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The 10 Best Knife Block Set Reviews in 2021 ( Comparision and Buyer’s Guide )

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A single Chef’s Knife works as a conductor’s baton to run the kitchen orchestra. However, the knife block set itself is a choir that can turn any prep job in tune.

Choosing a single knife is daunting, so I know how formidable it will be to select a block full of different knives. To save you from this exhaustion, I have reviewed and picked the 10 best knife block sets for your kitchen this year.

Every essential factor like blade materials, handle, block material, types of knives, sharpness, and balance has been considered closely. I have also talked with some of the most veteran and famous chefs to know their opinion. Hey, don’t feel left out. A major portion of the opinions was from the home chefs, both men, and women. 

So one thing is very obvious, this is one of the most comprehensive best knife set reviews. And it will be your complete guide to select a high-quality knife set for the next get together at home. 

3 Best Knife Block Set : Comparision

Editor’s Choice
Cangshan TN1 Swedish Sandvik  17-Piece Knife Block Set,
Cangshan TN1 Swedish Sandvik 17-Piece Knife Block Set,
  • Materials: German X50CrMoV15 Steel
  • Manufacturing: Cangshan Cutlery Company
  • Size: 17-piece
  • Certified: NSF
  • Warranty: Lifetime
Best Seller
Mercer Culinary Genesis Santoku Forged Block Set
Mercer Culinary Genesis Santoku Forged Block Set
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturing: Mercer Culinary
  • Size: 6-piece
  • Certified: NSF
  • Warranty: Lifetime
Budget Pick
Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Cutlery Knife Block Set
Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Cutlery Knife Block Set
  • Materials: high-carbon, no-stain steel
  • Manufacturing: Calphalon
  • Size: 6-piece
  • Certified: —
  • Warranty: Lifetime

How to choose a good knife set?

Very simple! Go over the buying guide, and I can guarantee you will pick the best knife set. No matter which corner of the world you are in, that guide will lead you to the most perfect set for your kitchen.

You need to consider knife types, block material, blade construction, made of the handle, bevel angle and sharpness, and weight while buying a knife set. There will be several options to pick from, but it’s your preference that matters.

The secret of any successful buy lies in aligning your preference with the available options. In the case of the knife block set, I have discussed every option for you with details. Now you have to match your preference with them.

What is the best kitchen knife set on a budget?

Knife sets are not a very cheap kitchen tool. You are getting types of knives for smooth functions in your kitchen. So it is very evident that the cost will be a little high. 

However, I have covered both the pricey and affordable sets suitable for a wide range of buyers with diverse preferences. Pro-level chefs or restaurant owners won’t mind breaking their savings for a high-end set. However, beginners or home cooks will look for affordability.

According to my research, the Calphalon Classic Self-sharpening Knife Block Set is the most affordable one the chefs with any skill level. It includes almost every knife a block set can have, and the price is surprisingly inexpensive.

01. Calphalon Classic Self-sharpening Knife Block Set ( Best knife set for a great price )

Calphalon Classic Self-sharpening Knife Block Set
Calphalon Classic Self-sharpening Knife Block Set

One of the best things about this high-end knife set is the labeled handles. You will get an 8-inches chef knife, a 6-inches utility knife, a 5-inches Santoku knife, and a 3.5-inches Paring knife. Each of the knives is labeled with engraved numbers at the back bolster.

Blonde rubberwood block is perfect for moisture control and keeps the knives and kitchen shear safe. The 45-degree angle of the knife slots saves space in your kitchen with a stunning rustic look.

Each of the knives is made through forging from high carbon stainless steel. So, you can be free of any tension about the durability and longevity of the blades. Despite the limited number of knives, no prep job in your kitchen cannot be executed with these super sixes.

SharpIn ceramic sharpener ensures honing of the edges each time you take out or put in the knife inside the wooden block. This way, the blades will always be ready to go no matter what cutting or slicing job is waiting ahead.


