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Cutting boards are one of the most necessary and used apparatus in the kitchen. Chopping on a beautiful and thick cutting board with a high-quality knife gives the ultimate vibe of cooking a delicacy.

I started using polyethylene cutting boards seeing my mother. And I used that for a while until I got my hands on the best maple cutting board. You can tell the difference with just one cut. There is nothing like wooden cutting boards.

However, there are so many cutting boards in the market that it is hard to choose the best one. Are you wondering which and what type of wooden cutting boards are the best?

Find that out in my best maple cutting board review and guide. I will review my 10 top pick maple cutting boards with product descriptions and pros/cons. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the best one for you by the end.

Top Pick


Made in USA, Large Reversible Multipurpose Maple Wood Cutting Board, 17x13x1.5in Juice Groove with Cracker Holder (Gift Box Included) by Sonder Los Angeles

  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Materials: Maple Wood
  • Size: 17″ x 13″ x 1.5″
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Maple
  • Manufacturer: Sonder Los Angeles
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John Boos Block R03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 20 Inches x 15 Inches x 1.5 Inches

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Materials: Maple Wood
  • Size: 20″ x 15″ x 1.5″
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Maple
  • Manufacturer: John Boos
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AZRHOM Extra Large Maple Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen 20x15 Cheese Charcuterie Board (Gift Box Included) Extra Thick Reversible Butcher Block Chopping Board with Handles and Juice Groove

AZRHOM Extra Large Maple Wood Cutting Board

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Materials: Maple Wood
  • Size: 20″ x 15″ x 1″
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Maple
  • Manufacturer: AZRHOM
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Are maple cutting boards good?

The sole material for constructing cutting boards is hardwood. The quality, durability, and appearance of the cutting boards depend on the wood used. So, it is crucial to use the perfect wood for making cutting boards.

Closed grain hardwood is the perfect material for making wooden cutting boards. And the ideal tree for such wood is maple hardwood. It is closed-grained and thus resists moisture and the growth of bacteria. It is also impact and scratch-resistant.

There is both soft and hard maple wood. However, hard maple wood is considered the industry standard. They have the perfect texture and not so harsh on the knives. They are also easy to maintain, and regular oiling can make them last for a lifetime.

Another thing to consider while choosing the perfect tree and wood is safety. That is, the tree should produce edible syrup, nuts, and fruits. It ensures that the wood is safe to use. We are all familiar with sweet maple syrup. So, maple cutting boards are not just great. They are the best.

The only drawback of maple cutting board is the stain creation. Due to its light color, it is tough to get rid of the stain.

Which is better maple, or bamboo cutting board?

Both of them have their good and bad sides. There are some features that every good cutting board should possess. 

  • Durable and strong
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for food
  • Good looking design
  • Safe for knives/ won’t damage their edges.

As I have already said, I used to use plastic cutting knives. They had their pros, but the cons were far too much. On the other hand, hardwood has all the features a reliable cutting board needs.

It also inhibits the growth of bacteria. So, it is safe to use for years. You only need to oil them regularly, and they will last a lifetime. 

Maple wood is the most popular hardwood for making cutting boards. It is a closed-grained wood that resists moisture, bacteria and provides the best durability and strength. Maple cutting boards are popular among chefs and households for their quality and stain resistance. 

They do not dull the edges of the knives. They are easy to maintain and last a lifetime if oiled regularly. 

On the other hand, bamboo cutting boards are eco-friendly. They do not need any harmful chemicals while manufacturing. They are also aesthetically pleasing to see. They are fast-growing grass. However, there are some drawbacks as well.

The biggest one is that bamboo is 19% harder than maple wood. So, they are not so friendly with the knives. Even though bamboo cutting boards are a better option than plastic ones, maple/hardwood boards are undoubtedly the best. 

Now that we know that maple cutting boards are better than bamboo cutting boards, it is time to review the ten best maple cutting board.

Top-10 Best Maple Cutting Board

Top-10 Maple Cutting Board Review

01. Large Reversible Multipurpose Maple Wood Cutting Board

Made in USA, Large Reversible Multipurpose Maple Wood Cutting Board, 17x13x1.5in Juice Groove with Cracker Holder (Gift Box Included) by Sonder Los Angeles

Large Reversible Multipurpose Maple Wood Cutting Board by Sonder Los Angeles is the first one on my best maple cutting board list. You are bound to fall in love with it at first sight.

