Top 10 Best Sushi Knife Sets in 2021 (Review & Buying Guides)

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Do you cook for your passion or your profession? Are you looking for a handsome sushi knife for your cooking? 10-best sushi knife sets in 2020, is here to solve your problem. That will not only guide you but also provide you with accurate information about them. With its help, you will be able to choose the best sushi knife for you.

Sushi Knife is the perfect match for those chef’s, who is the master of sushi making. An ideal fit knife always helps to carve your art perfectly to promote your profession. The Hiroshi knife is the best pick product where myvit is from the editor’s choice. If you are looking for the best seller in 2020, kiritsuke is the perfect fit for you.

Top Pick

Global G-47 Two-Sided Sashimi-YO Slicer ( Editor's Pick )
Global G-47 Two-Sided Sashimi-YO Slicer ( Editor’s Pick )
  • Brand: Global
  • Blade Material: Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless Steel
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Handle: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 10-inch
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made: USA
FINDKING Kiritsuke Knife  ( Best Seller )
FINDKING Kiritsuke Knife ( Best Seller )
  • Brand: FINDKING
  • Blade Material: VG-10 damascus steel
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Handle: Sapele mahogany
  • Color: White
  • Size: 9-inch
  • Warranty: —
  • Made: China

Hiroshi Knives Sushi Knife ( Budget Pick )
Hiroshi Knives Sushi Knife ( Budget Pick )
  • Brand: HIROSHI
  • Blade Material: High carbon stainless steel
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Handle: Wood
  • Color: Wood
  • Size: 6.5-inch
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty
  • Made: Japan

Top-10 Sushi Knife Sets

Top-10 Japanese Sushi Knife Sets Available in The Market

If you inquire about the best sushi knife in the market, you will be familiar with different brands. Those brands offer sushi knives of different sizes and styles. Do you catch up with a dilemma about which one to choose? Read on to find out the solution to this problem in the best part of this content.

01. Hiroshi Knives

Hiroshi Knives (6.5" Sushi Knife)

Hiroshi knives-sushi knife is one of the best product of our review. That comes with an excellent style. With its high carbon stainless steel materials, it ensures an ultra-strong core. That comes with a stain-resistant feature, which comes through 40 processes to get its smart design. It is a premium quality sushi knife that is also the best sushi knife for beginners.

This sashimi knife comes with a 6 ½” blade, which is a professional choice for slicing. It works well to slice the delicate sushi and other food items. With a 4 ½” wooden handle, it permits you to cut anything without any hassle. Use this ultra-strong stainless steel sushi knife for all-purpose use at your kitchen. The three virtues (santoku) knife is another name of this sushi knife.

Hiroshi knives are famous for their traditional way of hand forging. That includes hand assembling and sharpening. With its conventional knife-making method, it offers you a reliable sushi knife. The ultralight beechwood handle provides comfortable grips for its users. That makes it perfect for travel and all-purpose use. If you are passionate about having an excellent sushi knife, Hiroshi is the right product for you.


  • It is of Japanese stainless steel materials that offer an ultra-strong core
  • With its traditional knife making way, it ensures the reliability of their products
  • The beechwood handle makes it an extraordinary light-weight sushi knife
  • Its ultra-strong stainless steel materials make it durable to provide long-life. You will get fond of its heavy-duty performance
  • Use this santoku knife for all-purpose kitchen use to satisfy your needs


  • It’s wooden handle may come off from the blade
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02. MYVIT Japanese

MYVIT Sushi Knife

Another great sushi knife that we are going to discuss now is the MYVIT Japanese Sushi knife. This heavy-duty knife is the best sushi knife under $100. Which comes with an 8.5″ Japanese style knife and a cleaning cloth. If you are looking for a fish fillet knife for your professional needs, then myvit is the best option for you. With an ice tempering material, the pro built this best fillet knife for salmon to win the market.