  • Sharpen ceramic sharpener
  • High carbon steel blade
  • 6 different types of knife


  • The price tag is high for a set of 6 knife

02. Mercer Culinary Genesis Santoku Forged Block Set ( Best Seller Knife Set )

Mercer Culinary Genesis Santoku Forged Block Set
Mercer Culinary Genesis Santoku Forged Block Set

The see-through knife block from Mercer Culinary accommodates 5-knife with a bonus one. The vertical position of the knife holder will save space in your kitchen, and the futuristic look will add an extra dimension to the interior.

All five knives come with high-carbon German steel. This composition will give you flexibility, along with sheer longevity. More than 30-years of knife crafting from the house of Mercer Culinary ensure the long-time use of every knife.

Diversity and utility is the key to this high-end knife set. The number of knives may be limited, but they can take care of any kitchen workload. The combination of chefs, boning, bread, paring, and utility knives goes perfectly with the need for any personal or professional kitchen. If you need more-the a bonus serrated knife is there for you.

The forged blades of each knife offer a razor-sharp edge for any cutting or slicing. Full tang construction within the Santoprene handle ensures a balanced and firm grip. A partial bolster is sufficient to provide both safety and freedom to work. The bolster gives you the option to use the full potential of the blade. It is one of the best knives set under 200


  • High carbon German steel
  • Ergonomic Santoprene grip
  • Comes with a bonus knife
  • A vertical holder that saves space
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive
  • No built-in knife sharpeners

03. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Twin Signature Knife Block Set (Best lightweight and comfortable knife )

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Twin Signature Knife Block Set
ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Twin Signature Knife Block Set

This is one of the best Henckels knife block sets your kitchen can have. It comes with 6-knives, and all of them are essential to run any kitchen smoothly. Stamped German blades with ergonomic polymer handles make each knife a masterpiece for every prep work.

Stamped blades may not sound as authentic as a forged ones; however, they are not inferior to any high-end forged blade. Stamped from high carbon German blade ensures both durability and high edge retention.

Ice-hardened processes give the FRIODUR blade a difference from any stamped knife. Sharpness stays longer than any other knives, and the blade is resistant to any chipping or corrosion. Every cut with this hard blade is precise and clean.

Stain-resistant blades of the Twin Signature J.A. Henckels knife set are dishwasher safe. You can put them in the drum and forget any cleaning hassle. However, I strongly recommend using warm water and soap along with your hand.

Full tang made and polymer triple-rivets handle responsible for stability and balance. The handle offers a safe and firm grip while the full tang ensures proper balance while working.


  • High Carbon German Blade
  • Ice Hardened FRIODUR blade with higher edge retention
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Corrosion and discoloration free
  • Triple-riveted ergonomic handle


  • Stamped blade

04. Emojoy Chef Knife Block Set with Carving Fork ( Best professional kitchen knife set )

Emojoy Chef Knife Block Set with Carving Fork
Emojoy Chef Knife Block Set with Carving Fork

The rustic look of the Wedgewood handle is the most attractive feature of this 16-pieces knife set. This is one of the good knife block set with so many blade options at such an affordable price.

From an 8-inches chef knife to a 3.5-inches paring knife, kitchen scissors, and carving fork, you will get everything in the pakkawood block. A high carbon blade with additives like Chromium and Vanadium enhances the shine and sharpness. 15-degrees bevel on each side eases any cutting and slicing.

Full tang construction with partial bolster balanced the knife for better performance. Laminated Wedgewood is durable and ergonomically designed for superior grip. However, the wood may trap the food smell for an extended period.

Pakkawood block is designed to save both the edge of the blades and space in your kitchen. The angled entry of the knives is ideal for easy access and stability. It also takes limited space in the kitchen.

Chopping herbs to cut frozen meat, you can handle any prep job with ease if you have this German steel knife set in the kitchen.


