Best Knife Sharpener for Pocket Knives

10 Best Knife Sharpener for Pocket Knives in 2021 with Review & Buying Guides

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Owning a blunt knife is like having a gun without bullets. A knife is mankind’s oldest companion. And having a pocket knife comes in handy in daily chores. Its sharp, cutting edge makes life easier.

Do you need to slice a piece of fruit? Or do you need to open a parcel? A pocket knife will serve all these purposes. No matter how well you take care of your knife, it gets blunt with use. And hence you need a knife sharpener.

There are many products in the market claiming to be the best knife sharpener for pocket knives, each with different features. For your ease, we have prepared this guide with all the needed information regarding pocket knife sharpeners.

3 Best Knife Sharpener for Pocket Knives: Comaprision

Editor’s Pick
Spyderco Tri-Angle Premium Sharpmaker Set
Spyderco Tri-Angle Premium Sharpmaker Set
  • Manufacturing: Yoshihiro Cutlery
  • Materials: DVD, Two Sets of Alumina Ceramic Stone and ABS plastic
  • Size: 8.25″
  • Color: Black
  • Grit Type: Fine, medium
  • Made: USA



Best Seller
Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener
Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener
  • Manufacturing: Drill Doctor
  • Materials: Diamont and Ceramic Sharpner
  • Dimensions: ‎6.75 x 1.5 x 1 inches
  • Color: Gray
  • Grit Type: Fine, coarse
  • Made: China
Budget Pick
Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic
Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic
  • Manufacturing: Lansky
  • Materials: Carbide, ceramic, and diamond sharpeners
  • Dimensions:8.25 x 4.5 x 3.75 inches; 
  • Color:Black
  • Grip type: Fine, Medium
  • Made: Cina

Types of Pocket Knife Sharpeners

The first step in finding the best sharpener is to know the types available in the market. We have made your job easier and mentioned the types.

  1. Sharpening Stone

Do not get confused with the name. Sharpening stone does not mean the product is gigantic. Many compact-sized sharpeners have a thin and elongated sharpening stone.

It is one of the oldest and most effective methods of knife sharpening. The current sharpening stones are made of diamond and ceramic dust. You can rely always on this for getting sharp edges.

  1. Sharpening Steel

Sharpening steel is designed especially for honing. They will not make your dull edges sharp. Regular, combination, diamond, and ceramic are the four conventional cuts. It is better to use sharpening steel paired up with your knife brand.

They contain a long narrow rod made of either ceramic or steel. They are the best to realign your blades to their original position.

  1. Knife Hones

The knife hones are like sharpening steel. They will not recover your dull edges. However, they take a small number of materials from your blades and do fine polishing. Knife hones come in different sizes and shapes.

  1. Electric Knife Sharpeners

This one comes in a rectangular box. It has separate slots for the blades. An electric knife sharpener comes with a motor. The motor spins while sharpening. This product is well-reputed for its speed and convenience.

They can also sharpen your regular kitchen knives. However, they tend to be a bit bulky and heavy.  

  1. Handheld Sharpeners

Like the electric sharpeners, the handheld ones simplify the sharpening process. Their portability is their additional feature.

It is a must tool for professional cooks who are always traveling. They easily sharpen a blunt knife to a razor-sharp one.

Why do you need a sharpener for pocket knives?

How many times have you felt the sudden need for a knife? A pocket knife serves all indoor and outdoor purposes and is easy to carry.  But with frequent use, its edges get dull. Purchasing a pocket knife, every time for dull edges can be expensive.

Your daily chores of cutting apples, opening packages can become a day job with a dull pocket knife. You would instead use all those extra time to sip some beer!

Hence, you need a sharpener for your pocket knives. Using a sharpener, you can quickly sharpen your knives at home. A sharpener increases the longevity of your knives. Sharpening is small maintenance that takes very little time.  Anyone can do sharpen a pocket knife. And after a few sharpening, you will end up with razor-sharp knives.

You can sharpen your knives swiftly, or you can opt for razor-sharpness. The latter takes more time. But you will end up with a much sharper blade.  With a sharpener at your reach, you do not need to call in a professional every time for dull edges. Nor do you need to get a new one.  Just get yourself a pocket knife sharpener. Use it whenever you feel dull edges.

10 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners Review

To save your time and energy, we have digressed through the pocket knife sharpeners available in the market. 