Myvit, with its heat-treating process, produces this long-lasting sushi knife. This ultra-sharp one-sided knife permits you to cut the food items with precision. With its Japanese style handle with full-tang design, it is a perfect fit for your palm. That ensures numbness free comfortable food cutting experience. You can enjoy the best edge retention of the blade that will help you to work correctly.

Myvit sushi knife, with its corrosion-resistant feature, makes it a heavy-duty product. That provides you with a tearing free Japanese cuisine. With the cleaning cloth, wipe your knife after every use. That will help you to prevent rust and corrosion. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for the aftermarket product. So, give a gift of myvit fish fillet knife to your family.


  • It comes with an 8.5″ fillet knife that is ideal for cutting delicate fish fillets
  • Its Japanese style stainless steel materials make it durable
  • The smart design of the wooden handle makes it a real beauty for your kitchen
  • You will get a lifetime warranty for this item
  • It is ideal for slicing delicate fish fillets or other food items


  • The quality of a hand sharpener may affect your knife
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03. Kiritsuke

9 inch Kiritsuke Knife by Findking-Prestige series-67 layers Japanese SKD11 Damascus Steel w/octagon Handle with Wooden Knife Cover and Box

Now we are going to discuss about the kiritsuke knife by findking- prestige. That comes with the multi-layers Japanese stainless SKD11 steel. Which makes it the perfect fit for all types of kitchen works. If you are after the best sushi knife 2020, then you can consider the kiritsuke. Preserve the nutrition values of your food items by using this knife.

The length of this blade is 9″ and the overall length is 14″ with the handle. It comes with a smart wooden cover that provides powerful rust-resistant performance. You can carry this knife with safety because of this cover. With its traditional k-tip design, it permits you to break the chicken joints. Use kiritsuke for all types of veggies’ cutting. Its hammer dimples design allows you to remove the products easily from its body.

FIndking’s Kiritsuke sushi knife is of VG-10 Damascus Japanese steel. The double-beveled edge allows you to use it for multi-purpose action in your kitchen. It’s easy grips handle is of ebony wood with sapele mahogany and copper spacers. With that 16cm handle, this item offers a durable strain-free comfort for its users. It’s tip holds the maximum weight of this knife.


  • It comes with a multi-layers Japanese stainless steel that ensures durability
  • Its double-beveled edge feature makes it perfect for multi-purpose cutting
  • Its high-quality performance will satisfy your need with smartness
  • The long handle with its smart design ensures strain-free comfort for its users
  • The maximum weight on the tip makes it easier to get the product slices with ease
  • The razor-sharp blade produces the thinner slices with no effort


  • The knife is a little bit heavy for several users
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04. Global G-47

Global G-47 - 10 inch, 25cm Two-Sided Sashimi-YO Slicer (G47)

Let me give you a detail information about the global G-47 sashimi-yo slicer. That comes with a 10″ two-sided knife. Which is the perfect fit for the most excellent slicing experience? With the molybdenum/ vanadium stainless steel material, it provides rust-resistant features. This light-weight sushi/ sashimi knife works for many tasks with skill.

The light-weight sushi knife has a hand sharp 15° edge angle. That helps to produce perfect cutting in your kitchen. It’s stainless steel handle comes from the molding process. That ensures strain-free comfort for its users while using it. With its long-tapper face- ground features, it offers the perfect edge for slicing. That also provides the long-lasting sharpening action for easy cutting.

The smaller around handle allows the little handed chefs to use this knife. With a ceramic sharpener/ diamond steel, it produces most sharper edges knives for you. The razor-sharp thinner blade is the perfect fit for the thinner slices. That allows you to slice raw, delicate fish with ease. You will get a sharpening guide to sharpen your blade at a proper angle.