  • High carbon steel with additives
  • 16-piece knife set
  • Pakkawood knife block
  • Triple-riveted handle
  • Highly affordable


  • Wooden handle
  • 6 steak knives are kind of unnecessary

05. Cangshan S1 Series German Steel Knife Block Set ( best german steel knife set )

Cangshan S1 Series German Steel Knife Block Set
Cangshan S1 Series German Steel Knife Block Set

Cangshan S1 is one of the best block set knives in my review. 17-knife in one walnut wood block fulfills almost all the cutting, slicing, and dicing needs of any kitchen. Each forged blade can do its job with the utmost accuracy and precision.

High carbon steel from Germany forged in Japan. What else can you look for from a knife set? Additives like Chromium and Molybdenum had enhanced the sharpness retention and shine of the blades. Besides, they have hardened the blade to HRC 58+ in the Rockwell Hardness rating.

The list is long. You will get a chef, bread, Santoku, boning, serrated, paring, and peeling knife along with a honing rod and a shear. Hey, don’t forget the 6 steak knives. This block will aid in both preparing and eating the food. However, a few users have found such a large number of steak knives as an unnecessary addition.

Full tang double bolster offers solid control. The full bolsters on the blade-tang transition ensure maximum safety of your fingers and a perfect balance between blades and handle. The ergonomic handle is slip-resistant, but they have durability issues.  if you want to get more info on these brands, do not mistake read the review of the best Cangshan knives


  • High carbon German steel with additives
  • Full tang
  • Triple-riveted ergonomic handle
  • Back bolster for extra stability
  • Handcrafted blade


  • Rust issue
  • Handles are not durable enough

06. Nan Fang Brothers Kitchen Damascus Knife Set ( Best Damascus Knife Set )

Nan Fang Brothers Kitchen Damascus Knife Set
Nan Fang Brothers Kitchen Damascus Knife Set

If you are looking for the best Japanese knife block set, try this from the house of Nan Fang Brothers. Despite its recent introduction in the industry, this knife manufacturer already left an impressive impression both on the user’s mind and kitchen.

It includes only 6 knives. A chef, slicing, bread, Santoku, paring, and utility. You will also get a honing rod and kitchen scissors. The number of elements in the set may look modest, but all of them can be the workhorses of your kitchen.

Rock hard 67 pieces of Japanese steel are forged to create the stunning layered Damascus look. A combination of such a large number of steel pieces makes the blade extremely durable. Besides, the blade gets more edge retention and chip-off resistant abilities.

Triple-riveted laminated polymer handle on the full tang is the core of the knife’s precise balance and maneuverability. Safe storage on the oak-made block will ensure an extended service life for the knives. However, if anything goes wrong, you have a lifetime warranty from the house of Nan Fang Brothers. 


  • VG10 Japanese Steel
  • 67 layers Damascus design
  • 62+ hardness rating in Rockwell scale
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive
  • The actual Damascus design on the knife does not match with the advertisement

07. Cangshan V2 Series Forged Knife Block Set ( Best high-end knives set )

Cangshan V2 Series Forged Knife Block Set
Cangshan V2 Series Forged Knife Block Set

Another great knife block set from the house of Cangshan. You know what you will get. High carbon forged German blade along with the ergonomic handle. The full tang single bolster is the only difference from the S1 series knives.

The sleek black look is the signature of the V2 series knives. You can see the full tang inside the curved handle. The chef, serrated utility, and paring knife share the same features. The blade may have a medium-hard rating on the Rockwell scale, but they can do all the hard work in the kitchen.

The manufacturing process under ULTRA6 heat treatment makes the knives different from any true European or Asian knives. The ultra-high heat infused the iron and other additives molecules to form a solid but intricate structure for the blade. This is the main reason behind the durability and hardness.

Later the blade is hardened with the ice-hardening process for longevity. Each blade is polished and shaped with hand by the master knife makers. Thus, you will get a combination of tradition and technology on every piece of steel. 

Because of the hardness, the blades lose their edge quickly.


