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10 Best Personalized Cutting Board 2021 For Save Your Touch

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I am a passionate cook, and I firmly believe that we eat with our eyes first. I love to savor every moment and flavor while I am cooking, and I respect the fact that I am using this form of art to suppress my most primal need.

You can say that I am Remi from the movie Ratatouille. But my friends say that I am a combination of Gordon Ramsay and Martha Stewart! Now you can have a clear idea about my cooking style!

So, when my partner got me the best personalized cutting board on my birthday, I was thrilled. Never knew that something so simple yet elegant could inspire the little chef inside me with such intensity.

Since then, I have collected so many personalized cutting boards that have made me an expert. And I can help you with every possible thing on this matter. 

Just put your faith in me and follow this guide to get the most intriguing cutting board for yourself.

3 Best Personalized Cutting Board: Comparision


Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts Personalized Cutting Board Real Wood - Maple, Cherry, or Walnut, 3 Sizes and Many Designs Great Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming or Real Estate Gift (16 x 10.5 Walnut)

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Materials: Wood
  • Manufacturing: Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts  
  • Size: 16″ x 10.5″
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Personalized Fuller Design Wood Cutting Boards (Alison & Everett Design) - Perfect Gifts For Weddings, Bridal Showers, and Housewarmings - 9 x 17 Bamboo Handled with Grooves

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Materials: Wood
  • Manufacturing: Qualtry
  • Size: 9” x 17″
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Palm and Beach Personalized Engraved Cutting Board - Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming, Birthday Gift. #409

Hoverboard for beginners

Palm and Beach Personalized Engraved Cutting Board

  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Materials: Wood
  • Manufacturing: Straga Products
  • Size: 12″ x 15″
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What is the necessity of a personalized cutting board?

We get our initials engraved on our knife and other kitchenware all the time, but we never really do that to our cutting board. And that’s the reason this concept is radically exclusive.

But why do we actually need these personalized cutting boards in our lives? 

Honestly, it isn’t the most fundamental thing to have in the kitchen. I mean, it is not as important as having an oven or sink. But it sure breaks the monotony of having all those regular things that everyone has.

Firstly, we get to see our name on that chopping board every time we cut or chop something. It will remind us that art is in the process of making. And every time you cook for the family, the name on the board will tell you about the heartwarming gesture you are doing for the people you love?

Secondly, these personalized cutting boards are excellent gifts for housewarming or newlyweds. Moreover, mothers and grannies love this as a gift. You give this to your grandmother at Christmas, and you are golden! 

And do I have to tell you how much it will mean to someone who is passionately or professionally into cooking?

Therefore, every time you give it someone you love, they will love the thought that you’ve put on that gift. And the appreciations of dear ones are the most valuable thing in the world.

Lastly, it makes your kitchen counter look really good. That rich, classic engraved board makes you look posh, just like those fancy chefs you see in the magazines. Moreover, they act as a fancy serving platter.

So if you desire to have a cutting board personalized, it proves that you are a person of great taste. But do you know how to get the best one from yourself?

There are so many brands and qualities available for personalized boards. You can get marble, wooden, tempered glass, or even plastic cutting boards. But which one would be the best one to get personalized?

With my expertise and brief analysis of personalized cutting boards, I can suggest you some of the crème de la crème.

So here is my list of best quality personalized cutting boards that will help you to pick the right one for yourself.

Which cutting board is the best one?

As you can see, I have enlisted ten products and didn’t say which one is the best. Well, the answer is every personalized cutting board that I mentioned is the best in its own way.

I know it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth; I cross my heart!

Every people don’t have the same taste, and they have their own reasons to like or dislike a product. For instance, some people don’t like their cutting board to be pre-oiled, but I don’t mind having that.

The same goes for the material as a group of people like a natural bamboo cutting board; the other group thinks that bamboo cutting boards are too rustic.

So the idea of the best-personalized cutting board varies from person to person. I can’t vouch for you; neither can you do for some other people.

That’s why I have enlisted personalized chopping boards from different brands, price ranges and quality. This list will genuinely help you in getting the most suitable one.

Now it is time for some tips on how to take care of your personalized cutting board. Let’s learn something useful.

