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10 Best Magnetic Knife Holder 2021-A Smart Knife Storage Solution

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The best magnetic holders for knife is not easy to find. A knife holder is not just a holder. It is also a decoration piece of your kitchen. It should complement the whole look of your kitchen.

We have tried to bring out the best magnetic knife holders for you. It is time-consuming to choose any one of them. But looking at some specific criteria, you have to choose any one of them.

There are many types of holders. You have to think about your kitchen and your needs. According to that, you should choose your magnetic knife holder. Most of the holders serve the same purpose, but they have different features.

Moreover, some high-quality and professional holders will look great in your kitchen. But it totally depends on your taste and on how you want to decorate your kitchen. You can choose your kitchenware according to your preferences.

The list of our preferred top ten best magnetic holders will be mentioned below. You can go through the list and find your desired product.

3 Best Magnetic Knife Holder: Comparision

Dalstrong - Magnetic Blade Wall - Double Sided - Compact Knife Storage & Display Stand- Acacia Wood - 14.5 x 11.7 (Frost White)
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Materials: Premium Acacia Wood
  • Manufacturing: Dalstrong
  • Condition: Lifetime Warranty with 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee
  • Color: Frost White
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Magnetic Knife Holder, Ouddy 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip, Magnetic Knife Bar Rack Block for Kitchen Utensil Holder, Art Supply Organizer & Tool Holder
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Materials: Top Quality Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturing: Oddy
  • Condition: Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee
  • Color: Silver
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Fridge Applicable 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder – Professional Double Sided Knife Strip For Refrigerator - Knife Rack/Knife Bar With Powerful Magnetic Pull Force (Upgraded Version) Reasonably Priced and Good Quality

Fridge Applicable 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Materials: Higher Quality Stainless Steel (Type 304)
  • Manufacturing: HMmagnets
  • Condition:-Lifetime Durability
  • Color: Blue Packege
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Why should you buy a magnetic knife holder?

A magnetic knife holder is great for arranging tools in your kitchen. The holders will display all your kitchen tools and knives at a particular place.  The holder saves your space on the counter-top. It also ensures the security and safety of your knives.

The knife holder is a great decoration piece for your home. It can be placed anywhere in your home for different purposes. It enhances the beauty of your kitchen or dining.

To make your work easy, you must arrange and place your tools properly. Holders are very efficient for these purposes. A magnetic holder is trendy and stylish. It will add style to your kitchenware and help you work effortlessly.

There are different designs for a magnetic holder. Different holders are made of different stuff. Most of them are made of either steel or wood. They protect your knives from damage. The surface of the holder provides good air circulation, reduces the chance of damage and rusting.

The strong magnets used in holders hold the knives at a fixed place. If you want your children to stay away from knives, you have to make a proper arrangement for your knives.

A magnetic holder is the best solution to this problem. It will not only resolve your problems but also make your kitchen look lovely.

Which type of holder should I buy?

Mainly, holders are classified into block, rack, and drawer types. In the case of a rack or magnetic strip holder, you have to mount it on a surface. Some of them can be placed on the fridge door, and some can be mounted on walls. The holders are more like decoration pieces. If you want to keep something on the wall, you can use it.

The main advantage of drawer-type holders is they will be out of your counter-top. This will help you prevent unwanted incidents. If you have such space, you can buy the drawer-type knife holder.

The block holders are kept at the table-top. It is easier to access the tools from the countertop. You can keep it on the countertop to use it quickly whenever needed.

Among all these types, choose the one that fits in your space. Give importance to your preference and comfort.

Top-10 Magnetic Knife Holder

Top-10 Magnetic Knife Holders Review

If you want to find the best magnetic knife rack, you have to see all the available options. After comparing the products with each other, you can think about making a decision.

The products and their details are mentioned below in the article.

01. Dalstrong

Dalstrong - Magnetic Blade Wall - Double Sided - Compact Knife Storage & Display Stand- Acacia Wood - 14.5 x 11.7 (Frost White)

Dalstrong magnetic knife holder is on the top of our list because of its extraordinary function and eye-catching appearance. Modern kitchen tops require a modern and sleek design. A stylish yet simple magnetic holder will make your kitchen look convenient and beautiful at the same time.

