10 Best Steak Knives Under 100 in 2021 with Ultimate Buying Guide

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Cutting your steaks with a regular table knife can be difficult and tricky, but not if you use one of the best steak knives under 100. They can ensure your total comfort and functionality at a meager prize. It is also one of the essential table knives for a modern table and also a must-have.

Steaks are the kind of food that needs to be cut carefully after you cook them. Steaks generally stay harder or have a more well-cooked surface on the outer side and a comparatively less cooked on the inside.

This particular feature of this dish takes a special kind of knife, which will cut through the more problematic skin of the meat but would not smash the less cooked part. Specialized blades to cut steaks were invented after the second world war in America. But those were high-maintenance

These stainless steel knives remained sharp for a long time and did not require frequent resharpening or polishing, so they quickly got famous. And that is how we got our today’s steak knives on our tables.

As the topic we are going to talk about today are steak knives, we need to know what a steak knife is.  A steak knife is a special kind of table knife used for cutting steaks. These knives generally have wooden handles and toothed or serrated edges.

The toothed edge is specially made to cut through your steak entirely without ruining its shape. The best thing about this knife is that it can cut so many foods other than steaks. A good and suitable knife is essential to cut your steak correctly.

That is why a set of steak knives is one of the most needed things in your kitchen. If you do not even eat steak that much, you can use it to cut other foods or for other purposes. So, it is a win for you in both ways.

What are the best steak knives?

If you already knew about steak knives, that is good. And if you do not, we already discussed it. But how would you understand which would be the best steak knives to buy. And steak knives are the topic  I am going to talk about now.

There are a few things which would be better to remember when you buy a steak knife. They would not ensure you the  or most comfortable steak knife as comfort and habits vary from person to person.  But maintaining these qualities works in most cases.

Steak knives can be of different blades. There are serrated blades or straight blades. You can choose the blade according to the cut you want. Most steak knives come with wooden handles that are easy to hold and carry. You can pick them for your steak knife.

Review of the 10 Best Steak Knives Under 100

Here are some of the top-rated steak knives. These knives will be perfect for serving your purposes. Also, you can get these steak knives at a low price. You can trust these steak knives for the best quality and excellent performance.

Steak knives, Emojoy Steak knife set, Pakkawood Handle Highly Resistant and Durable, German Stainless Steel Steak Knives Serrated (1 Set of 8-Piece Steak Knives)

This set of knife is a fantastic set of 8 knives. Perfect cuts are made with the stainless steel thin blades with a toothed edge. You can easily cut through your steaks with these knives with the minimum physical effort. 

And it is rare to have a steak knife set with this quality at such a low and reasonable price. This knife gives you professional cutting experience with their German high-carbon stainless steel. The steak knives are specially sharpened by hand to provide subtle, clean cuts.

The blade has an angle of 16-18 on both sides to give the sharper edges. The 5 inches steak knife blade has air pockets to make sure the meat falls off the knife and does not stick to it.

The high-quality heat-treated blade makes it easier to work with these knives. The beautiful design of the handles made of pakkawood ensures quality and durability. These handles make your steak knives easy to hold. This set of steak knives can be a great help to both amateurs and professionals.

These excellent steak knives can be used for other purposes other than cutting steaks too.  The stainless steel blades are free from typical problems such as rusting, chipping, or cracking. These make these steak knives comfortable to use and take care of. This steak knife set has the best affordable steak knives.

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Steak Knives, Steak Knife Set of 4 Premium Kitchen Table Knife 4.5 Inch Straight Edge Blade Dinner Knives Non Serrated

These steak knife sets consisting of four knives, are the most suitable knife set to serve a small number of people. If you are a fan of smooth and finely cut steak, this steak knife is for you. Their non-serrated edge gives you a clean, uninterrupted cut.

The hand-polished knife blade is forged with high-quality stainless steel to give it more durability and stability. Because of stainless steel in the steak knives construction, they are rust, chip, and break-proof. German stainless steel provides the HRC with a score of 58 to ensure durable sharpness.

The blade angled at 17 degrees gives razor-sharp edges. Minimal cutting and carvings are correctly done with these steak knives. The handle is made of food-grade ABS with a touch of ebony. These fascinating features make these knives one of the best non-serrated steak knives.

The full tang handle is secured to the blade with a sturdy bolster to prevent the knife from breaking. This gives the steak knives strength and durability. The ergonomic handle is designed to be used by either hand. The handle gives you a comfy grip and safety while you use them.



Lief + Svein German Steel Steak Knife Set. 6 Pc Steak knives with block. Premium 1.4116 Stainless Steel Knives with highly polished handles. Sharp serrated steak knives set of 6. Best Steak Knifes.