After much scrutiny, we have narrowed it down to ten. Go through the ten products mentioned below. You will surely find the best knife sharpener for pocket knives from them.

01. Lansky BladeMedic Pocket Knife Sharpener

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

This versatile product is an excellent first aid for your pocket knife. It is a combination of sturdiness and reliability.  This sharpener has four distinct sharpening stones. The sharpeners are carbide, diamond and ceramic.

The diamond rod is of 600-grit, and the carbide rod is of 1000-grit.  It can tackle serrated, gut-hooks and fillet knives. Thanks to its high-quality metal, this sharpener is very durable.

The sharpener comes with a lanyard hole for easy carrying.

This sharpener gets you a finished edge in three to four strokes. The right sharpening angle is 22.5 degrees to 45 degrees.  Be it a camping or any other purpose; this product will never fail you. It has three thousand happy users.

This perfect sharpener is suitable even for the pickiest users. No matter what your requirements are, this one will serve it all.


  • Has a diamond tapered rod which is best for serrated tools
  • The metal construction ensures durability
  • Comes with a good grip
  • Gives a sharp edge in three to four strokes


  • Heavy weight

02. BlizeTec Knife Sharpener

BlizeTec Knife Sharpener

Imagine how convenient it is to carry around a knife sharpener in your pocket!

This pen-shaped lightweight product is the handiest product on our list. You can easily slip the Blize Tec sharpener into your pocket.

This 3 in 1 portable sharpener has a flat, serrated and groove edge. Each edge serves a different purpose.  The diamond-coated rod sharpener has a flat edge that does the best job of sharpening your pocket knives. Moreover, the serrated edge is used for serrated blades.

The sleek aluminum handle paired with a diamond rod makes the sharpener useful for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is a must item for people loving hassle-free products. With this multipurpose tool, you do need to fret over injuries. It comes with a unique non-slip hand grip.

This fantastic sharpener is backed with a lifetime warranty. This product from BlizeTec is the best multipurpose sharpener you will need for all occasions.


  • Easy to carry
  • Has both serrated and flat edges
  • Has an aluminum handle combined with a diamond rod
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty


  • Too short

03. Smith Pocket Multifunction Sharpener

Smith's PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener, Grey

Smith is the world’s one of the fasted growing sharpening tools suppliers. Their products are top-class and reliable. If you are looking for a light-weight easy maintenance sharpener, it is the best option for you.

This grey colored sharpener is the best for serrated blades. Its preset angles ensure guaranteed results. The tapered diamond-coated rod makes the product withstand serrated tools. The preset with carbide blades guarantee sharp edges. Moreover, the ceramic stones add up a razor-sharp final touch.

Both the ceramic stones and carbide blades are replaceable as well. How convenient is that!

Weighing only 0.2 ounces, it’s the lightest product in our list. It’s very easy maintenance as well. You just need to wipe it with a damp cloth and then gently dry it.

The small lanyard makes the sharpener easy to carry. Hence multifunctional, lightweight product is perfect for an outdoor enthusiast. Can you think of any other product having so many features? Honestly speaking, we cannot think of any. This product has it all covered.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has a diamond coated rod specialized for serrated tools
  • Easy maintenance
  • Comes with a lanyard hole


  • Not comfortable for users with large and grabby hands

04. Victorinox Fixed Blade Knife Sharpener

Victorinox VN43323 Fixed Blade, Knife,Hunting,Camping,Outdoor, Black

Manufactured by one of the best companies, this minimalistic product is the best travel knife sharpener.   It comes with a ceramic notch that sharpens the blade. Moreover, the grinding stone sharpens the knives.

You can easily carry this in your pocket. How portable is that!

It features a v-style pull through sharpener that is comfortable to use. You can use this tool for facet knives, Swiss army knives, and much more stuff. You can easily clean this product with lukewarm water and a nylon scrub pad. The bottom end serves as a drainage hole keeping the sharpener dry and clean.

The product comes with a plastic cap. It will protect and keep the ceramic rod covered. If you are a fishing enthusiast, you will love notch for fishing hook sharpening. What more can you ask for? This sharpener has got it all.


  • Travel friendly
  • Drainage hole keeps it dry
  • Has a V-style pull-through sharpener for easy sharpening
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • The V-style pull-through does not give a razor-sharp edge

05. AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

AccuSharp 001C Knife & Tool Sharpener, Sharpening Knives, Cleavers, Axes, Machetes, Serrated Blades, Double Edge Cutting Blade Sharpener

There is not safer sharpener for pocket knives in the market than this product. With this user-friendly, versatile sharpener by your side, you will never have to deal with dull edges.