  • It is the thinnest blade that offers perfect slicing of your delicate sushi
  • It offers multi-purpose tasks with its 10″ two side blade
  • Experience an excellent slicing with it
  • The smaller around fits for the tiny handed chefs
  • It comes with a ceramic/ diamond steel sharpener to produce perfect edges
  • The molybdenum/ vanadium stainless steel material provides rust and corrosion-resistant


  • The knife is maybe a little bit sticky
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05. Tojiro DP

Tojiro DP Sujihiki Slicer - 10.5" (27cm)

Another best sushi knife that we are presenting now is the tojiro DP sujihiki slicer. That comes with the accessibility of left and right-hand use. With its cobalt alloy core, it ensures stain-resistant features. That ensures superior, long-lasting working performance of this product. You may find it a little heavier than its competitors. But this (0.18kg) weight is ideal for removing fish/ chicken bones.

The eco wood ( heated recycling wood) handle comes with a beautiful design. That doesn’t show any reaction to any temperature changes. Use this slicing knife to cut a precise slice of fish or chicken. You can use this ergonomic slicer for your sushi slicing action as well. The razor-sharp edges ensure durable sharpness that offers a fresh, cleaner cut.

This one-piece sushi knife is 10.5″ in size that allows you to use it in your kitchen table for slicing. Use this sushi knife to remove the joints from the chicken. With the combination of cobalt alloy material and eco wood, it becomes the best sushi knife. If you want to have a durable sushi knife with an eco wooden handle, then give a try to tojiro.


  • It comes with the cobalt alloy core that ensures durability
  • With the stain-resistant feature, it offers long-lasting working performance
  • You will feel a comfortable grip during working performance
  • It’s eco wooden handle don’t react with any temperature changes
  • It comes with a sharp blade edge to provide a superior cutting experience
  • Its 10.5″ blade is ideal for cutting the fresh, smooth veggies


  • You may find the edge a little bit thick
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06. TUO Sashimi

TUO Sashimi Sushi Knife - 10.5" Yanagiba Knife Left Handed Japanese Fish Filleting Knife - High Carbon Stainless Steel with Sharp Single bevel Blade (Left)

The TUO Sashimi Sushi fish filleting knife is the strongest knife that you can have at your kitchen. It comes with the 10.5″ blade to provide the most delicate fish slices for your sushi /sashimi. With this yanagiba knife, have a great time while slicing the fish. Which comes with the high carbonic materials to provide stain/ rust resistant features.

This Japanese best fillet knife for salmon has a single bevel design for the left-handed chefs. With this traditional knife, cut a precise piece without any squeeze. That will restore the food’s nutrition to provide a healthy meal. You can have a great experience in salmon or tuna filleting action using a tuo sashimi sushi knife.

Its 8-12° razor-sharp edges with exclusive sanding finish provide a gorgeous look. That also provides a superior sharpness to your blade. With the POM plastic octagon design, it’s handle offers easy grip holding. That ensures strain-free comfort for its users while using it for slicing delicate fish. Do you want to give a gift of a sushi knife to your family? Choose tuo sashimi sushi knife to have a great time while cooking.


  • It comes with a 10.5″ blade with a razor-sharp edge to get a precise cut
  • It is ideal for fish filleting action such as salmon, tuna filleting
  • With its octagon design, the plastic handle ensures strain-free comfort for its users
  • The combination of the stainless steel blade and octagon handle makes it the best pick
  • Perfect as a gift that worth the money with its heavy-duty performance


  • Available as the left-handed knife only
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07. Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki

Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Aogami Super Blue High Carbon Steel Kurouchi Nakiri Japanese Vegetable Knife (6.5'' (165mm) & No Saya)

Now we are going to discuss our next product, which is the Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Aogami. This Japanese vegetable knife is the most expensive sushi knife of this review. That comes with various superior quality features. Do you want to have a test on those excellent features? Then you have to spend some extra dollars on it. Don’t worry; you will not regret the purchase in the future.

The Yoshihiro sushi knife has a black forging finish that ensures excellent performance. With the carbonized coating, it offers corrosion and rust-resistant features. With its long life, it provides the long-lasting working performance of this best sushi knife. This expensive sushi knife comes with a 6.5″ blade. That provides the hardness of 64/65 on the Rockwell scale.

The kurouchi knife comes with the double bevel edges that allow the whole knife works for you. With the flat figure, it doesn’t have any imperfections during the veggie cutting. It comes with the traditional Japanese Wa-style that makes it more functional. You need to be careful while using it for the cutting. Avoid frozen foods, bones, and shells to prevent any damages.


