag gives you the elegant look of the leather. At the same time, it is durable and a perfect choice for your daily use.

The bag is made with a mixture of both natural cowhide leather and micro leather. This mixture is more like a fusion version but better than regular leather. And you can tell that by the look of this fantastic knife bag. Even it starts looking better with getting old.

This kind of leather also increases the knife bag’s quality, making it more robust and durable. And it is perfect for your regular use when it has a strong structure. The knife looks perfect with the neat, even stitches. It contains large zipped pockets for your knives and a medium-sized pocket for your recipes and other regular stuff.

The roll bag contains an adjustable, reinforced shoulder strap. This shoulder strap is also detachable, so you can use it whenever you need to carry it comfortably. This knife bag an excellent thing for all chefs and cooks to keep their weapons altogether.


  • Use of natural Cowhide leather
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Reinforced shoulder strap for extra comfort
  • Excellent quality stitches


  • Might not be the best option for regular people

10. Wüsthof Deluxe

Wüsthof Deluxe 17 Pocket Professional Chef's, Cordura

This knife bag made of Cordura is super durable. It can be the best thing to protect your expensive kitchen cutleries and store them at a nice place altogether. The semi-sturdy cover is perfectly interlocked with a snap lock. It is also wrapped Around with a flap with Velcro for extra protection and safety.

The cover is puncture-proof, so the knives do not cut off the body itself. It contains 17 elasticized compartments to store your utensils. It is the best knife bag for pastry chef knives, bread knives, peeling knives, or any kitchen knife you use. The elastic pockets hold onto the knives and do not let them fall.

There are plenty of additional pockets of different sizes where you can store other small tools or everyday things you need, such as small notepads, recipes, pens, business card holders or name tags, etc.

The sturdy handle is comfortable to hold and carry the bag. This bag weighs nearly three pounds. The double fold compartment seems to have almost all kinds of facilities your knives will need. It will protect your favorite cutleries with so much care.


  • 17 elasticized compartments
  • Made of rugged Cordura
  • Strong, Comfortable handle
  • Many small pockets inside and out


  • Does not come with a shoulder strap

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Knife Bag for Chef

After all, we talked about the best chef knife bag . You must want one for your own. A few things will help you choose the one knife bag perfect for your use among all these knife bags. These few facts are not necessary for buying a knife bag.

But it will help you understand exactly what things make a chef knife “the best.” It is more like an analysis of the characteristics of these knife bags.

The more you know about these characteristics elaborately, the easier it would be to choose the right knife.

It points out how one characteristic or specification works and then lets you choose according to your habit and comfort. So, let us jump right into the things we need to know to buy a chef knife bag-

Padded straps and handles

Most chef knives generally come with a handle and shoulder strap for making it easier to carry. It gets more comfortable to carry the bag if the handles and straps are padded.

Padded straps or handles of knives do not hurt your hands or shoulder if you hold them for a long time. That is why it is better to go for knife bags with padded handles.

Double-stitched for extra strength

If the knife bag’s pockets and compartments are double stitched, it gets more sturdy. So, there will be less chance of the pockets coming off or tearing.

The elasticized compartments have a stronghold on the knives. So, there is less chance of accidents.

The number of pockets

You don’t need to need a bunch of pockets to store your knives. But your knife bag will be easier to use if it contains pockets according to the number of your blades.

A knife bag can come with different capacities to store knives. Buy the one according to your need.

Sturdiness in structure

Your knife bag cover needs to be strong enough. As their primary purpose is protecting these high maintenance knives of yours, you will want them to protect your blades from moisture, scratches, stain, etc.


Knife bags are used to protect your knives on the go. You need them so that you can keep your blades safe and altogether, while on the go. As you carry your knives on these bags, their weight is an essential thing you will need to keep in mind.

Always try to buy the ones with less weight. These kinds of knife bags should be easy to carry even with the knives inside. So it is essential to choose lightweight bags for your comfort.

FAQ about the chef knife bag

Can You Bring a Knife in a Checked Bag Internationally?

The TSA rules allow you to carry your knives internationally if they are in a checked bag. TSA only lets you take sharp objects or fly in an airplane with the sharp objects if they are correctly packed.

In TSA’s safety checks, a knife bag would be permitted to fly with you as they will meet TSA’s primary requirement, keeping your sharp objects well packed inside. A knife bag is the safest and most secure way to pack your knives so you can fly with them internationally.

How to wash knife bag?

Every day, your clean or semi-clean knives would be stored in your knife bag. So, it will need a good wash once in a while.

First, you will have to clean any loose dirt, debris, or dust from the knife cover’s upper part. Then you can use any light detergent and cold water to wash off the bag. Then after drying them properly, they will look and smell fresh like again.

Knife rolls, on the other hand, are made of leather or waxed canvas. They do not need much cleaning, as the dirt cannot stick to their surface.  You will just have to wipe off the knife roll with a damp cloth, and you will be fine.

What Are Knife Bags & Rolls?

Even though both of these products have one sole purpose, and that is to save your knife and store them with care even on the go. But there are some differences between a knife bag and a knife roll.

A knife bag is just a bag but with more protection and paddings on the back and handles to make them more accessible and more comfortable to carry. They are made with robust materials. The cover of a knife bag needs to be cut-proof so that it does not tear.

On the other hand, knife rolls are generally made with top-quality leather. They might contain chains or not. It also has pockets for knives and other tools. You have to roll them and buckle them to shut them down. They generally come with both handles and shoulder straps.

Why do I need a Knife Bag?

The primary purpose of a knife bag is to keep your knives safe while you’re carrying them.

A kitchen knife needs skill and care to handle. They need a lot of maintenance. You can’t keep them its moisture cause it rusts them. You cannot keep them dull. You need to keep them sharpened. You will need to keep them in shape and not let them bend, chip, or break.

Only a knife bag or knife roll would ensure these safety measures. It will keep your knives organized safely together. And that is why you need a knife bag.

What are the advantages of a knife bag?

A knife bag protects your chef knives while on the go. Kitchen knives or chef knives are costly. So, you need to take great care of them. Cause you would not be buying these knives every day.

A knife bag ensures this maintenance to your knives even when you are out traveling with your knives. It makes them a lot easier to carry.

Final Verdict

Today we talked about various kitchen knife bags and knife rolls. They are one of the most important things for a chef to protect their knives. The benefits of a chef knife bag cannot be counted. This article would help you to choose the best knife bag for Chef.

As the knife bags have different characteristics and specifications. By knowing about them, you will understand which knife bag to choose. It will also make you know which qualities you need in your knife bag.

As you have read this article already, you can now go and grab the knife bag you like to protect your weapons.  So, go and collect them before the stock ends.

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