Quick View: Top 10 Personalized Cutting Boards

Top 10 Personalized Cutting Board Reviews

01. Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts

Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts Personalized Cutting Board Real Wood - Maple, Cherry, or Walnut, 3 Sizes and Many Designs Great Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming or Real Estate Gift (16 x 10.5 Walnut)

I have had many personalized cutting boards over the years, but this one is my most favorite. Though it is entirely on the expensive side, it is a far greater keepsake than the price you pay.

It is an aesthetically pleasing and high-functioning cutting board which is available in many colors and designs. You can choose yours from dozens of unique patterns and three amazing wood colors; Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. So, you can pick either a darker or lighter color; the choice is yours.

Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts manufactures three sizes of personalized cutting boards. If you are getting for personal usages, you can get the small or medium as they will fit into the kitchen cabinets with ease. The larger one is perfect as a gift, or you can also use them as a posh serving platter.

The laser engraving on this board is dark and rich, and it will not wash away easily if you properly take care of the board. The engraved part is for the show, and the opposite side is for cutting, and you may already know that.

I have prepared meat on this cutting board several times. But it is not damaged at all, which indicates its durability and sturdiness.

I love the quality control management by the Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts. The cutting board is finely finished, smooth, and rich in color. The engraving was pleasing are up to the mark. Moreover, it arrives in good packaging, which I appreciate a lot.

I have purchased quite a few of these cutting boards for gifts and have never been disappointed. It is one of the best placed to get a personalized maple cutting board.


  • Aesthetically pleasing and smooth finish
  • Precise and long-lasting engraving
  • Durable and Sturdy cutting board
  • Available in three wood types
  • Excellent value for the price


  • For some people, the board might not be thicker enough
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02. Straga

Palm and Beach Personalized Engraved Cutting Board - Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming, Birthday Gift. #409

These chopping blocks by Straga products are made from high-grade natural woods and tend to last longer if you take care of them. The manufacturer doesn’t use any artificial stain to enrich the texture and color. So every cutting board looks different than the others.

You can get three types of wooden chopping blocks from this brand. They are walnut, cherry and Sapele. All of their personalized wooden blocks are twelve inches wide and fifteen inches long. The thickness of the board is 1.75 inches, which is an ideal measurement for a chopping board.

The engraving on the board is done by burning the wood with a high-density laser beam. And how the engraving will turn out depends on the wood’s reaction to laser burn. So engraving will not be the same on every cutting board.

I love their cutting board because it is a well-built, rustic looking chopping board that gives you a cozy feeling. This board also has a juice groove for better performance. 

All of the engraved cutting boards by this brand have a smooth and perfect finish. Moreover, they come with a coating of cutting board butter made by Straga products for better durability, protection and performance.

Additionally, the manufacturer also aids you if you want to send it directly to someone as a gift. They will provide gift wrapping and note with the product, and you can write a 100-word message on that note.


  • Great value for the money
  • Durable and well-built
  • Natural smooth finish
  • Three types of wood selection
  • Comes with a protective coating


  • Offers only one classic swirl design
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03. BigWood Boards

BigWood Boards W300-G Cutting Board, Monogrammed Wedding Gift Cutting Board, Small Cheese Board, Walnut Wood Serving Tray, "G"

If you are looking for a personalized cutting board for every use, you can get this one. Made with sustainably sourced walnut wood, it can naturally resist any bacterial growth, which seemed pretty amazing to me. I think it is the perfect place for getting a personalized walnut cutting board.

This cutting board is low-maintenance and sturdy. You can use it for cutting bread, veggies, cheese, fruits and fishes. Though I haven’t cut meat on this board yet, you can try to test it.

This cutting board has rubber feet, which allows it to stick to the countertop no matter how slippery it is. I think this feature adds an extra benefit for sloppy or beginner cooks out there.

It has a juice groove carved around the edges to hold any liquid if you use it as a serving platter. To be honest, it is one of the most ergonomically designed personalized cutting boards which come in an affordable price range.

The walnut wood used in this board is a natural one without any coatings of stains. So, the color is very natural yet soothing, and it has a very soft and fine finish.

The board’s length is twelve-inch, and the width is nine-inch, and it comes with a thickness of ¾ inches, which is pretty thin for some people. But the rubber feel will never let you feel any discomfort while using this board.

I wash this board with mild soapy water and oil it once or twice a month, and that’s all you have to do keep it healthy.


