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What is the best wood for knife handles 2021? Top-10 woods review

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What if you have to choose wisely a wood knife handle while buying? Many people will avoid it as they consider that it will not affect much. But in reality, you should consider the traits unless your working activities can get interrupted.

I used to see my mother working in the kitchen while protecting the knife with a cover. You may have seen this tiny furnished piece in the culinary space, don’t you? 

So, measuring all of the traits and quality will assure you to have a nice experience. Now, let’s explore the best wood for knife handles for your convenience in purchasing.

3 best wood for knife handles: Comparision


  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Materials: Wood
  • Size:  1 ½ x 5 ½ x 5/16 to 3/8+
  • Shape: Square
  • Color: Varieties
  • Manufacturer: Payne Bros Custom Knives
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Bookmatched Zebrawood Knifes Scales, Handle Blank Exotic Knife Scales Wood

  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Size: 3/8″ X 2″ X 5″ (+/- 1/16) 
  • Materials: Wood
  • Shape: Square
  • Color: Varieties
  • Manufacturer: Maragos Wood
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Aibote 2pcs Color Knife Handles Wood

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Size: 5.90 x 1.57 x 0.40 (+/- 0.8)
  • Materials: Wood
  • Shape: Square
  • Color: Varieties
  • Manufacturer: Aibote
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What is knife handles usually made of?

Knife handles are available now in various wooden textures. Besides, several manufacturers build it through different types of materials. But you need to focus on choosing the best and perfect infrastructure materials for your desired work.

The used materials such as carbon fiber, high-quality stainless steel, titanium, fiberglass laminating, aluminum, etc., are highly preferable. A handle is as vital as the knife’s blade for the knife owners.

So, its premium components are highly demanded among knife users. That’s how you will get the best wood for knife handles.

What is the best wood for knife handles?

As there is a vast collection of woods, you need to be clever while choosing it. Usually, using blackwood, ironwood, etc., can be the solution for your desired work. Besides, Bubinga, cocobolo, leopardwood, etc., are also specialized in executing these works.

Meanwhile, several brands are trying to introduce advanced and nicer woods nowadays. You can check those out for your requirements. Besides, exotic wood types such as exotic lumber, exotic turning blanks, etc., are also user-friendly products for your execution.

Top-10 wood for knife handles

Top-10 knife handle woods review

As you require much information regarding an overall of it, the best wood for knife handles will guide you to the desired requirements. So, let’s find out.

01. Variety Pack of 5 Wood Scales Review

This model comes with a sturdy handle for your knife. As it is made of wood, it has large popularity as a knife scale. You will get here two specific pieces that are made of raw wood.

Besides, these pieces are coming with a book-related set. As your work needs much focus, it is obvious to keep your hands secured. Coming with a natural wooden outlook, it enhances attractiveness.

As a result, many users do buy this wood set for their respective work. Besides, manufacturers from this brand also assure uniqueness. It comes with three packages of unique range.

These ranges are widely famous for building gun grips also. So, there is no reason to be dissatisfied while using this tool. Moreover, cracking or other breaking issues are very rare cases to happen.

Coming from Utah, the US, this brand is capable enough to run its items globally. Meanwhile, you will have the best knife handles for your work, such as culinary, gardening, etc. Besides, you will get the best possible construction materials, made of wood.

As a result, handling this is very easy for even beginners too. Currently, they serve more than 25 types of wood. Besides, building resins, laser woods, bone, horns, etc., are the residue concerns for this brand.


  • Highly lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Versatile in actions
  • Sturdy handles


  • Fewer complaints about cracking issues
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02. Aibote 2pcs Color Wood Knife Handles Review

Aibote comes with durable knife handles that contain an elegant design. Either it is about the material or color display, all of the traits are exceptional in comparison to other brands. Besides, many users have suggested picking this for our daily usages.

Meanwhile, it has got a large amount of significant value for its sole responsibility. As a result, you will also get pleased while doing the evaluation on it. Having a solid and sturdy wooden texture is an extra advantage.

So, it looks so fresh and trendy as well. You can compare it with G10 according to its longevity. Besides, it will highly please you for its versatile nature.