  • High carbon German blade
  • Curved handle with a triple rivet design
  • Full tang made for maximum balance


  • A limited number of knives
  • Blades are a bit dull
  • The block is not durable enough

08. Cangshan TN1 Series Swedish Knife Block Set ( Highly recommend! )

Cangshan TN1 Series Swedish Knife Block Set
Cangshan TN1 Series Swedish Knife Block Set

In the crowd of German steel knives, this is the only exception with Swedish Sandvik steel. The mixture of iron and other additives offers both hardness and sharpness for the blade. Despite a 59+ hardness rating, this tough blade can endure any hard job in the kitchen.

One of the best things about the Sandvik blade is it can retain sharpness 5-times more than any German blade. So, you have to use a weigh stone less than anything. All the credit goes to the Nitrogen content of the steel that maintains such quality.

Like any other Cangshan blade, this series is also handcrafted for better polishing and finish. The hollow handle may look unique, but it somehow reduces the balance and stability of the knives.


  • High alloy Swedish steel
  • Divers knife collection
  • Durable walnut block
  • NSF certified
  • Unique hollow handles


  • Steak knives are not that necessary
  • Hollow handle creates discomfort

09. Imarku Professional Kitchen Knife Set ( Best steak knives Set )

Imarku Professional Kitchen Knife Set
Imarku Professional Kitchen Knife Set

This is a unique set that I have included in my review of the best home kitchen knife set. It does not include any chef or paring knife; the set comes only with the steak knives. Yes, the function is limited, but it is one job with superior efficiency.

German forged blade with serration makes slicing the steaks like a breeze. It doesn’t matter if the stalk is medium or rare; you won’t feel the difference when you have this set in your kitchen.

A double-riveted pakkawood handle helps you perfectly grip it while enjoying the juiciest steak. The wood may retina the meaty smell for an extended time. If it bothers you too much, air dry the knives after each hand washes with warm water and soap.


  • High carbon German steel
  • Great for home and restaurant
  • Serrated edge
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Double bolster double-riveted design


  • Limited function

10. Jun Yu Jiang Chen Knife Block Set ( Best elegant knife sets )

Jun Yu Jiang Chen Knife Block Set
Jun Yu Jiang Chen Knife Block Set

The super high price may set you off from this knife set; however, the investment is worthy if you can afford it. The premium quality Japanese steel will give you the most extended period with razor-sharp hardness and durability.

Double bolster full tang design holds the premium wood handle for better balance. The look of the entire set may look very modest, but they will stun you with the performance. The chef, nakiri, paring, bread, Santoku, boning, and utility knives fulfill your kitchen for any cutting or slicing job.

Japanese craftsmanship and traditional forging techniques make every blade a remarkable one for a longer life span. However, if things go wrong in any way, you are covered with the lifetime warranty from the house of Jun Yu Chen.


  • Premium Japanese V10 steel
  • Forged blade
  • Hollow out block design
  • Premium wood handle for better grip
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Super expensive

Types of Knives included in the Best Kitchen Knives Block Set

Rather than asking, “what is the best quality knife block set” if you ask me what the best thing in the knife block set is,” my answer will be diversity. You can get all the essential knives for any prep john in one block. Isn’t it great?

Chef’s Knife

The chef’s knife is the core of any best home kitchen knife set. It is the workhorse of the entire band of blades. No matter what cutting or prepping job you need, this will be the handiest option.

A chef’s knife is typically 8-inches long with a slightly curved blade. The edge is either beveled or tapered to the ground. The slightly curved-shaped blade ensures a continuous rocking motion during chopping, mincing, and slicing. 

The Chef knife has the heaviest blade of all a set includes. The weight works for better cutting and balancing during any prep job.

Bread Knife

It is the longest serrated knife in any best stainless steel knife set. You may not find it as essential as a chef knife, but smoothly cut bread loaf will surely change your preference.

Don’t think the knife only goes with bread. You can precisely cut the softest Christmas cake in winter or juicy melons in the summer. I found cutting the most succulent tomatoes with this knife is like running a warm blade through butter.