This appealing product comes with a diamond stoned carbide. The full-length finger guard keeps away injuries.  The ergonomic handle is a cherry on top for effortless maneuvers. Thanks to its rubbery layers, it has a non- slippage bottom.

The product is ideal for right and left-hand users. It is easy maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water. It is dishwasher friendly as well. Anyone can use this tool just within ten good seconds. It can sharpen your kitchen knives, chef knives, long boning knives and many more outdoor tools.

This easy-to-use sharpener is a must addition to your personal and professional kitchens.


  • Ergonomic handle fixes either hand suitably
  • Has a full-length finger guard
  • Comes with a non-slippage bottom
  • Easy maintenance


  • Eats up a lot of metal while sharpening

06. Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

This innovative product from Work Sharp is a complete pocket knife sharpener for field applications. It can be used at the shop, home and outdoors.

It offers five staged sharpening and honing. How great is that!

This sharpener has a specialized angle guided build. Its grooved surface is ideal for sharpening fish hooks. It contains two diamond plates. One is for shaping and repairing and the other for sharpening.

There are leather strop and a ceramic hone conditioned with a micro-abrasive finish. You do not need to worry about its durability and compactness. Be it camping or fishing trip; this sharpener will always look out for your knives. Put it in your gear, and enjoy your trip.


  • Complete pocket knife sharpener for field applications
  • Offers five-stage sharpening and honing
  • Durable and compact
  • Has two diamond plates


  • It is heavy in weight

07. Sharpal Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

SHARPAL 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool, with Fire Starter, Whistle & Diamond Sharpening Rod, Quickly Repair, Restore and Hone Straight and Serrated Blade

Sharpal has been manufacturing kitchen, sports and garden products for more than eighteen years now. Sharpal has trust and fame for its quality. Their knife sharpener is a recent addition to their diversified stock. This multifunctional tool is a favorite of hikers, hunters and fishermen.

The sharpener includes tungsten carbide blades to speed up the sharpening, ceramic blades for honing, diamond rods for serration. The fire starter and emergency whistle are two distinguishing features. Both the fire starter and emergency whistle function well.

Its rubber coating makes the sharpener easy to grip. The lanyard hole is suitable for placing keychain. Hence the product is the best keychain knife sharpener. This lightweight product with a safe orange hue is easy to carry and spot. It is a perfect companion for mountain trips.


  • Has a fire starter and high pitched emergency whistle
  • Comes with a lanyard hole
  • Easy to grip
  • Excellent for sharpening and honing


  • The fire starter does not work well at times

08. Lansky QuadSharp Knife Sharpener

Lansky QuadSharp QSHARP

How excellent is a compact-sized multi-angular sharpener!

Choosing the required angle can be tricky for beginners. This portable sharpening accessory features four angles i.e. seventeen degrees, twenty degrees, twenty-five degrees, and thirty degrees.

 It is the smallest multi-angular sharpener available in the market. What more can you ask? The ceramic polished bench stones are excellent for serrated blades. The carbide slots sharpen your knife in three to four strokes.

The rugged metal construction makes it harder than steel. You can use it as frequently as you want without worrying about any damage. This compact-sized knife accessory is a perfect company for hiking, fishing and mountain trips.


  • Multi-angular
  • Has ceramic polished bench stones
  • Harder than steel
  • Sharpens the knife in three to four strokes


  • Does not come with a warranty

09. Alpha Tek Pocket Knife Sharpener

ALPHA TEK Pocket Hunting Knife Sharpener: Tungsten Carbide Ceramic Rod - For Camping and Outdoors (DAY GLOW ORANGE)

Do you often go camping and deer hunting? This sharpener from Alpha Tek is the best choice for hunters and campers. This compact-sized product is also the best one on our list for beginners. You can use it in the blink of an eye.

It even comes in three different colors, i.e., green, orange, and black. So it is easy to spot. The two tungsten carbide heads are built-in angular settings. The carbide blades deliver a quick edge setting. Alongside the ceramic rods, ensure a razor-sharp finish.

This sharpener will give you a sharp edge in three to four strokes. It is considered best for fillet knives. The product comes with a non-skid blade ensuring stable sharpening. It will leave your knives razor-sharp. This easy-to-spot sharpener can be conveniently placed in your backpack or pocket.