This is one of the fascinating steak knife steaks as you can get these professional-quality steak knives at an unbelievably low price. These forged German stainless steel knives stay sharp for a long time, so do not need frequent sharpening.

 The robust construction of the knives keeps them healthy and make them durable. The knife blades are safely constructed to the non-slip bolster, which gives the knife a firmer grip. It makes working with the knife safer. The smooth body ensures outstanding craftsmanship.

This gives you more agreeable, cleaner pieces of your steak. The razor-sharp blade is sharpened and honed to maintain its quality. The forged high-carbon stainless steel blade gives it durability. The blade smoothly cuts through the meat, making it super easy work.

It also comes with a block to store your knives while you are not working. These six steak knives were brilliantly designed to distribute the weight and pressure and keep it in perfect balance. This feature makes this steak knife exceptionally safe for cutting steaks.

You can easily trust these steak knives. They will provide you with the best quality and performance at a reasonable price.



Steak Knives Set of 4 by MARKSFORD. Extremely Sharp 5 Inch Non Serrated Quality German Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set, Guaranteed To Not Rust, Stunning Packaging With Sharpener Makes The Perfect Gift

If this fantastic steak knife kept you wondering about its beautiful and brilliant design, just to let you know, the creation of these beautiful knife blades is inspired by the famous Japanese santoku knives. These steak knives were made to glide through your steak cutting them at ease.

The forged blades are robust in structure and have a longer life than most other regular steak knives. The stainless steel blades stay rustproof, chip-proof, and crack proof for a long time. The air pockets on the blade help the food fall off properly.

Because of being made of stainless steel, the knife blade is easy to sharpen. The steak knife has a money-back guarantee of two years. This means if you receive a faulty piece of product, you will be able to return it and get the money back any time in two years.

These steak knives will not tear the meat and instead will make clean, even pieces. They do not let bacteria or germs stick to the surface, which ensures your knife stays hygienic.



HENCKELS CLASSIC Steak Knife Set, 4-piece, Black/Stainless Steel

No matter if you do cook regularly or not, it is impossible not to hear of the Henckels knives. They are one of the most known knife brands for making the top quality knives. Their steak knives are not any different. High-quality German stainless steel is used to construct this knife, which gives it sturdiness and longevity.

These steak knives from Henckels are a perfect combination of quality and performance. The knife blades are forged to maintain the seamless structure between the blade and the handle.

These steak knives will make your works look like the works of a professional. The super sharp satin finished blades glide through the meat like butter, giving you the most precise and clean cuts. The stainless steel blade saves the knife from rusting, cracking, or breaking.

The sharpness of these knives stays for a long time. The knife blades are honed to stay sharp for a more extended period. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easier to hold with both hands. The triple-rivet handles hold on to the blade so perfectly that it does not slip or come off.

These knives are dishwasher safe, so you can occasionally wash them in a dishwasher too. But a hand wash is always more preferable for a steak knife. And it is rare to get a professional quality steak knife at a price this reasonable. This set of steak knives from the Henckels is undoubtedly one of the best steak knives for $100.

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Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Piece Forged Steak Knife Set

This set of steak knives is super comfortable to use. So, if you are not used to steak knives, they can give your hand comfort and ease. The Santoprene handles of these steak knives give you a comfortable and firm grip on the blade. The non-slip design does not let the knife slip off.

The strong bolster secures the blade onto the knife handle. This gives the whole structure extra strength. It also maintains the balance of your steak knife, making it easier to use.  The bolster also has a variety of designs. You can again go for a short bolster.

High-carbon German stainless steel has been used in the construction of this steak knife. The structure of the edge saves your steak knife from getting stained, rusted. It keeps your steak knife from all kinds of discoloration and deformation.

The taper-ground edge ensures agility and stability. It makes honing easy and helps the knife to remain sharper. It has versatile uses, and you can use it for many other cutting purposes. This steak knife is efficient, and this is one of the best steak knives under $100.



Shun Cutlery Classic 4.75-Inch Steak Knife; Exquisite, Handcrafted Japanese Knife; Made Specially to Cut Steak with Precision and Ease; Get Top Performance with this Stunning, Sharp Blade

This is another excellent steak knife from one of the best knives making companies. This knife gives you professional quality performance, and its beauty lights up your kitchen. This knife has a straight edge that glides through the meat and easily slices up the finest and precise cuts.

The sharp, clean straight edge does not tear or smash your food. It slides through the knife and helps you gain perfection in cutting steaks. The Damascus style blade securely sits on the perfect looking pakkawood handle.

The handle of this steak knife ensures maximum comfort. The smooth and polished blade adds up to the look of the knife. The Japanese are fantastic knife makers. This steak knife is the creation of a Japanese brand. The handmade and hand sharpened blade stays perfect for a long.