You can try to precisely cut tomato slices without any mess with it. Unless your best value knife block set does not come with a serrated utility knife.

Paring Knife

If the chef knife is the Big Boss of the knife block, a paring knife is its smaller version. With a 3 to 4-inches blade, it can do magic in any kitchen.

Paring knives offer delicate cutting jobs where any big blades cannot access. This small but sturdy blade has nearly endless uses in the kitchen – if you know them. The thin blade can shape any veggies and cut them into the tiniest pieces.

Peeling Knife

Yes, I know what you are thinking. A paring knife can do the peeling. But the outcome won’t be the same if you want a perfectly peeled apple or potatoes for salads or mashed potatoes.

With a paring knife, you may end up biting on the skins. Moreover, a paring knife takes off a part of the veggies or fruits with the skin.  The only solution-a peeling knife.

The blade has a curve on the top. Make sure you face the curved side out and use your thumb to guide the peeling process.

Boning Knife

Slightly longer than a paring knife, it is an essential tool for any meat preparation. The thin 6-inches blade comes with a sharp point. It separates any meat from bones and connects tissues. And ensure the maximum yield of meats.

This knife will be very handy when boning chicken or veil. Not a single piece of soft juicy meat will be left behind on the bones. A straight boning knife with a bit of flex is much better to work with for the home cooks.

Slicing Knife

It is basically a bread knife without serrations. The long and thin blade cuts through any soft meat and makes a precise cut without ruining the grain or texture. It will be a perfect tool while working with roasted or baked meats.

If you are looking for the best cheap knife block set, this knife may be absent there. Because it is not an essential part of the block of the knife.

Cutting cake is also easy as long as the cake is moist. Even the super sharp blade cannot avoid the mess while cutting a dry and stale cake.


Cleaver looks intimidating with its heavyweight and wide rectangular shape. However, this is a handy tool to cut and crack bones. The weight of the rectangular blade helps to cut through the hard bones and its cores.

Cleaver goes best with any meat with large bones. But you can work on hard shell veggies like butternut squash. Only a few among the best knife block will come with a cleaver.

Steak Knife

This is the only knife that is not for preparation but for eating at the dinner table. The Double-curved edge and sharp point of steak knives help to both cut and separate meat from any bone. 


Santoku knife is the Japanese version of a chef knife.  Granton edges and flat edge makes it distinguishable from any European knife.

This is a general-purpose knife that can do literally any prep job like cutting, slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing. Granton or air pockets on the blade of these Japanese knives prevent any food stick to the blade.

You will not get the rhythmic motion of the chef knife from it. But this will give you a precise prep job with each solid cut. Santoku is perfect for slicing watery veggies and fruits.

Utility Knife

If you need something between a big chef knife and a small paring knife, a utility knife is an option for you. This blade can deal with any work that is too small for a chef knife. On the contrary, if a paring knife is too thin for any job, a utility knife can take control from there.

I love to use this knife to cut my favorite sandwiches or work on a fresh carrot for decoration.

Honing Steel

This may not be a part of the best knife block set under 50. Honing rod comes with high-end sets and makes maintenance very convenient. Sharpening the steel blade is essential every 3 to 4-months.

However, honing the blade after 3-4 use will keep the blade razor-sharp by smoothening the micro-knicks on edge.

Kitchen Shears

Top-rated knife sets from Calphalon or J.A. Henckels include a kitchen shear. This is a handy tool that will perform many tasks that are either directly related or indirectly connected with any meal prep.

You can use a shear to cut any packets, chopping herbs, or breaking down a chicken carcass.

Buying Guide of Global Knife Block Set

Knife Variety

Diverse content in a knife block set, the better it will suit any kitchen. You already know what knives and kitchen tools include in any good block of the knife. It is better to get one that comes with all of them.

However, a diverse set has a higher price tag. It will be a tricky task to balance your requirement and budget. Interestingly, high-end knife sets like Calphalon or Mercer Culinary have only 5 to 6-items in the block.