You will get much ease in cutting or shaping anything. Besides, it is also vital to ensure your hand safety. Manufacturers from Aibote also focus on this issue.

As a result, fewer issues occur due to this significant tool. Meanwhile, drilling and buffing are also easier to operate through this amazing wooden product. Besides, you can easily use it on several handles such as composite and complex bow, sling handles, etc.

There is no complexity regarding the installation process too. So, you can consider this premium wooden knife handle for your daily use. This good wood for knife handles can make your work easier along with promising high durability.

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  • Having a high longevity
  • Easy to install
  • Having premium-quality materials
  • Versatility in several works


  • A bit little than average
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03. Buddha4all Resin Knife Scales Review

Buddha4all Resin Knife Scales Streaked Scales Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Pair Handles Material for Knifes (Orange)

Buddha4a has a vast collection in providing the best wooden knife handles. You will get almost every set of scales that bring different textures, color grades, shapes, orientations, etc. These are highly available from natural resins. Besides, Buddha4all is considered one of the best burl wood for knife handles.

Besides, you can create your customized one for your desired knives. Coming with a length of 5 inches while the width is 1.5 inches. As a result, you will have these with smooth resin-based scales.

You can use these resin scales for carving visual racks. It also includes an inlaid slab, hidden zest knives, gun clutches, etc. For those who are interested in replacing the knife handles, this brand is an ideal option. Besides, they provide you with high-quality material in their knife handles.

As a result, it stays more durable and usable for a long time. You will get currently more than 20 types of different knife handles. This vast collection of wooden-made handles has already developed in a large amount.

Besides, different composites, innate horn, bone equipment, etc., are the vital components for your knife handles. Materials such as premium-quality timbers and bones are highly preferable to build these synthetic knife handles. Besides, each handle is 5 inches long while the width is 1.5 inches. So, this user-friendly wood product can be the most suitable for your culinary work.


  • Coming from natural resins
  • High-quality timbers
  • Having a synthetic handle
  • Different color grades


  • Might spread a bit of odor
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04. Burl Hybrid Stabilized Wood Knife Handle Review

Burl Hybrid Stabilized Wood Wooden Block Turning Blank Block Bar Handle Blade Knives Knife Stabilizing (G211)

This elegant-looking tool comes with exceptional stabilization. Besides, you can use it for handles, jewelry, pen blanks, bowls, etc. If you are a professional, then it is the best product for your business or regular works.

You can use this versatile wooden product in other situations too except culinary activities. Besides, manufacturers from this brand are promising to provide us the best and artistic wood. Meanwhile, you will not have any issue regarding its durability.

It can serve you for a long time. Besides, its texture and wooden materials are highly up to the mark. As a result, every work will be much easier for you to handle.

Besides, working safety is also nicely measurable here. You will barely face any inconvenience. These wooden handles come in dry condition.

Also, these are vacuum stabled. So, buying this handle can be a good choice for your work. Besides, it will enlighten your activities through its superior performance and quality.


  • Exceptional in nature
  • Highly durable
  • Giving an optimal performance
  • Having a vacuum stabilization


  • The handle may crack sometimes
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05. Exotic Wood Pen Blanks 12-Pack Review

Exotic Wood Pen Blanks 12-Pack: Bloodwood, Mexican Ebony, Jatoba, Hard Maple, 3 of Each Wood Type, 5 x 3/4 x 3/4 inches

This exotic wood comes with a set of 12 woodblocks. Besides, you can have this versatile pen block in an elegant outlook. It is highly used for pen creating heat, wooden supplies, etc.

Meanwhile, it can serve your activities for a long time. If you can use it cleverly, it will last a lifetime. You will have these wood along with an ultra finishing.

Its overall material quality is about planer, joint texture, etc. You will get the best advantage in crafting wooden pens, etc., from it. Besides, these are capable of turning pens such as lathe and pen pressing, etc.

This exceptional package contains a dimension of 0.75 inches in width and length. Besides, the height of this tool is 5 inches. Meanwhile, there are some varieties in having the blocks such as bloodwood, Jatoba, Mexican ebony, etc.