The frost-white color makes the holder different from others. The finely finished wooden surface of acacia wood adds a natural effect to it. The colors of the surface area are of three types. They are frost white, Vader black, and Sequoia brown.

The space-saving knife holder can hold almost twelve knives. The holder has magnets on both sides. So both sides can work as holders. The advanced technology of the holder maintains proper hygiene for the knives. A good airflow assures excellent benefits to the knives kept on the holder.

The holder is covered with food-grade polycarbonate protection. This prevents the knives from making scratch spots on the surface. It also keeps the surface hygienic and clean.

The base of the holder is structured to provide stability. It is made of durable stainless steel. The holder stands straight up on its base.

The company gives a hundred percent money-back guarantee. The luxurious packaging shows the difference between an ordinary and a Dalstrong product.


  • Simple and sleek design
  • Powerful magnets and a sturdy base
  • Handcrafted wooden surface
  • Dual magnet support
  • Knives can be managed on both sides
  • Polycarbonate coating protection
  • Hygienic and open holder
  • Unique design and color
  • Great packaging and money-back guarantee


  • Only holds specific stainless steel tools
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02. Resafy Free

Magnetic Kitchen Knife Block,Resafy Free Standing Knife Set Holder,Wooden Storage,Stylish Marbled Black Kitchen Knife Display,Ideal For Color Knives - Magnetic Knife Stand For Your Kitchen Adornment

The matte black magnetic knife holder serves as an excellent holder. The strong magnets that are hidden inside provide adequate support to your tools. Not only knives, but you can also store other metal or wooden tools of your kitchen on them.

The breathtaking outlook of the holder enhances the features of your kitchen. Place it on your countertop and see how charming it looks. You can see the collection of your knife correctly and use them whenever needed. The wooden simple and minimalistic designs add value to your kitchen.

The magnet under the wooden construction helps the knives to stay at a standstill position. The long-lasting magnets don’t fail to hold the knives in the right place. You can start arranging the knives from top to bottom.

The blade of the knife will not face any problem because it only comes in contact with the wooden surface. It doesn’t make the blades blunt. Instead, it ensures extra protection.

The wide holder surface can hold five to six knives over it. The supportive holder looks like an angled holder that stands with the support of the back part. Though the design is distinctive, it never fails to impress the customers.

The earthly touch of the magnet and a different color will always suit your countertop. Many holders take extra space from your workstation. The simple magnetic holder will not do that.

The knives will be arranged in specific slots. They will look great because of arranging them in the correct order.


  • Elegant design
  • Matte black stunning wooden finish
  • Strong neodymium magnets
  • Stable base
  • Pre-defined slots
  • Protection to blades
  • Easy to access the knives
  • Large holding surface


  • Can’t hold ceramic tools
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03. Resafy Magnetic

Resafy Magnetic Knife Wooden Block Holder Rack Magnetic Stands with Strong Enhanced Magnets

When you want to store your knives, you will get many options. A wooden magnetic stand ensures good safety for your kitchen knife. This stand will never fail to impress you.

Resafy magnetic wooden block is made of fine oak wood, and it holds a strong magnet inside. The neodymium magnets keep the knives in the right place. The spacious block can hold up to sixteen knives.

You can see your knives clearly and keep them in the proper place. The simple and elegant design of the wooden block attracts the attention of the users. The suitable finished wooden block allows proper maintenance of the knives.

The stand is stable and strong. It enhances the beauty of your countertop. You can easily access your knives to use without any hesitation. The blade of the knife will be safe if you don’t push it to the wooden wall.

The minimalistic block gives protection to your knives and makes them look good in the stand. The block won’t slip from the countertops of your kitchen. It stands on a stable base, and it avoids slipping from the platform. You can use it on both regular and slippery counters.

However, the block is made of natural wood, and it has a touch of nature. It is environmentally friendly and brings a natural touch to your home.

Both sides of your block can hold knives. It is convenient and easy to place anywhere. It will not use unnecessary space from your kitchen.

Before placing your knives on the block, clean them and make them dry. A little effort will help it last longer.