  • Sturdy walnut wood construction
  • Perfectly engraved monogram every time
  • Low-maintenance and within budget
  • Rubber feet for a firm grip on the counter


  • Only comes in one size which might be a little smaller for some people
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04. P. Lab, Inc

Personalized Cutting Board, Housewarming Gift | 13.5x11.5 | 12 Designs & 2 Sizes, Wedding Gifts for Couple, Anniversary Gift & Kitchen Sign - 2 Tone Block Board #G

P. Lab, Inc offers you twelve designs and two sizes of a personalized cutting board. So, you get plenty of options to browse before you pick one for yourself. 

These cutting boards are made with top-grade woods and come with a beautiful natural yet rich wooden color. I don’t use this board often, but I have it in my possession for a long time, and it still looks like a new one.

My most favorite thing about this board is the customer service offered by the manufacturer. This board came with a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that they will fix my product if anything wrong happened or refund. That’s a pleasing thing to hear from a shop that sells online.

Unlike some of the few personalized cutting board brands, they offer free engraving. So, you are paying for the wood and design; the engraving comes as a bonus!

I am pretty satisfied with this board’s performance, and I think you will feel the same.


  • High-quality wooden structure
  • Comes in different sizes and multiple designs
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Fast delivery and excellent packaging
  • Free engraving and beautiful outlook


  • The packaging can use some improvements
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05. Qualtry

Personalized Fuller Design Wood Cutting Boards (Alison & Everett Design) - Perfect Gifts For Weddings, Bridal Showers, and Housewarmings - 9 x 17 Bamboo Handled with Grooves

I personally love my personalized wood cutting board for Qualtry. These cutting boards are sturdy, durable, and you get plenty of design options while engraving.

These cutting boards are not just some decorative pieces. You can actually do some pretty heavy-duty cutting jobs without ruining the board. They are made from top-quality, restaurant-grade bamboo, and so it is nearly impossible to damage them while working with them.

You can get a personalized Qualtry cutting board in whatever sizes you want. This brand makes small to extra large cutting boards and has a reputation for delivering a cutting board with the perfect size that you ordered.

The engraving on this board is done by advanced laser technology, so you get the précised design you want. Quality offers more of the eighteen distinctive patterns that can impress anyone. From modern to classic, you can get whatever design you prefer.

And one of the most amazing things about this cutting board is, you can get this board on your hands just twenty-four hours after placing your order. 

So, did you forget to get a gift for someone beloved? Now you can have this exceptional last-minute gift to win any heart!


  • Great value for the money
  • Decorative yet highly functional
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • 24-hours delivery
  • Several design choices


  • Engravings can use a little improvement
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06. Andaz Press

Andaz Press Laser Engraved Small Bamboo Wood Cutting Board, 9.5 x 6-inch, Grandma's Kitchen, 1-Pack, Mother's Day Mom's Birthday Christmas Chopping Gift Ideas

Made with highest-grade bamboo, this cutting board only comes in a small size. So, if you are looking for a cute yet elegant gift within a tight budget, this board can be a great relief for you.

As the size is small, you can regularly use it to cut cheese, fruits, and other light-weight things and keep it in your kitchen cabinet corner. The smaller size actually makes an adorable cheese plate serving platter if you ever feel fancy.

It comes with sports slanted edges, which help it to have a greater grip on the slippery or wet counters. The engraving on the board is done by Andaz press’s premium quality laser beams. Therefore, the engraving turns out to be perfect and pleasant looking.

Its only 9.5 inches long and 6 inches wide, so you do not get to use it for multiple tasks. But it is really great as gifts, keepsake, or serving platter. However, you get several design options, which is pretty cool, though.


  • Top-quality Bamboo construction
  • Several design choices
  • Compact and easy to clean


  • Too small for regular use
  • Comes with limited usage option
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07. Customgift

Personalized Cutting Board- Elegant Family Name, Christmas Gift, Wedding Gift, Housewarming Gift, Holiday Gift

It is another personalized cutting board made of bamboo. Though it comes in only one size, the size is pretty versatile. It is also one of the most inexpensive cutting boards that you can customize.

This cutting board can handle some severe beating like you can cut meat and fish on this board. The design is basic, but the engraving is top-quality. So, you get a pretty good deal for the money you are spending on it.

It is an eco-friendly cutting board made with premium-grade bamboo. The board is designed to soak the smallest amount of moisture so it will not crack easily. Despite being light-weight, it is durable and high-functioning, as you can see.