Let’s start with the look of the board. It is a multipurpose board. At one side of the board, there is a juice groove bordered throughout the edge. You do not have to worry about spilling the juice of food from the cutting board anymore. You can drain it neatly later.

On the other side of the cutting board, there is the signature built-in well from Sonder Los Angeles. It can hold crackers or small foods like nuts or seeds that can slip away from the cutting board.

This cutting board is butcher block style. It is made from industry standard maple hardwood. This 1.5 thick maple cutting board is sturdy yet easy to manage. It is recommended to oil every 3-4 weeks. The handle provides a perfect grip.

You will find all the advantages of maple hardwood here. So, this board is safe to use. It resists bacteria and inhibits them. It is also not hard on your knives. Its size is 17x13x1.5 in.

 Moreover, it is manufactured in America. So, I can vouch for its quality. And as the icing on the cake, it comes with a gift box. 


  • It is a multipurpose board with a juice groove on one side and a built-in cracker holder on the other
  • Thick 1.5-inch sturdy board
  • Inner handle for perfect grip
  • Gentle on the knife and resists bacteria


  • Little expensive
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02. John Boos Block R03 Cutting Board

John Boos Block R03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 20 Inches x 15 Inches x 1.5 Inches

John Boos is a renowned American wooden cutting board-making company. You will find at least one board of this brand in all maple wood cutting board reviews. 

The size of this board is 20 x 15 x 1.5 inches. It is the third board from the R series of John Boos. The boards of this series have the perfect thickness of 1.5 inches. This size is considered ideal by most users.

The hard maple wood used for this John Boos cutting board is hand-selected from North America. This board is also reversible. That means you can use both sides of the board. There are inward handles on each end for balance and grip.

It is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified. So, it is safe to use.  It provides the facilities of hard rock maple wood. So, it is not harsh on the knives. It is recommended to oil every 3-4 weeks to maintain quality.

John Boss also recommends using their mystery oil and block cream for the best result.

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  • Reversible design
  • Handcrafted quality finish
  • Recessed finger grips
  • NSF certified with one year warranty


  • It is more prone to show cutting marks
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03. AZRHOM Extra Large Maple Wood Cutting Board

AZRHOM Extra Large Maple Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen 20x15 Cheese Charcuterie Board (Gift Box Included) Extra Thick Reversible Butcher Block Chopping Board with Handles and Juice Groove

Its look and features are pretty similar to the first cutting board on my list. However, it is larger in size. Its length and width are 20 and 15 inch respectively.  The wood used here is the U.S American sweet maple.

Azrhom claims this board is better than the teak, glass, bamboo, plastic, and acacia boards in the market. They have not compromised with the quality and ensured premium highest grade maple wood. No wonder it is one of the most rated maple cutting board on Amazon.

The high-quality wood provides the best durability, color, and stability. This edge grain cutting board is handcrafted and carefully seasoned with fresh organic cutting board oil. It is the best finish for maple cutting board.

You can feel the difference of the handicraft by touching the board. It is the art of handicraft cutting board at its best.

Like the first cutting board on the list, it is also a reversible board with a juice groove on one side. So, you do not have to worry about the extra liquid while chopping. You can also use it as a charcuterie board as it is good-looking and can prevent the juice and sauce of the meat from dripping.

As it is a natural board, it is knife friendly and resistant to stains. However, proper care is needed to prevent knife marks.


  • Handcrafted American sugar maple wood cutting board
  • Reversible board with juice groove
  • Built-in inner handle for perfect grip
  • Comes with gift box


  • Only 1 inch thickness
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04. John Boos Block RA02 Maple Wood

John Boos Block RA03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 24 Inches x 18 Inches x 2.25 Inches

It is the thickest cutting board on my best maple cutting board list. Its 2.25 inches thickness has both good and bad sides.

Extra thickness provides more stability and durability to the board. It is the best choice for professionals who prefer large boards. Its length and width are 20 and 15 inches respectively. So, it is a pretty large board.

The RA series of John Boos features board of 2.25 inches thickness that can weight over 20 lbs. However, the weight of this board is 6 pounds. It is a butcher block made from the Northern hard rock maple wood.

The design of this board is not so fancy. It is reversible and both the sides are flat. There are in-built integrated handle on each end of the board for perfect grip and stability.

Like all other John Boos cutting boards, it is recommended to use the mystery oil and block cream on the board regularly for maintenance.