  • Powerful magnets
  • Sturdy base
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Stable base
  • Simple and elegant appearance
  • Spacious block to hold multiple knives
  • Consumes less space on counter-top


  • Can’t stand straight while loaded
  • Pilot holes are too large
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04. Fridge Applicable

Fridge Applicable 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder – Professional Double Sided Knife Strip For Refrigerator - Knife Rack/Knife Bar With Powerful Magnetic Pull Force (Upgraded Version)

The best part about the fridge’s applicable magnetic holder is its double-sided magnets. You can hang the holder on the wall or the fridge door. The stable magnets inside it will hold the knives in the proper place.

The space-saving technology of the holder makes your small kitchen look adorned. The holder can be placed at a suitable location. It can be your fridge door or wall or any support system.

The spacious holder can hold plenty of knives at a time. You can see your knives at a suitable place and use them whenever it is needed.

The holder is not slippery. It stays at a particular place because of its magnetic properties. It doesn’t move from its place. It helps to avoid the risk of accidents.

The holder doesn’t require any support or installation. You can use it generally with the help of its built-in magnets.

The smart and durable holder represents the efficient use of kitchen tools. The beautiful holder is also a charming decorative piece. The stainless steel finish of the holder makes it useable in any weather conditions.

The high-quality stainless steel is different from the others. It is resistant to corrosion and helps the holder last long. The durable steel helps to give protection at any cost.

The holder saves your counter-top space as it is not placed at a table. This is a different feature of the holder that makes it uncommon.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Anti-corrosive surface
  • Dual magnetic construction
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Multi-purpose tool holder


  • The back magnet is not strong
  • Unstable at higher loads
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05. Heavy-Duty

24 Inch Heavy-Duty Magnetic Knife Holder (Large Size) – Premium Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip - Professional Space-Saving Knife Rack/Bar With Powerful Magnetic Pull Force (Upgraded Version)

The 24-inch magnetic knife holder presents a flat and sleek design. The knife holder is specially designed to work as a rack. It can hold numerous knives at once.

The front and back magnets provide stable support to your knife set. The knives are placed at a strong base where there is no question about stability. The wide-spaced rack can hold a fair number of knives at a time.

The stainless steel durable construction of the holder avoids slipping issues. It is easy to install without any hustle and bustle.

The heavy-duty space-saving rack can be used as a convenient decorative piece. It adds extra beauty to your kitchen or dining. You don’t need to manage it on counter-tops or table-tops.

You can mount it anywhere following the instruction guide. You can make your kitchen look neat and clean by using this convenient rack.

Though the magnets are healthy, they will not bring a single scratch on the supporting space. You can quickly release the rack whenever it is needed. The holder supports any knife and stainless tools. So, you can use it for any holding purpose.


  • Multi-purpose knife holder
  • Durable magnetic construction
  • Stainless steel surface
  • Dual magnets
  • Spacious rack
  • Applicable for storing any knife or tool
  • Decorative piece


  • Faulty instruction guide
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06. Schmidt Brothers

Schmidt Brothers - Acacia 18" Magnetic Wall Bar, Universal Cutlery Storage Fits 8 - 10 Knives

The Schmidt acacia wooden rack ensures comfortable storage for your knife set. The magnetic wall bar can be mounted anywhere inside your kitchen or dining space.

The superior quality of wood finishing adds a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. The knife holder can hold almost ten knives at a time.

The magnets of the holder are powerful. The magnet prevents the rack from slipping. The blades are safe inside the knife holder. The massive and durable construction of the holder provides safety to the knife set.

The simple style of the holder adds value to your appliances. It saves space from the countertop. You can place it on a white surface and make it look classy.


  • High-quality acacia wooden surface
  • Stable and durable
  • Easy installation process
  • Spacious holding surface
  • Multi-purpose tool holder rack
  • Simple and classy appearance


  • Week magnets
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07. Boker 30400

Boker 30400 Wood Magnetic Knife Block, Black

The Boker manufacturer is famous for its tree-based products. Mostly they are famous for using chestnut woods for construction. However, the Boker magnetic knife block is a great knife holder to compliment your kitchen.

The black circular block design is unique and classy. The magnetic system of the block holds knives from every side of it.

The wood surface protects the knife blades. The knives are well-secured at a particular place. No slipping hazards will occur due to the strong magnets.