But the board is on the high maintenance side. You have to wash it in warm water and keep on checking if it’s dry or not. And you can use this board to cut food that has been soaked in water for a long time. If you can handle the maintenance process, it is pretty good kitchenware.

This brand has a very co-operative customer service and delivers premium-quality product just on time. What else do we need, right?


  • Eco-friendly Bamboo construction
  • Light-weight yet durable
  • Versatile and ergonomic design
  • Fast delivery and excellent customer service
  • Nice packaging
  • First-rate engraving
  • Excellent value for the price


  • Quite high-maintenance
  • Offers only one size
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08. Personalized Gifts

Custom Cooking Gift Enter Name Better Kitchen Personalized Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board Bamboo

This cutting board is constructed with natural bamboo and comes in a pre-oiled state for better longevity. Though this cutting board comes in only one particular size, it comes in two different shapes, and that’s a mind-blowing thing!

You can either order a rectangular shaped board or a personalized paddle cutting board. If you ask me, the rectangular size is more practical to use regularly. 

By contrast, the paddle-shaped one makes a great decorative piece, present, and serving platter but no so great as a cutting board, in my opinion.

I love the fact of how robust the board feels when you work with it. The sturdiness feels great against the knife, especially when you are chopping veggies. Though it’s a robustly constructed board, it doesn’t feel that much harsh against my kitchen knives.

I like to work with bigger cutting boards because it gives me a bigger surface. So yes, I like this personalized cutting board a lot.

They do not provide 24-hour delivery, but they will send your products within two business days. And the quality of their laser engraving is nicely done, soothing to the eyes and the surface has a perfect finish. I was pleased by the outlook when I got it for my friend’s bridal shower.


  • Sturdy bamboo construction
  • Durable and versatile
  • Great engraving and pre-oiled for better performance
  • Comes in two different shapes
  • Suitable for regular use


  • High-maintenance needs proper care for better performance
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09. Donebetter

Personalized Wood Cutting Board - Walnut - Maple- Christmas -House Warming - Custom Wedding Gift - Unique

If you are looking for a thicker and creamier looking personalized chopping board, you can pick this one with closed eyes.

This brand offers more than ten designs to choose from, which is a pretty good deal. And you are also getting this wooden cutting board in a highly affordable price range.

This wooden cutting board comes in two colors, Maple and Walnut. As these boards are made of hardwood material, they are entirely on the high maintenance side.

Moreover, this personalized cutting board comes in a pre-oiled state. So, you do not have to start the maintenance process right away. Though some people don’t like the pre-oiled thing, I think it is actually good because oiling is necessary for the board’s durability.

The best thing about this cutting board is that it is highly resistant to odor and stains. For me, it is a remarkable feature in a customized cutting board.


  • Sturdy hardwood construction
  • Pleasing design and highly durable
  • Available in two excellent color
  • Stain and smell resistant


  • Some people find the monogram relatively small
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10. Holmes Stamp & sign

Custom Cutting Board - Wood Engraved Cutting Board - Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board - Small Cutting Board

This natural Bamboo cutting board does not come with a stain or coating, so every board is different from others. The manufacturer offers two sizes and two shapes of a customized cutting board that you can select according to your preference.

This cutting board comes with one of the finest engraving quality I have experienced, and that’s a lot of personalized cutting boards I am talking about. It isn’t the best of the best, but it’s still better than most other cutting boards.

The small-sized cutting board’s measurement seemed too small for me, so I got the bigger rectangular one. But that’s totally up to you what size you are going to get. You can also get the paddled shaped one for a change of taste.

One thing I like about it is that the engraving isn’t too deep on the board. So it’s easy to clean and dry, which seem like blessings to me!

You can use this board for everyday use, but make sure to dry it well. If you are more into a decorative piece, get the smallest one, which is perfect for this purpose.


  • Eco-friendly bamboo construction
  • Nicely engraved and ergonomically designed
  • Comes in different sizes and shapes
  • Budget-friendly and durable


  • Needs proper care for performing the best
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How to take care of personalized cutting board: Maintenance guide

· Never clean your cutting board on a dishwasher.

· After washing, pat it dry with a clean washcloth then air dry the board.

· To disinfect, you can use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Coat the board with this mixture and wash it with cold water after 5/10 minutes. 

· If you are using wooden boards, it is better to use separate cutting boards for meats and veggies to maintain food safety. If you are using plastic boards, you don’t have to get separate ones.