  • It is the most expensive sushi knife with superior quality
  • That is ideal for delicate raw fish/ chicken slicing action
  • You can use this flat knife to chop veggies according to your demands
  • It provides a hardness resistant feature with a 6.5″ blade
  • With the carbonized coating, it offers corrosion and rust-resistant feature


  • Not suitable for hard foods such as frozen foods, bones, and nutshells
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08. Kai (Sekimagoroku)

Kai (Sekimagoroku) Stainless Steel Sushi Sashimi Knife 165mm/61/2"

Another best sushi knife of this review is the Kai stainless steel sushi/ sashimi knife. That comes with a 6 ½” blade, which got a certificate by NSF. You can use this sushi knife for your professional kitchen work. With a 0.33 pounds weight, it allows you to get strain-free comfort. Kai stainless steel knife offers a double bevel razor-sharp edge for delicate cutting.

With the Japanese AUS6M stainless steel, Kai offers a rust-resistant knife for you. It comes with 16° sharp edges on both sides that allow you to use it on multi-purpose tasks. The smart finishing of the blade helps to release the foods quickly from its body. The full-tang handle design makes it easy to grab that provides comfort during an action.

It’s POM plastic easy-grip handle ensures long-lasting working performance with Kai sushi knife. With this professional sushi knife, experience pro-level chef’s work for satisfaction. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty aftermarket. You can have this item as your sushi knife with professional heavy-duty performance.


  • It comes with a 6.5″ blade for the sushi chefs to experience pro performance
  • It’s Japanese stainless steel materials make it rust-resistant to have a long life
  • The POM plastic octagon style handle makes it eye-catchy
  • You can resharpen your knife easily with sharpening steel
  • It’s 16° cutting edge with a flat body allows it to works great on slicing
  • Enjoy your sushi with this rouge knife


  • The blade is too thin that it may not be suitable for hard foods
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09. Yoshihiro

Yoshihiro VGYA240SH Hongasumi VG-10 Stainless Steel Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife, 9.5'' (240mm), Rosewood Handle

Let me give you a detail idea about the best Japanese sashimi knife. The Yoshihiro sashimi Japanese knife will provide you with a superior slicing experience. That is of high carbon steel materials that give it durability. With the VG-10 stainless steel body, it provides the best sushi slicing experience for you. The single edge of 9.5″ blade with its razor sharpness provides the most exceptional slicing piece for your sushi.

If you are looking for the best sushi knife under $200, then choose Yoshihiro sushi knife. Its rosewood handle with an agronomic design ensures comfort. You can feel comfortable while using it for slicing fish fillet. It comes with a flat ground on the front and a hollow ground on the back. That allows you to slice or chop delicate fish fillet with perfect size.

You need to sharpen the knife using a whetstone that will provide an extremely sharp edge on it. That ensures that you can get a fish slice with less effort. The combination of the high-quality stainless blade and the handle makes it perfect. Hand washes your knife then dry to store after every use. That will help you to keep your knives rust free to provide long-life.


  • It is of VG-10 Japanese stainless steel materials that ensure long-lasting working performance
  • It comes with a 9.5″ blade that is the perfect fit for sushi slicing action
  • It’s agronomic design handle ensures a superior quality secure grip for you
  • Use the whetstone for sharpening your blade to give the knife a perfect edge
  • Hand wash the knife and store away after drying while not in use


  • You need to have experience in water whetstone
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10. TUO Deba

TUO Deba knife, Fish Filleting Knife 6.5 inch, High Carbon Stainless Steel Japanese Sashimi Knife, Comes with A Gift Box

Let me introduce you with a perfect fit for your sushi bar that is the tuo deba Japanese Sashimi knife. This hon-deba comes with a razor-sharp 6.5″ blade. With its professional deba knife‘s features, it is ideal for poultry dressing and chopping. 