The wooden block contains seven panels to keep the knives. The block has a central panel for the most massive knife. Other knives can be adjusted around the block. Any knife can be stored in this block.

The holder can be your center table-top holder. You can display your knives most attractively. Moreover, you don’t need to think about cleaning because there is no slot. The knives will remain clean and stain-free.


  • Center decoration piece
  • Wooden finish
  • Stunning outlook
  • Multiple knives holder
  • No slipping issue
  • Protect blades of the knives
  • Easy to clean


  • Magnets are not very strong
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08. Ouddy

Magnetic Knife Holder, Ouddy 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip, Magnetic Knife Bar Rack Block for Kitchen Utensil Holder, Art Supply Organizer & Tool Holder

The Ouddy 16-inch knife strip offers to arrange your knives differently. The magnetic strip holds your knives and keeps them stable on the wall.

The stainless steel strip is easy to install. A proper guide will instruct you to mount it on the wall. The steady and elegant holder fits anywhere in the kitchen.

The long-lasting and powerful magnets hold the strip at a fixed place. The heavy load of knives doesn’t make it slip anywhere. The magnet is durable and doesn’t weaken with time. The holder keeps the knives safe and in front of your eyes. You can take the knives out easily.

The rack is a multi-purpose holder. You can keep other stainless steel equipment on it. The rack is strong, and it increases the beauty of your kitchen.

The rack is stainless and rust-free. You can clean it easily and take it off whenever needed. The rack saves a lot of space. If you have a small kitchen, you can mount it on the wall and save the counter-top space.

Full refund and replacement service are available for the holder. If you don’t feel satisfied using it, you can contact their customer care service.


  • Multi-purpose holder
  • Stainless steel holder
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves space
  • Simple and sleek strip


  • The magnet is not very strong
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09. Powerful

Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip, Holder Made in USA (Maple, 10 inches)

The Woodsom robust magnetic wooden strip is a great holder for your daily kitchen accessories. It is a beautiful decoration piece that can be mounted on the wall.

The space-saving wooden rack holds plenty of knives at a time. The rack can be used to hold other tools or accessories as well.

The wooden design comes with strong magnets that prevent the knives from slipping. The installation process is easy.


  • Beautiful wooden appearance
  • Saves space
  • Easy to mount
  • Multi-purpose rack


  • Not stable
  • Week magnet
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10. Walnut

Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder with Multi Purpose Functionality as Knife Magnet, Knife Strip, Magnetic Organizer- Securely Holds Your Knives & Keeps Your Kitchen Organized- Made in USA- 12 Inch

Kurouto offers a variety of kitchenware. The walnut 12-inch holder is made of US Walnut hardwood that is a beautifully crafted knife holder.

The elegance of a wooden knife holder ensures the security of the knives. The surface is finished by using food-grade butcher oil. The appearance of the knife holder wins your heart at first glance.

The magnetic knife holder is a multi-purpose holder. It can be used in your kitchen, garage, storeroom, or anywhere else. The space is stable enough to hold large knives. The blade doesn’t get affected by the wooden surface.

The holder comes with mounting instructions and hardware. You can follow the template and mount the rack anywhere. The strong magnet helps to secure the knives properly. There is no chance of slipping any of the knives.

The company gives money back and refund guarantees. So, you can go for this holder as it serves all the purposes of a magnetic knife holder.


  • Elegant wooden design
  • Stable and strong construction
  • Easy to mount
  • Multi-purpose holder
  • Strong magnets
  • Full tang handles with logos


  • Can’t stay stable with the knives
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Places where you can mount your holder

There are different types of holders. Some of them can be kept on the countertop, and some need to get mounted. The best places where you can mount your magnetic knife holder are given below.

  • You can mount the holder at any of the walls of your kitchen. If you want to keep knives for other purposes, you can mount the holder according to that. You can keep it in your dining, store-room or garage as well.
  • You can place the holder on the refrigerator. This type of holder is different. It has a different feature to stick to the refrigerator.
  • You can place your holder on a specific part of your cabinet. There are some places inside the cabinet that are unused. You can use that place to mount your holder. You can also attach it to the outward side of the cabinet.
  • You can mount the holder anywhere around your stovetop. This type of space is also unseen by most of us. You can use it to keep your knife holder.
  • You can keep the holder above your kitchen counter. You can mount it somewhere around your kitchen desk. You can easily access the tool while preparing your meal.
  • You can mount it in front of your sink. It will be easier for you to clean the knives and keep them on the holder.
  • Another exceptional option will be your window frames. You can mount your holder there if you have a small kitchen.