  • The non-skid base ensures stable sharpening
  • Has preset sharpening angles
  • Best for fillet knives
  • Swift and easy blade re-sharpening


  • Not comfortable to use for hours

10. Spyderco Tri-Angle Premium Sharpmaker Set

Spyderco Tri-Angle Premium Sharpmaker Set with DVD and Two Sets of Alumina Ceramic Stones - 204MF

Just because we have described this product in the end, do not be doubtful of its quality. This portable easy to use product is reputed for its high-quality results. It will sharpen your tool in just a couple of minutes.

It has a durable design and comes with a plastic bag. The bag even has keyed holes for the stones. This product is the best pocket knife sharpening kit.

The set includes medium and fine triangular ceramic rods for coarse sharpening and professional finishing. It also comes with two sets of alumina stones to get sharp edges.

You can easily store the sharpener in a drawer or a bag. The product comes with a detailed instruction book along with a DVD. This sharpener comes with brass safety rods. So you do not need to be tensed about injuries. It is just the perfect sharpener for a novice.


  • Has an instruction guide and DVD
  • Has stones for sharpening
  • Ceramic rods are perfect for sharpening
  • Easy to use and store


  • Repetition is needed to get a sharp edge

What is the best pocket knife sharpener?

Now that we have mentioned all the top-rated sharpeners available in the market, you might ask which one is the best.

That is a verdict you have to reach on your own. You know what your prerequisites are. Decide which is the best sharpener for pocket knives.

However, do not go for a product just because it is low priced. In the long run, your sharpener’s price will not matter. The durability and efficiency of the sharpener will. Select the product that ticks all your boxes. Enjoy sharpening your pocket knives.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Pocket Knife Sharpener

It is usual to be a bit confused while buying a sharpener for a pocket knife. With so many options available in the market, you need to what features you need in your sharpener. A certain sharpener can be difficult to use for a novice. Another product can be a bit uncomfortable for someone with a dominant left hand.

An inconvenient sharpener may be risky to use. Hence you can imagine how cautious you need to be. Here we are mentioning everything you need to know before purchasing a pocket knife sharpener. We hope this buyer’s guide will clear all your queries.

Compact Size

  • A broad product is a hassle to carry. It takes up space and time.
  • A pocket knife is usually used outdoors. Hence you will be using the sharpener outdoors most of the time.
  • A suitable sharpener should be compact, easy to carry anywhere.
  • So the dimension of your sharpener is a an essential thing to consider.


Like the size, the weight of your product will also affect portability. Imagine carrying a heavy-weight sharpener in camping! You would instead carry a wheat stone. You need to carry the sharpener while using it. Something more substantial than a few ounces will be torture to your hands.

Moreover, if you are a hiker or a biker, a lightweight product is what you need. You do want to make your backpack heavy.


Always go for the ones with the best quality. A well-manufactured product will last years. A good sharpener has a sturdy construction. Make sure it is rust-resistant and dishwasher friendly.

The ones having a diamond rod, ceramic blades, the serrated edge will serve the best. Remember that you will be using a sharpener for years. Hence, never compromise with the quality.


Always buy a product that will serve many purposes. You need a separate sharpener for all your knives. Look for a sharpener that will restore the edges of serrated, flat surfaces and hooks as well.

A multifunctional sharpener will help you sharpen your pocket knives, hunting knives, outdoor tools and gear. Have a smart purchase.

Right Angle

A sharpener can be a bit overwhelming to use for a newbie. Professionals know the right angle for themselves to give the perfect edge. Finding the right angle is very important in sharpening. You need to stick to the same angle throughout the process.

In our top ten sharpeners, you will find some having multi-angular built. With those sharpeners, you do not need to worry about finding the correct angle manually. So set your requirements right. Purchase the perfect product.

Sharpening Stage

In sharpening a knife, there are two stages. Most of the sharpeners are built, keeping both the stages in mind. The first stage involves sharpening the edge, and the second stage is polishing the edge. Choose a sharpener that will serve both purposes.

Safety Measures

You cannot be cautious enough while using a sharpener for pocket knives. While using a sharpener initially, you always need to be alert. Make sure the product is user-friendly. The ones having a finger guard is the safest. The non-slippery handgrip is also a plus point.

You do want to be injured in the middle of a hike or mountain trip. However, in the case of safety, you cannot always depend on the product. Never lose focus. Keep a calm mind.