The knife blade is layered in a particular procedure to give the knife sturdy and durability. The stainless steel blade does not rust, bend, or crack. It does not stain easily and easy to sharpen. Overall, it is one of the best steak knives to buy.



Shun Higo-No Kami Personal Steak/Gentleman’s Knife, Model DM5900; Lightweight, Thin 3.5-In. Blade, Beautifully Handcrafted Folding Knife Carried as Tasteful Pocketknife or Personal Steak Knife

This is another beautiful knife from shun which you can use to cut your steaks. Like other knives from Shun, this knife is handcrafted to maintain classic Japanese knives’ perfection and quality. The incredible feature of the knife is that it is foldable.

So, you can fold it and carry it like a pocket knife. This sleek and elegant knife also gives great performances when used to cut steaks. The blade is brilliantly constructed, and you can tell it just by looking at it.

The beautiful stainless steel 3.5 inches blade can glide through your food like a breeze. The shiny, long-lasting Pakkawood handle adds to the looks.

It is an efficient and super functional knife as both pocket knives and a steak knife. So, we can also say that this knife is multi-purpose. It is an expert at cutting almost anything, starting from food.

The lightweight, slender design and thin blade make it easy to hold, carry, and use. With its small edge, this knife gives you fantastic craftsmanship and clean, fine cuts every time.

And all of these features come at a reasonable price. So we can quickly tell that this fantastic knife is one of the best steak knives to buy. You can buy it even if you do not need it for cutting steaks.



Steak Knives Knife Set of 4, 8, or 12 Piece - Best Non Serrated German Stainless Steel Straight Edge Blade - Full Tang Rust Resistant Not for Dishwasher w/ Black Gift Box Holder Streak Knifes

If you are a fan of steak knives without tooth, these are the best set of steak knives for you. The main reason some people prefer straight-edged steak knives instead of toothed knives is a cleaner cut: a toothed or serrated knife kind of saws through the meat.

A straight knife would smoothly glide through the meat, giving you an example of outstanding craftsmanship and the most pleasing, cleanest meat pieces. And this is what this knife does. Its razor-sharp, thin blade gives you precise cuts of food every time.

The stainless steel blade does not rust, bend, or stain. It does not deform or discolor with time, which makes it perfect for your daily use. If you are not a fan of steaks, do not worry. This multi-purpose knife will be your great friend while cutting everything with perfection.

The beautiful, super comfy handle is constructed to the blade securely, ensuring maximum safety. The triple-rivet handle gives strength to the steak knives.

It is especially suitable for cutting rib eye steaks. It does not smash or rip your steak. It gives the best cuts maintaining the perfect shape and structure you need. The way these steak knives handle a super delicate food like steak will amaze you.



La Cote Six Piece Olive Wood Steak Knives Set Straight Edge Non Serrated Blades in gift box

This steak knife is one of the most classic knives out there. The handle of this knife is made of Mediterranean olive wood. This is one of the most robust and durable wood. Because of being constructed of this wood, this steak knife’s handle becomes extra strong and durable.

The blade of the knife ensures superior and superfine craftsmanship. As the steak is an exceptionally delicate food, it needs caution while cutting. This knife is handmade to restore its perfection and quality. The knife blade has the perfect hardness and thickness.

The handle is unique for using olive wood. This wood has a beautiful texture, smell, and it is robust too. The handle is constructed with care to make it easier to use. It is non-slip and gives you a firm grip while you work. The robust construction does not let the handle come off of the blade.

The Japanese steel blade has a 58 in HRC hardness, which is a lot more than the regular steak Knives. The blade is made of combined steel, which makes it harder and gives it a longer life. Because of having a longer blade, you can use it to cut larger pieces.



Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy a Steak Knife

These are some features or qualities you need to look for in your steak knives. You can buy a steak knife without these features and still be comfortable using it. But these qualities will ensure that you have a better-quality steak knife.

Knowing about these features is not mandatory, but they will help you understand the features that make your steak knife better. So, instead of trusting any review blindly, you will know and understand your knife.

Serrated or Straight Blade

The blade of a serrated knife can be of two types, serrated or toothed and straight. It mainly depends on which you are comfortable to use. But, if you are comfortable using both, you can look at the cuts to determine which to use. If you like straight aligned cuts for your steak, go for the straight blade. Otherwise, you can choose the serrated edge.

Blade Materials

Besides the knife blades’ structure, the materials used to make the knives also matter. After all, the durability of your steak knives depends on the materials used to make the blade. Before the use of stainless steel, these blades were made using carbon steels. This metal was quite durable.

Now, most of the steak knives are made of stainless steel. These save you from the hassle of sharpening your knives every once in a while. They do not need much maintenance and are perfect for regular use.