The ultimate buying guide for the best magnetic holder for knife

This section will help you to find the best magnetic strip knife holder. Before buying your magnetic holder, learn about some of the most vital factors to consider first. 

In the ultimate buying guide, we will tell you about some of the most common considerations that you need to make before buying your magnetic holder.


Firstly, you have to fix a space for your magnetic holder. Try to fit your holder in that specific place. Note down the dimensions and check the options of the holders. Choose the one that will hold in that particular place.

No matter how great the holder looks, you should know whether it will fit in your desired place or not. The spacious surface of the holder also defines how many knives it can hold. So before buying, look for that factor too.


In the case of any product, most of its features depend on the materials. Magnetic knife holders are most of the time made of stainless steel with a polycarbonate coating. Some of them are made of high-quality wood.

There are many types of stainless steel and wood. Each type has different properties. If you are looking for a suitable magnetic knife holder, it must be stainless and rust-free. The durable material will ensure the product’s longevity. 

You can buy a durable and robust knife holder by knowing its properties. Learn about its coating and construction materials.


Who doesn’t want to have a stylish knife holder? Well, what should be the design of your kitchenware depends on the appearance of your kitchen. Some people prefer traditional designs over trendy ones.

If your kitchen has a steel structure, you can buy a stainless steel knife holder. Again, if your home has a natural vibe, you can go for wooden ones.

Unique colors and designs will attract your guests’ attention. Moreover, decorations are the main part of a lovely home. So, know about the design of your product. Before buying, look at the sample pictures and color options.


Magnetic knife holders don’t require much for installing. Some of them don’t even require any particular installation. They can be attached to a specific type of surface.

But some of the wooden ones need to be mounted on the wall or somewhere else. For that reason, you need tapes and screws. Sometimes it becomes irritating and time-consuming to assemble all the parts.

That’s why most of us look for ready ones. But the ready ones don’t last that long. If you want to secure the holder correctly, install it properly. Follow the instruction guide and watch videos to get more ideas about it.


Magnetic strength ensures the stability of the holder. A powerful magnet keeps your holder fixed at a specific place. Your knives will stay straight at the holder if the magnet functions well.

Some holders have dual magnets. Sometimes the back magnets don’t work correctly. This results in slipping incidents.

So, it is very important to buy a magnetic holder that has a strong magnet.

By going through our buying guide, you will know about the considerations. Before buying your product, you can look for all these qualities inside it. This will help you to make the right decision for your holder.

Some frequently asked questions about the magnetic knife holder

Will the holder stick to my refrigerator

Some of the holders are specially designed to stick on the refrigerator. The strip-type magnetic holders can be mounted on the fridge. Particular types of magnets are designed to stick the knives with the holder.

Again, with proper installations, you can place your holder anywhere. With screws and tapes, you can mount the rack on the wall as well.

Can I put spoons and forks on the holder?

Magnetic holders can hold tools because of magnetic attraction. Stainless steel or other types of steel have iron inside. The magnet attracts iron metal. So, the magnet keeps them fixed on the holder.
If your spoons are made of any material that is attracted by the magnet, then they will stay on the holder. Any tool which has magnetic properties can be kept on the holder.

Again, if the holder has hooks with it, you can use it to keep your fork or spoon. But in that case, the ends of the spoon or fork need to have a hole as well.

Final Verdict

In the end, you have got clear ideas about the best magnetic knife holder. For buying the best one, you have to learn about all the options available in the market.

We have discussed the types and advantages of the magnetic knife holder. The top-picked magnetic knife holders possess more or less all the qualities of the right holders.

Some of the holders are very unique. Professional cooks have preferred most of them from the list given. If you want to buy a professional-looking holder, you can buy it.

Again, if you just want to make your kitchen arranged and clean, you can go for any of them. You can learn about the details of each product. This is how you will get the idea of picking the best magnetic holder for your kitchen.

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