Low Maintenance

For your product to last long, you will need to keep it clean and dry. Keep an eye for dishwasher-friendly knife sharpeners. This feature will make your cleaning procedure a lot easier. You can also go for the ones that just need to be wiped.

The one with lesser hassle is the better. You do not want a complicated sharpener that will kill your time.

Ergonomic Handle and a Lanyard Hole

You need a product that is easy to use and place. An ergonomic handle will be convenient to use in all maneuvers. How beneficial a feature it is!

We know exhausting it is to find a product for left-hand users. However, there are some sharpeners suitable for all. A lanyard hole ensures easy placement. These might not seem very important, but you should always look for the product offering the best features.

You can need a pocket knife for your kitchen, camping and fishing trips, and many more purposes. Go through the criteria we mentioned above. And find the sharpener required for your pocket knife. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pocket Knife Sharpeners

How to select the right material?

Material ensures the durability of a product. A good sharpener will usually have two or more materials.

Carbide– You will often hear this referred to as tungsten carbide. This metal is twice as hard as steel. It is ideal for making your dull and blunt edges sharp and abrasive.

Ceramic– You have all heard this name before. Did you know this is the best metal for sharpening? A sharpener manufactured from ceramic will give you sharp and smooth edges.

Diamond– Diamond resets the edges and realigns the blades. It can sharpen even the dullest of your tools. The best pocket knife sharpeners tend to have a diamond as a material.

If you skim through our top ten sharpeners, you will notice they all have ceramic, carbide, and diamond. Hence always lookout for these three metals in your sharpening tools.

What is the best angle for sharpening knives?

Unless you are a professional, finding the best sharpening angle can be tricky. In most of the sharpening tools, you need to find out the sharpening angle manually. Hence we are giving some guidelines regarding this.

Under ten degrees angle
It is the lowest angle for sharpening. This angle is the best for sharpening soft materials. A lower angle prevents damage.

Ten to Seventeen Degrees Angles
This angle is the best option for cutting soft materials or slicing meat.

Seventeen to Twenty-two Degrees Angle
Using this angle, you can sharpen a great variety of kitchen knives. Western knives are sharpened at twenty degrees. For Japanese knives, seventeen degrees is preferred.

Twenty to Thirty Degrees Angle
This angle is the best for hunting knives and tools used for abrasive purposes.

More than Thirty Degrees
This angle is used while sharpening axes, cleavers, and such tools.

How to use a pocket knife sharpener?

Using a sharpener for a novice can be overwhelming. For your convenience, we have described the process in a few simple steps.

=> Apply a suitable lubricant to both sides of your sharpening stones.
=> Place the knife at about 15 degrees angle against the rough grit of the sharpening stone. Now stroke the blade against the stone. Apply moderate pressure. Use at least ten strokes.
=> Repeat the process on the alternate side.
=> After focusing on each side, give alternate strokes on both sides. Use as many as ten different strokes.
=> After finishing the rough grit, use the same process in the fine grit.

Remember to use the same angle every time. Mixing up angles is highly discouraged. Keep on practicing.

Can the Sharpener be used for other tools?

The answer is yes in the case of most sharpeners.  If you look at our top ten reviewed products, you will find none of them are just for sharpening pocket knives. You can use the sharpeners for hunting knives, kitchen knives, boning knives, gardening tools.

How to clean a pocket knife sharpener?

When it comes to cleaning, always remember to read the manual. Follow the instructions chalked out there. Some sharpeners are water-resistant. You can simply pat them dry with a gentle cloth.

Some tend to be rust-resistant. Such sharpeners can be easily washed in the dishwasher. These sharpeners are obviously easy to maintain. Hence always be clear about the instructions. Clean your tool, keeping these instructions in mind.

Final Verdict

Nobody uses a knife just for buttering bread. A pocket knife is a compulsory addition in any 72-hour kit. Imagine finding your pocket knife to be dull and blunt in the middle of a hike! You need your knives as sharp as a razor.

Going to a service company every time for blunt edges can be expensive and time-consuming. Hence get yourself the best knife sharpener for pocket knives. Learn the art of sharpening. Save your time and money.

Be it hunting, fishing or a trip to the mountains, the perfect tool will come handy in all these trips. A pocket knife sharpener is a must addition in your daily supplies.

Our article covers everything you need to know about a pocket knife sharpener. Do not delay any more. Purchase the perfect product.  Happy sharpening!

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