Typical knife blocks have 9 to 17-items in them. The items cover all types of knives described in the last section. Only one exception in the review is the Imarku knife block. It only comes with a 1-item steak knife. 

Block Material

The typical block is made with wood like oak, rubberwood, or pakkawood. These are durable and absorb less moisture to keep the knife safe from any spotting or rusting. The wooden block is aesthetically pleasing and goes perfectly with any kitchen interior.

The rustic look that a wooden block offers enhances mental satisfaction before drawing any knife for the preparation. Woods are easy to carve and engrave. A few blocks in my review have a built-in ceramic sharpener in them. Thus, you are getting high-quality storage and instant sharpening.

Glass-walled see-through blocks are also available in the market. You can store the knife vertically in these blocks. The position limits the number and diversity of knives in glass blocks.

It will require a longer block frame and glass cover for a large number of knives. Typical glass-walled blocks come with 4 to 5-knives. 

The metal frame is typical for glass-walled blocks. You won’t get any built-in sharpener with any of these metal storage.

Blade Material

Stainless steel is the essential material for any best block set or meat handling blade set edge. In any case, not a wide range of prepares is the equivalent for blade cutting edges in highlights.

Tempered steel edges are the absolute best for ordinary employment. If meat is the essential thing in your menu, it is smarter to get a steel edge with a titanium cover.

You will discover two sorts of steel that are utilized in making meat cutting and cutting edges. The first is German, and the following is Japanese steel. This preparation is special in its adaptability, sturdiness, and hardness. Similarly, they are likewise utilized for various cutting, cutting, and cutting sports.

The best Japanese blades have single-sloped edges and are heavier in weight. Heavier cutting edges are a lot thicker with a bigger tightening to the ground. The treated steel utilized in these Asian blades contains just a reasonable measure of carbon with practically no to a couple of added substances.

Excellent German or high carbon Serbian Rorschach steel blades, then again, are lighter and more slender. They are significantly more adaptable than their Japanese partners.

Both the edges of the German edges are angled with low tightened holy messengers. The material of these blades contains higher carbon and added substances in treated steel. Higher carbon will transform the steel into a more adaptable and gentler one.

The honing and twisting of any German blade are simpler than any Japanese blade, on account of the delicate quality of the steel. Nonetheless, dainty prepare to lose their sparkle and sharpness speedier than the hard and heavier prepares. Along these lines, the Japanese sharp edges will have a high score here.

Material of Handle

We believe it’s all about the blade in the case of a good knife. However, it is not 100% true. The handle plays a vital role in making a knife truly great, but it never gets the proper spotlight. This modest-looking part of the blade is responsible for a safe grip, stability, and balance.

Two things should get the most focus while choosing a knife handle. Firstly, the shape and secondly, the material of the handle. The form ensures a better grip and prevents any accidental slippage. Ergonomic handles are designed to accommodate all the fingers on it for a firm grip.

A few knife sets come with a hollow handle. Yes, they are trendy and give a new edge to the knives. Nevertheless, you will never feel the same comfort and confidence as a traditional solid handle.

The next thing to consider is the handle material. Three ways a knife handle is made – wood, plastic, and polymer. Wood is the most traditional and gives a rustic look on the blade. However, they have some serious drawbacks. Unless laminated or layered, the wooden handle can crack. Moreover, they are not moisture-resistant, so discoloration and distortion can always be an issue. Last but not least, microspores on the wood trap moisture and smells of the foods.

Plastic is a better option than wood. They are durable, water-resistant, and there is no issue of trapping smells. You do not have to worry about any discoloration or distortion. However, plastic is brittle and can crack very easily.

In my opinion, the best option for the handle is a polymer. They are strong from the molecular level and can withstand any impact and dent. Water and fade-resistant polymers are easy to wash and dry. 