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  • Coming with an elegant outlook
  • Highly versatile
  • Ample in height
  • Coming with enough set including 12 blocks


  • Not that sturdy
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06. Bookmatched Ironwood Knife Scales Review

Bookmatched Ironwood Knife Scales – Knife Makers Material – Size 5 1/8 x 1 3/4 x 1/2 Inches - 2 Pack

If you are looking for high-quality wood, then this product can be the best for you. Besides, it can provide you an elegant outlook. For your ultimate ease in wood-based working, it has a large significance.

It also ensures you have an artistic design in it. The blocks made of premium wood can meet all of your needs. Either you are a professional or a beginner, manufacturers from this brand have brought the best traits to it.

Besides, it is a complete package that gets furnished from the unfinished blocks. Meanwhile, you will get the assurance of having a smoother surface. So, you will have the perfect size for your decorative swiveling.

They also ensure you while having it for the tiny wooden projects. You can turn the ironwood-based blocks into a hundred elegant compositions. This ironwood gear has the significant value of a wooden set.

Moreover, they bring you a dedicated support team. You can make contact at any time for your inquiry. As these wood kits are enough preferable, you can send them to someone as a gift.

Its exemplary color and crumb make it more exceptional. So, there will be fewer users who will not like it. Besides, if you buy this wood kit, you will get a money-back guarantee.

So, there are many scopes for having user-friendly features. They will not question you while you make a refund.


  • Nice money refunding policy
  • Full of user-friendly features
  • Exceptional for the gift item
  • Having elegant compositions


  • Might get an odor from it
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07. Bookmatched Zebrawood Knifes Scales Review

Bookmatched Zebrawood Knifes Scales, Handle Blank Exotic Knife Scales Wood

Zebrawood is also renowned in the town for its amazing knife scales. These perfect book-matched scales hold a nice finishing on wood. As a result, many users get attracted to it for their daily uses.

Besides, the size of it is ample. Meanwhile, the infrastructure materials are also premium that has made it more attractive and charming. Its crosscut feature is the main feature.

Besides, it is very light so that you can operate it nicely while working. A few users have complained about its work performance. Besides, you will not have any issues regarding odor. So, you can consider this brand new tool for your daily use.

Meanwhile, you will find much comfort along with its premium-quality material. Overall, you will be able to use it for a long time due to its high longevity.


  • Nice finishing in overall
  • Exceptional durability
  • Having a dedicated support team
  • Having a crosscut trait


  • Not for the beginners
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08. Variety Pack of 5 Wood Scales Review

This set comes with a five-pack that brings an exceptional design for you. Besides, this pack is the best demonstrated wooden type. Meanwhile, users will be highly pleased to have two pieces of wood.

These are large enough so that you will not get into any inconvenience. As you have seen in the photos online, the actual picture might be different in color, grain & outlook. But the quality will stay unchangeable.

Manufacturers from this company do not compromise on quality. Getting premium-quality is an extra advantage on receiving this tool. Besides, they offer unique scales along with an elegant look.

As a result, you will get attracted while buying a knife handle. These are also compatible with gripping. So, you do not need any extra pushing and control.

On a rare occasion, the handle may get cracked. But a few customers have complained about it. So, you can consider it as the best wood for kitchen knife handles.

Besides, they all are ready to serve you at any time. So, you can make the call immediately, if you find any drawbacks or inconveniences. On the other hand, it holds an exceptionally versatile nature.

You can easily operate them to build gun grips. Meanwhile, they have a large collection of woodblocks. Till now, they hold almost 25 types of it. Several cases such as stabilizing woods, making resins, etc., are now much easier cases to be done.


  • Highly user-friendly for the beginners
  • Money refunding policy
  • 25 types of wooden handles
  • Exceptional outlook


  • Do not have any major drawbacks
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09. Black Walnut Wood Knife Scales Review

20 Pack, Black Walnut Wood Knife Scales, Handle Knifemaking 5" x 1-1/2" x 3/8"

Black walnut comes with a 20 pack that is nicely made. You can consider these wooden knife handles as natural hardwood or ironwood scales. Besides, it has a rate of 9% regarding air drying and moisturizing nature.