Comfortable Handles

The comfort of using a knife depends hugely on the type of the handle. Some of these knife handles are comfy to hold; they do not hurt your hand from prolonged use. Some knife handles have gorgeous designs over them, which looks nice and elegant on your countertop.

Now it is for you to decide which matters to you more. If you are not much of a steak lover or do not have them frequently, it is okay to go for steak knives with beautiful handles, looking stunning in your kitchen. But if you use your steak knives for cutting purposes frequently, it is better to go for more comfortable handles.

Handles and Blade

You cannot choose a certain kind of edge or knife handle individually overlooking the other. If the knife handle and blade does not perfectly go with each other, you will not get the best performance. The knife handle needs to be half tang or full tang according to the knife blade’s weight.

The material of the knife handle should be robust enough to hold the weight of the blade. Ergonomically designed handles allow you to use the steak knife with both hands, which is an extra advantage.

Perfectly Angled Blade

Your knife blades need to be at a specific angle to cut stuff. If your blade is already constructed to the handle at that angle, it gets easier to cut through the food. So, it is good to make sure that your steak knife blade is at 11-13 degrees angle.

How to Choose the Best Steak Knives?

Before I start talking about the ways to choose the best budget steak knives, I just want to assure you that there are no ground rules to determine your steak knife or any knife. It depends on what gives you comfort, flexibility, and agility of the work.

And in this case, before following any specific rules to choose your steak knife, it is essential to know your comfort and habits first. When you are sure about these, it gets easy to decide which blade type or handle you need for your work.  The weight of the knife you can manage and use comfortably is also essential.

So, considering your comfort to choose the right kind of handle, blade, or design to choose your steak knife is the best thing you can do.

Steak Knives Serrated vs. Straight Edge

As we already discussed this, a steak knife can have two kinds of blades, serrated and straight edge. The serrated knives have a toothed advantage. This toothed edge cuts the meat by sawing through it. On the other hand, steak knives with a straight edge are just like any regular sharp knife.

It glides through the meat, creating a comparatively clean and straight cut. The serrated knives are suitable for foods with a more rigid crust and softer inner side. It cuts the hard surface of the food without ruining the more delicate part inside. It also keeps your steak in the right shape.

So, if you want to cut your stake at ease, you can choose toothed steak knives. Streak knives with an unswerving edge take some extra effort while you cut through the food. But they create a cleaner and even cuts of your steak. So, you can choose them if you are going for cleaner cuts.

But no matter if your steak knife is serrated or straight edge knife, it is one of the essential tools you will need. So, choosing the right knife blade for your steak knife would be beneficial. This one little caution while buying your steak knives will help you cut any of your food quickly.

Also, we can see that all that matters here is the comfort of the user. Maximum comfort can give you excellent performance while working, and this is why it is essential to stay patient and choose the steak knife with caution.

FAQ about the Steak Knife

The primary purpose of using a separate knife for cutting steak is to get the perfect cuts with less effort. The texture of a steak is delicate in both inner or outer parts. You would want the well-cooked and vital part finely cut. But also, you do not wish to smash the comparatively softer and less cooked inner part.

A steak knife with subtle and sharp edges would help you with this. There are different kinds of handles for your steak knives too. You can go for super comfy lightweight handles. You can go for a more massive and elegant steak knife handles also. The right combination of the knife handle and blade is also essential.

This is another question I get a lot about steak knives. Buying a different knife just to cut steaks can seem too much if you do not like steaks that much or just do have it that often. But the good thing is that you still would not regret buying a steak knife because you can use it for multiple purposes.

 If you want to use your steak knife to cut other foods, going for a straight-edged steak knife blade is better. Serrated knives are not the best things to cut vegetables or fruits. But you can use the steak knife with a straight edge quickly to chop and slice your daily fruits and veggies.

It is better to go for a knife brand that can provide the right combination of better quality, robust blades, comfy and sturdy handles for your steak knives. It should be available at a budget-friendly price. 

It also should ensure the durability of the knife so that your steak knives go a long way. If a knife brand has steak knives with these qualities, you can rely on them quickly.

Final Verdict

Today, we talked about the best steak knives under 100. These steak knife brands will ensure you some best quality steak knives on the market. You can choose according to your comfort from their different features. Even though the name says steak knives, you can find versatile uses for these steak knives. With all these features, they will still be easy on your pocket.

And it is rare to get it all at once at such a price. If you have already gone through the article, you know exactly what qualities to look for in the best quality steak knife. Using these, choosing your steak knife would be like child’s play for you.

So, what are you late for? As these knives are at a reasonable price, they have a high demand in the market. So, hurry up and go to grab your favorite steak knife before they all get sold out.

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