· To stop any fungus growth, you can always use undiluted white vinegar.

· Never soak your wooden board; always rinse them quickly.

· Use knives according to your board’s sturdiness

By following these tips, you can make your personalized chopping board last longer. Now let’s get to the part of considering some vital things before choosing the best quality personalized cutting board.

A buyer’s guide to the perfect personalized cutting board

The material of the board

The material is the most important thing to look for while choosing a personalized cutting board. The material determines the longevity, performance, and the outlook of a cutting board.

Some of the most popular cutting board materials are:

· Wood

· Plastic Resin

· Tempered glass

Wooden Cutting Boards

Most of the famous customized cutting board material is wood because of its elegance. They are aesthetical, pleasing and traditional. But there are different types of woods used in making cutting boards such as Teak, Bamboo, Hardwood, and wood-fiber.

Hardwood cutting boards are generally made of walnut, cherry, or maple wood, and they are costly and high-maintenance. But the value you get far greater than the price you pay. Plus, hardwood boards are durable and add elegancy to your collection.

Bamboo boards are very light-weight and natural-looking but not as durable as the hardwood ones. But they are excellent for regular use.

Teak cutting boards are tremendously durable and great for regular use. But they need frequent oiling to give their best performance.

Plastic Resin

Plastic resin cutting boards are not great for personalizing, but they are highly functional and versatile. They are easy to clean, sanitize, and wash. These cutting boards will last forever if you are lucky enough.

Tempered Glass

If you like modern-looking kitchenware, you can get a tempered glass cutting board. But comparing to the other two materials, these cutting boards are not durable enough.

I mean, they are glass after all, and glasses shatter. That’s what they do the best!

Size of the board

Depending on your plan of using the personalized cutting board, you have to choose the size. 

If you are getting one for regular use, get a bigger one. Larger cutting boards will provide you a bigger working surface.

Smaller ones are great as a keepsake or serving platter. The smaller personalized cutting boards do not offer much versatility, to be honest. But you still can use them for light-duty chopping tasks.

I would suggest you get a cutting board at least twelve-inch wide and fourteen-inch long if you ask me. And for thickness, I prefer 1 or 1.5 inches, thick chopping boards. 

But that’s totally my preference; I am not suggesting you follow me strictly. You should find your own liking for a better experience.


On Amazon, you can find a lot of products that belong to various price ranges. You can get a personalized cutting board under 50$, or you can get the one over 150$.

So it would be better if you set a budget before you go on your shopping spree. And making a list of your preferences will help you a lot while choosing a personalized chopping block.

Some frequently asked questions about the Best quality personalized cutting board

  1. What should I do while ordering a personalized cutting board?

    Follow the steps given below while placing an order for a personalized chopping board.

    · Double check your pattern selection
    · Re-check the spelling of your engraving
    · Carefully select the material, color, and size

    If you do not have any idea about a customized chopping board’s sizes and functions, you can go through his article for detailed information.

  2. How do I get a cutting board with a rich and intense color?

    If you order a cutting board made with natural wood without any artificial staining, you will never get that dark, intense color you are looking for.

    Some hardwood cutting boards are rich in color, but they are highly expensive and require proper maintenance. If you can deal with that, you can definitely get that for yourself.

    Otherwise, you have to settle with the one that comes with an extra coating of stain, and that is totally fine, in my opinion.

  3. What type of water should I use to wash my wooden cutting board?

    You can use warm water to rinse your wooden cutting board. You should use mild soapy water to maintain the glaze of your wooden cutting board.

  4. What should I do right after getting my personalized wooden chopping board?

    Right after you open your package, you should oil your wooden chopping board. You do not have to spend on any fancy oil made explicitly for wooden boards or whatever. You can use any kind of food-grade oil to keep your cutting board at its best.

    Some of the personalized cutting boards are pre-oiled. So you don’t have to follow this procedure if your board comes in that condition.

Final Verdict

Getting the best personalized cutting board isn’t easy at all. It may seem very simple at first, but there are a lot of complicated things going on. You make one mistake, and you are stuck with a cheap-looking cutting board that has the wrong engraving.

But you don’t have to fret anymore, because I have told you every possible detail that you may need while buying a personalized cutting board.

So go on and get a perfect-looking engraved chopping board to impress people as well as yourself.

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