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  • Sturdy and durable
  • Reversible board with two flat surfaces for chopping
  • High-quality Northern hard rock maple wood
  • NSF Certified and comes with one year warranty


  • The board is too thick. So, it takes more space and is tougher to carry, clean, and store
  • Expensive
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05. J.K. Adams Large Reversible Maple Carving Board

J.K. Adams Large Reversible Maple Carving Board

It is a reversible large cutting board specialized for carving. Its length, width, and thickness are respectively 20, 14, and 1.25 inches respectively. J.K. Adams use Northern American maple hardwood for making its boards. It is also manufactured in U.S.A.

The design of the board is pretty different from the other boards in the list. There is an indentation at one side to hold the poultry while carving. And on the other side there is a juice groove.

One of the most interesting features of this board is that it provides lifetime warranty. J.K. Adams claim it provides 100% customer satisfaction so it will replace the board if they face any problem with their board ever.

J.K. Adams recommends to use warm soapy water to clean the board after every use. For proper maintenance dry your board with towel after every use. JK Adams recommends using their Mineral Oil or Beeswax Wood Conditioner for conditioning the board regularly.

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  • Reversible board with an indentation on one side and juice groove on the other
  • High quality Northern American Hardwood
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Strong and Durable


  • High maintenance
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06. Large Square Ambrosia Maple Wood Cutting Board with Handle

Large Square Ambrosia Maple Wood Cutting Board with Handle

Though it says large in its name, it is pretty small compared to the other boards. It is the only square board on the list. It is not only the size and shape that make it unique. There are other different features as well.

Its length and width are 11 and 9 inches. I know they are supposed to be equal as it is a square cutting board. But the only 2 inches difference between the length and width makes it look like a square.  You will see dark lines on this board. There is an impressive phenomenon behind it.

It is because of the Ambrosia wood. Have you heard about Ambrosia beetles? They bore inside this wood when it is wet. These beetles die inside the wood soon after. Later rainwater sweeps the dead beetles, and that causes the dark lines on Ambrosia wood.

These dark lines give the cutting board a unique look and make it look more natural. Moreover, it is a handmade cutting board. So, altogether it yields a full aesthetic vibe.

The edges of the board are rounded. There is a hole in the cutting board to hang it in your kitchen. The compact design makes it ideal for serving. Though it is not as versatile as other boards on the list, its originality and pattern make it a worthy entry on this list.


  • Rounded edges. So the corners a bit safer to use
  • An in-built hole for hanging
  • Inexpensive
  • Artistic design


  • Too small in size
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07. Large Multipurpose Maple Wood Cutting Board by Sonder Los Angeles

Sonder Los Angeles, Large Multipurpose Walnut/Cherry/Maple Wood Cutting Board, 17x13x1.1in Reversible with Cracker Holder (Gift Box Included)

It is the second cutting board on the list by Sonder Los Angeles. It is also a reversible board with a cracker holder on one side. The first difference is that it does not have a juice groove on the other side.

It is a flat surface for chopping. The size is also smaller. Its length, width, and thickness are 17, 13, and 1.1 inches.

The construction of this board different from the other. It is originally made of walnut wood with maple and cherry wood accents. It increases the durability of the board and makes it easy to maintain.

Sonder Los Angeles does not compromise with the quality. You can perceive it just by seeing their boards.

This large multipurpose board is an edge grain cutting board made by skilled woodworkers. It resists unwanted moisture and inhibits bacteria. Finally, it is coated and finished with 100% organic mineral oil.

The high-quality construction makes it stain resistant as well and easier on knives. However, you can get knife marks on your board, as expected from any wooden board. But regular oiling can prevent it and maintain a perfect shine like new.

The elegant design and color make it an excellent charcuterie board. It has a 1-year warranty from Sonder Los Angeles for any manufacturing defect.


  • Multipurpose reversible cutting board with a cracker holder on one side
  • Inward handles on each side for easy carrying
  • Expansive flat side
  • Gift box included


  • No juice groove
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08. Personalized Engraved Custom Cutting Board

Personalized Engraved Custom Cutting Board - Elegant Monogram Initial - Walnut, Sapele or Maple #55

It is the best wooden cutting board for gifting or simply increasing the beauty of your kitchen.

Walnut artisan gallery is a magnificent shop specialized for making customized cutting boards from high-quality wood. The cutting boards are handmade and finished with natural butcher block butter for the best shine.