Blade Making Process

How the blade is made tells a lot about the knife. Besides, the process also determines the quality and, in some cases, the price of the knife set. From the beginning of the blade evolution, forging was the only way to make blades. Later stamping was introduced for convenience.


Forging, as I said before, is the oldest way to make a blade. Renowned blade makers like J.A. Henckels or Mayobi still forge blades from steel.

This is a laborious and time-consuming process. Steel is made from the smelter and turns into a single piece. Veteran blade makers start pounding that small piece of steel with a hammer until it takes the shape of a knife blade.

Constant hammering infused the iron and other additives molecules to strengthen the steel. That’s why forged blades are much heavier and durable. The edge retention is also much better than the stamped blade.


This process is quick and effective for the mass production of knives. The blade is cut out from a steel sheet with a mold. Due to the lack of forging, the edges are less hardened and infused.

Stamping does not make the blade anyway lesser than the forged ones. Contrarily, stamped knives are more flexible and tough. Due to its lightweight nature working with a stamped blade is easier.

One of the best features of the stamped blade is its affordability. You can save a lot by getting a stamped knife set for your kitchen.

Balance and Weight

How about we review secondary school Physics and what Sir Isaac Newton said. More weight implies more force. It’s appropriate for everything, and meat cutting blades are the same.

Hefty blades give more force than any lightweight, sharp edges with the utilization of similar weight. Presently the inquiry is whether you need that much force or not.

Cutting or cutting a hamburger requires minimal additional power than any milder meat. By and by, the pink tissue is sensitive to grains and surfaces, so it should be taken care of carefully. Along these lines, you need harmony among weight and force.

We prescribe light-medium to medium-weight blades for hamburgers and venison. On the off chance that you don’t know about the weight, simply pick any blades with a 10 to 14-inch cutting edge. They will do the enchantment for you.

Super lightweight blades are anything but difficult to deal with, yet they won’t have the option to create the ideal outcome. Furthermore, they will be too delicate to even consider tackling hamburgers and bones.

Heavyweight blades, on the opposite, create a lot of power that can harm the fragile surface of the meat. Additionally, it can cut the bones into minuscule pieces that you won’t love to chomp while getting a charge out of the ham or steak.

Sharpness and Bevel Angle

Blade sharpness totally dampened on the bevel angle. The perfect angle will ensure a sharp edge, whereas if the pitch gets rounded, there will be no edge left to cut anything. Typically, knives come either single or double beveled.

Asian knives come with a single bevel, It means only one side of the blade is slanted to make an edge. Due to the one-sided bevel, the blade cuts thinly and precisely.

On the contrary, double bevel blades have slating on both sides. It makes the total angle much wider and also widens any cut. European chef knives come with a larger bevel angle that helps them to make sider cuts to disjoint meats from the bones.

A narrower bevel will give you a thin and precise cut, whereas the wider angle will offer wide-open cuts.

Bolster Bluff

A few of the best global knife block sets come with a built-in sharpening option. The Calphalon block set has a ceramic sharpener in each slot to keep the edge intact and razor-sharp.

Each time you store the knife, it gets an instant rub on the edge. The same thing happens when you take it out. So, before every use, you will get shining blades with intense sharpness.

You can use the option to sharpen the blade with multiple strokes in and out. It is essential to keep the blades ready to go, and this SharpIn technology will help you to uphold the edge.


The more items in a set are supposed to have a higher price tag. Well, it is not true for any best knives block set. A set of 5 from Calphalon cost almost double that of a set of 16-knives from Emojoy.

The price of a knife set depends on the blade materials, manufacturing process, and handle types of the knife. High-quality knives from renowned brands will cost you higher even if they come at a limited number in a set.

Another factor that decides the price is the material of the block itself. Woods like oak, rubber, or pakkawood cost higher than any regular timber. The multipanel block will cost higher than a block machine made from a piece of wood.

What is the best kitchen knife steel?

If you are looking for a general-purpose knife, stainless steel will be the best for you. The metal is durable and can withstand any weather condition. It doesn’t matter if your town is humid like a wet towel or dry as parched clay; this metal can deal with them.