If you use a knife or other tools, then it is the best handle to operate. Besides, its money returning policy has made it more user-friendly. You will get a 60 days policy of money-back guarantee that is much helpful, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, you will have a satisfactory performance during work time. Besides, there is a rare case of having a defective product in hand. As many users buy this tool, there are a few people who have complained about defect issues.

As a result, these traits have made it the best wood to use for knife handles. Meanwhile, users in the US are highly using it for their work. Besides, you have the best cooperation in it along with a dedicated working nature.

Its premium brown texture and coloration can make anyone attracted. These temperature-zoned ironwoods keep a nice figure on providing you with optimal satisfaction. Besides, the texture of grain in it is normally straight.

Meanwhile, it keeps a mediated customary radiance. Lastly, you will not have a major issue regarding odor. It holds a mild odor during work.


  • Having an exceptional drying condition
  • Fast moisturizing nature
  • Highly durable
  • Straight grain texture


  • Not suitable for the beginners
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10. Bookmatched Ironwood Knife Scales Review (Burl Ball Pattern)

Bookmatched Ironwood (Burl Ball Pattern) Knife Scales – Knife Makers Material – Size 5 1/8 x 1 3/4 x 1/2 Inches - 2 Pairs

If you are looking for a premium wooden texture, then it is the desired product. For your ample ease in woodworking, it can serve you for a long time. Besides, you can buy it for someone as a gift.

This tool can easily attract your eyeballs to purchase it. As it is very artistic in the craft issues, you will get enough comfortability. Besides, this tool is an exceptional choice for both, either professional or beginners.

So, you will get surprised as it can do so many beautiful decorations. Besides, manufacturers from this brand have kept their promises to provide you the smoothest ground. It can work properly for your exceptional work.

Besides, you can make contact at any time. They have a dedicated service team for answering your inquiry. Besides, it can be the best option for purchasing as a gift idea.

Meanwhile, they offer you a money-back guarantee. So, it is clear that they have turned their products into user-friendly behavior. So, won’t you consider it as the best exotic wood for knife handles?


  • Nicer money back policy
  • Highly comfortable
  • Good controlling
  • Versatile in nature


  • The outlook is not up to the mark
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How to stabilize wood for knife handles?

First of all, you have to gather all of the woods. Then, try to focus on making a vacuum chamber. It helps a lot in building the overall wood knife handles.

Besides, start preparing the woods. Then, put these down into the vacuum. Once these all are nicely soaked, you can put them outside from the vacuum and let them dry.

After that, you need to start giving this heat a fixed temperature. As a result, these woods will get into a nicer shape and orientation. That’s how you will get the best result of stabilizing the wood. This method will be highly useful for knife handles preparation.

What is Dymondwood?

Dymondwood is a trademark symbol for a specialized product. It was built by Rutland Plywood. Generally, it is a laminating coat along with pale and tiny exteriors.

You will find it as birch or multiplied with wax. Usually, the wood of walnut, cocobolo, etc., remarks the color of smudge. Apart from these, the Rutland Company got eradicated from a fire a few years ago.

This unfortunate event made a threat to this company from supplying the dymondwood. This wood was one of the best wood for knife handles.

Why is olive wood so expensive?

There is a huge collection of woods available in the market. You need to find out the best one. But in many comparisons, olive wood does the work best. That’s why the price of olive wood has tremendously expanded.

First of all, olive timber is highly sturdy. Besides, it holds a high sensitivity to outer components. As a result, you will find it useful in several cases including wooden knife handles.

These causes have made it more expensive in the market. So, even metal cooking materials and utensils are also cheaper than olive wood. High durability, sturdiness, less porous, etc reasons put it higher among all kinds of woods.

Final Verdict

Quality is the first preference while you buy a wood knife handle. Besides, you need to identify the desired requirements from your side. Then, listing out the traits can help you match with the perfect product.

As there are several brands available in the market, finding the best one is very important. Unless you would have an ordinary one that cannot serve you properly. Usually, a razor of your knife contains 50% quality during work.

So, the rest of the quality depends on the knife handles. As a result, without measuring the handle’s behavior, your work may fall into toughness. The best wood for knife handles will get you out from this uncertainty indeed.

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