That is suitable for fish cleaning and filleting action also. It’s sturdy heel meant for the bones to provide you a precise cut. Most amazingly, you will get a gift box along with a knife from the manufacturer.

Tuo deba is forged German steel that offers a rust-resistant feature. That provides a long-lasting action. It offers a rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant blade with a sharp edge. With its high-quality foreign materials, it ensures the hardness of the highest level. We know that the hardness and the sharp blade are the primary elements to get a perfect knife. You will get both qualities in this sashimi knife.

With its 15° Japanese traditional edge, the slicing action becomes enjoyable. The easy-grip handle with agronomic design comes with the natural wood. It has to go through several processes that make it durable to run a long-life. The dual combination of traditional way and the modern heating way makes it the best sushi knife.


  • It comes with an eye-catchy gift box along with the order
  • It’s high-quality foreign materials ensure durability
  • With the razor-sharp 6.5″ blade, it offers rust and corrosion-resistant features
  • Japanese traditional 15° edge style makes it more robust in action
  • The manufacturer offers a life-long servicing aftermarket


  • The blade may grow rust after a few days
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Buyer’s guide: what should you consider before purchasing the top 10 sushi knife set ?

Finding the best item from various options is always hampering. But proper guidance about the features and sizes can solve your dilemma within no time. So, what are you thinking about now? Let’s find the best knife for cutting sushi rolls that will increase your reputation as a chef.

If you buy a sushi knife that will not meet your needs, then your money is gone waste. So, purchase one that will meet your needs within your budget. That will help you to get peace in mind while using it. There are some sensitive points that a buyer should consider to make a good purchase. A buyer should always have a look at the below things before purchasing any.


The materials of any product are essential things. The durability and stability of any product depend on the contents of that product. If you can get the VG-10 Japanese stainless steel, you can have a long life depend on your products. So, determine the materials to get the best outcome.


Manufacturing is the second important thing that we should consider before purchasing. You will find two types of knives with different features. The first one is of the forging process, and another is of the stampings process. The forging process is the traditional way of making knives by hand hammering. That includes hand assembling and sharpening as well.

With that process, you got the most durable knives ever. On the other hand, stamping knives come through many modern machines. That produces the hassle-free knives.


Different manufacturers offer various features for their users. You should determine the features such as durability and quality. Find out the working process and the sharpening method of the sushi knife that you want to buy. With great features, a sushi knife will perform a rust-free long-lasting working performance.


Durability is another essential element that you should consider before purchasing any product. If your budget is low, then find the short- life knives. After all, price does show the quality as well as the durability of every product. Similarly, for your high-value budget, you can get the most durable knives for you. So, determine the strength according to your needs.

Working performance

Working performance is a significant issue in the product’s quality. Because you won’t spend a considerable amount on a low-performance knife. A heavy-duty knife with its working performance quality sushi knife will spend extra dollars. Determine the perfect fit for your kitchen according to the working performance.

Sharpening whetstone/steel

The next important aspect of determining by a buyer is sharpening steel or whetstone. Your knife’s edge depends on its sharpener. You should be careful while deciding the sharpening tool for your sushi knife. You need to be a pro for using a water whetstone. The sharpening steel quality also needs to be determined carefully.


Now come to the warranty issue. Some manufacturers offer a limited time aftermarket warranty. Similarly, some are offering a lifetime warranty for its aftermarket products. So, choose the perfect fit which one will be beneficial for your cooking.


The last thing you should consider the price of the product that you want to buy. If you are looking for a heavy-duty sushi knife, then choose the blade with the highest value. On the contrary, choose low price products for rare use.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sushi Knife Sets

Final Verdict

Do you completed the whole article? If yes, then you have a vast knowledge about top ten sushi knives. You know the pros and cons of these products as well. Different brands offer different features for its users. 10-Best Sushi Knife Sets in 2020 has accurate information about the best sushi knives.

That discusses their pros and cons as well to give you precise information. We provide you with a buyer’s guide to get proper guidance. We are confident that you can choose your favorite sushi knife now.

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