This board is super popular on Amazon and is the 16th best-selling handmade cutting board there. You can customize this board as per your wish.

You can choose from six different boards for customization. Of these six boards, two are arched, and the other four are rectangular. The available sizes of the arched cutting boards are 12×9 and 15×2 inches. Of the four rectangular cutting boards, one of them has no juice groove.

It is a regular flat cutting board of 12×9 inches. The sizes of the rectangular cutting board with juice grooves are 12×9, 15×12, 17×12 inches.

All the boards are handmade from natural wood. It is also easy to customize. You have to choose the board you want from the available six options. And fill the text field with your desired note or writing. That’s it. You will get the perfect customized cutting board ready.

You will get the perfect customized cutting board ready. It is the best thoughtful gift for special holidays.


  • Customizable cutting board. You can choose the size and writing on the board
  • Inexpensive
  • Laser engraving for a flawless finish
  • Handmade with natural wood


  • No warranty or refund privilege
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09. Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts Personalized Cutting Board Real Wood

Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts Personalized Cutting Board from Real Wood - Maple, Cherry, or Walnut, 3 Sizes and Many Designs Great Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming or Real Estate Gift (18 x 12 Walnut)

If you want a more refined customized cutting board, then this is the one for you. There nine sizes and a dozen of designs to choose from. So, it gives you more options.

You can also choose from three types of wood- maple, walnut, and cherry. The maple cutting board is the lightest and, the walnut cutting board the darkest. There are three sizes for each wood. They are 12×9, 16×10.5, and 18×12 inches.

The smallest cutting board, 12×9 inches, does not have juice grooves. The thickness of the cutting board is 0.75 inches. They are flat surface cutting boards.

The medium-sized boards, 16×10.5 inches, are arched in shape with juice grooves. Its thickness is the same, 0.75 inches.

The large-sized cutting boards are rectangular with juice grooves on the cutting sides and 1.25 inches thick. They have handle grips on each side for grip and stability.

All the available twelve designs are beautiful. You can customize the text and choose the design you like the most. It is laser engraved, so you get a neat and stunning result.

The finishing of this board is the best. After laser engraving, it is washed and dried. Then it is sanded for the utmost smooth finish. It is checked double before delivering. So, you do not have to worry about the quality.


  • Customizable cutting board with nine sizes and twelve different designs to choose from
  • Perfect gift able cutting board
  • Laser engraved
  • Juice grooves on the medium and large-sized boards


  • Not reversible
  • A bit expensive
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10. CHOP CHOP Premium Large Maple Wood Cutting Board

CHOP CHOP Premium Large Maple Wood Cutting Board With Juice Goove Grip Handles Multipurpose Reversible Butcher Block Chopping Carving 17 inch x 11.5 inch x 1.5 inch Heavy Duty Meat Veggies Cheese

This board has the exact color and shine of a classic maple cutting board. It is undoubtedly one of the best maple cutting boards.

You cannot expect any less from the Canadian maple wood. It is durable and perfect for making the strongest cutting boards. This large maple cutting board is 1,5 inches thick. The length and width of the board are 17 and 11.5 inches. It is a reversible cutting board with a juice groove.

It is a butcher block that can be used as a cheese platter or charcuterie board. Butcher blocks are perfect for carving meat, and the juice groove can accumulate the excess juice from it. It has inward handles on each side of the board for ease of carrying. 

You will also get a two years warranty for any manufacturing or material defect. They also claim to replace the cutting board within three months of purchase if the customer is not satisfied. 

This heavy-duty cutting board is a must-have if you are a BBQ fanatic. This elegant maple cutting board is also a perfect gift for family members or friends. It is a useful gift that anybody would like. 


  • Reversible multifunction maple cutting board. It can be used a cheese platter or charcuterie board as well
  • Juice groove on one side of the board
  • Two years warranty and refundable within three months of purchase
  • Inner handles on each side for ease of carrying


  • No cracker holder
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What is the best end grain maple cutting board?

There are three surfaces on the wooden cutting boards. These wood grain surfaces/patterns play a significant role in the performance of cutting boards. The surfaces are face grain, edge grain, and end grain surface.

The end grain cutting boards are a lot more expensive than the other two types. It is because of its unique look and construction. End grain cutting boards look like a chessboard. So, you can assume how they are made.

The big pieces of wood are cut into equal blocks and attached with an adhesive. These blocks face the user while cutting or chopping. The wood fibers in the end grain cutting board are vertical unlike, the face or edge grain surface. 