Nevertheless, different preferences will require different steel for the blade. High carbon stainless steel blades are flexible and are perfect for slicing, paring, and peeling. They can reach any corner and work at any tough angle.

Low carbon stainless steel is most suitable for tough cutting jobs. Most of the Asian knives are made with such steel types. They may lack flexibility but are very robust to cut through any hard veggies or tough meat.

Some FAQ About Top Cooking Knife Sets

Which kitchen knife set is the best?

The question is equally difficult as to what is the best knife block set to buy. However, I have made things easy for you. Anyone from the top ten knives set in the review will be the best for your home or professional kitchen.

However, if you want my honest opinion about the best of the best, I will go with either Calphalon Classic Self-sharpening 6-piece Knife Block Set or ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Twin Signature Knife Block Set.

What are the top knives used by professional chefs?

Professional chefs around the world use a bunch of knives for smooth operations in the kitchen. On the top will be the chef knife. Besides, they also rely on peeling, paring, boning, and slicing knives. Some chefs have a butcher assistant, and they prefer the cleaver.

Rather than buying an individual knife, it will be easy for a professional chef to get a knife set for the kitchen. Most home chefs prefer this way. But the pro-level chefs like to have a knife from different manufacturers for a better result.

What makes kitchen knives go dull so fast?

Improper use, faulty maintenance, and sharpening incorrectly will make even the best chef knife dull quickly.

Using the wrong knife on the inappropriate food material will definitely impact the blade and its edge. I have seen people using a chef knife to separate meat from the bone.

Come on! You have a boning knife in the block to do that.

Putting a knife in the dishwasher is another way you can make the knife dull. Bruises from other metals may permanently damage the edges.

Last but not least, sharpening the blade on the dry weight of the stone at an incorrect angle will ruin the edge for good. Dry stone will make scratches on the delicate edge. And the wrong sharpening angle will wear out the bevel at the edge.

As a result, you will end up with a dull knife that is good for nothing.

What do professional chefs think of ceramic knives?

No matter what the professional chefs think about ceramic knives, but they do not prefer to use them. Ceramic knives are perfect for delicate jobs with their soft blades. You will feel very comfortable while working with smaller veggies or fruits.

Nevertheless, ceramics are not suitable for the replacement of any chef or paring knife. Therefore, culinary professionals do not prefer to use them.

Is it bad to put knives in the dishwasher?

You can put knives in the dishwasher, but it is not recommended. Knife blades are delicate, and they can get bruised and dent during a dishwasher run. Other metals and even the impact of the blade on the racks can damage the edge.

Your knife box may say dishwasher safe, but it is always better to use warm soapy water and wash the blade with your hands.

How to care for your kitchen knives?

Keeping the shine, sharpness, and strength of your favorite knife is easy. But you have to keep a few things in mind. These are the things professional chefs and culinary artists do and recommend for a longer lifespan of knives.

=> Wash the knives regularly with soap and warm water, especially after each use.
=> Do not put knives in the dishwasher. Use your hand for better cleaning and longevity.
=> Air-dry the knife and wipe it with soft dry clothes before storage.
=> Make knife-honing a regular practice. It keeps the shine and sharpness intact.
=> Use a high-quality sharpening stone to sharpen your knife.

Final Verdict

Once upon a time, finding the best knife block set was a hell of a job. But you have to admit that it is not anymore. At least after going over such a comprehensive and complete review, finding the best one is like a breeze or slicing through the juiciest ham.

You can pick the perfect knife set for you or your friend as a gift with ease. Besides, answering the question ‘what the best kitchen knife block sets are’ will sound more confident in your voice.

I have covered every possible aspect you need to consider for choosing and buying the right knife set for your kitchen. Now it’s your turn to hit the ‘check price’ button, purchase, and wait for the surprise.

Don’t wait till the next weekend. Order now and get organized with blades.

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