For these vertical wood fibers, the edge of the knives is not damaged. It causes less wear on boards and knives. These fibers also render better grip to the knife’s edge while cutting. 

However, there are some factors to check before buying an end grain cutting board.


It is the first factor to consider while buying an end grain cutting board. Generally, they are made of wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, etc. You must know already that I will always prefer wooden cutting boards.

Hardwood is the best material for making end grain cutting boards. The wood fibers show the best result of end grain cutting boards. The hard maple wood cutting boards work best, along with walnut, cherry, oak, and birch cutting boards.


It varies from person to person. There is no accurate size for end grain cutting boards. 


Generally, the thicker the board the better. Experts recommend 2.5 to 4.5 inches thickness. However, it seems a lot to me. I prefer 2 inches thickness. They are the best end grain thin maple cutting board to me.


Well, great things come with a price. End grain cutting boards are pretty expensive for their complex construction. 


Darker wooden cutting boards are always better, no matter if it is the edge, face, or end grain type. Walnut and teak are the darkest wood. And maple wood is one of the lightest. 

So, the best end-grain maple cutting board is the one that possesses all these factors

How to care for maple cutting board?

Maple-cutting boards can last a lifetime if you take proper care. Follow the following precautions and steps for proper maintenance.

  • Wash it with your hand after every use. Do not submerge it in the water. Use warm soapy water to clean the board and wipe it with a towel. Dry it thoroughly after every wash.
  • Do not place it in the dishwasher or micro oven. 
  • Even though good cutting boards resist bacteria, it is safe to spray vinegar over the cutting board. Vinegar is a fantastic disinfectant. 
  • Stain mark is a common problem with cutting boards. Make a paste with three tablespoons of water, two tablespoons of baking soda, and one tablespoon of salt. It works as an effective cleaning agent. Scrub the board with this paste and wipe with a wet cloth. Make sure to dry it after cleaning.
  • You can also clean with coarse salt and lemon. First, damp the board with a warm wet cloth. Sprinkle salt all over it and rub a half-cut lemon on it. Squeeze the lemon while rubbing. 
  • Even after all this maintenance, it is natural for knife marks to show up on the cutting boards. The best part of wooden cutting boards is that you can get back the new look of your cutting board.

You will need three grits of sanding paper of 100, 180, and 240. Start with the lowest grit, and keep on increasing. Wash it off once and let it dry. 

Many brands have their mineral and beeswax oil. They recommend using those regularly every 3-4 weeks for the best result.

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How to Make a Maple Cutting Board?

Maple cutting boards are widely available in the market. Baseball bats are made of maple wood. So, if they can withstand such fastballs and send them so far, then it can stand the cuts of your knife. 

Maple cutting boards are also easy to make and requires basic elements. 

  • Start with planning your board. You can find plenty of ideas online. Or you can take inspiration from your previous cutting boards.  End grain cutting boards are more durable and strong. However, edge grain boards also serve the purpose well and are easy to make. 
  • Now buy the wood. If you live in Northern America, then you have plenty of wood to make your cutting board. If you do not, go to the store and buy the perfect maple wood plank for your board. Some discoloration makes the board look more realistic. However, try to avoid splits or big spots on the plank. Get smoother plank as they make the job easier. 
  • For end grain cutting boards, cut the wood lumbers into uniform blocks. As this type of cutting board is thick, cut the blocks accordingly. 
  • For the edge grain cutting boards, lay the planks out and attach them edge to edge. They are the easiest to make.
  • Now, join the woods. For my simple board, I only needed butt-joints and food-safe wood glue. Clean the squeezed-out glue from the joint with a wet cloth. 
  • Make a hole on the board with a hole saw on a power drill. You can soften the edges of the board with a router and a round-over bit. For a smoother finish, you can also sand the board. And it is done.

Final Verdict

Cutting boards are indispensable kitchen appliances of any household. A good cutting board can make chopping easy also save your knives from getting dull. You can find many boards in the market of different sizes, designs, and features.

The material of the cutting board plays the most crucial role in these differences. Hardwood is the best material for making a cutting board as it ensures a close-grained structure which is ideal for them.

Maple is the industry-standard hardwood for constructing chopping/cutting boards. Here, I have reviewed the ten best maple cutting boards which, are perfect for everyday chores or even special festivals/occasions.

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