Emeril 15-piece Knife Block Set Reviews for Kitchen

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Get the essential knives in your kitchen with a knife set. The Emeril 15-piece knife set is the best knife set for kitchen work. So you have the right blades for the preparation of different foods. 

Depending on the intended use, knives have other cutting edges: knives with a wavy edge are made for bread or tomatoes, while utensils for meat or vegetables have smooth edges.

ParticularCutlery 7 Pieces Block Set
Blade MaterialCarbon Stainless Steel
Handle MaterialBrushed Stainless Steel 
Blade EdgeFully tapered
ColorStainless steel
Item Dimension14.6 x 9.6 x 6 inches
Block MaterialTeak magnet block
Number of Knives7-piece set including magnet block

Instead of an Emeril-certified attractive rubber wood storage fence is a passionate pair of kitchen knives and shears. Each created from reliable steel, each was made with an ergonomic structure to be safe to use while chopping and mincing.

When cuisine and cleanup are done, the knife fence has tagged slots for each piece of the bunch. We present twelve pairs of knives, which contain blades with various materials. With our guide, we also give you fascinating data about utensils.

Emeril Cutlery 15 piece Block Knife Set

We will exhibit the pros and cons of knives and explain Emeril’s 15 piece knife sets.15 Piece Set includes 8″ Chef knife; 8″ Serrated Break Knife; 8″ Slicer Knife; 7″ Santoku Knife; 5″ Utility Knife; 5″ Santoku Knife; 3.5″ Paring Knife; 4.5″ Steak Knives; Kitchen Scissors.

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Emeril Cutlery 15 piece Block Knife Set Review

Emeril Cutlery 15 piece Block Knife Set


This knife set consists of an all-purpose knife with a blade length of 9 centimeters and a blade length of 13 centimeters. For the blades of the 15-piece knife set, non-stick coated special blade steel was used.

The black edges are hardened and, therefore, very robust. Emeril’s 15 piece knife sets packages dimension is 14.02 x 11.02 x 5.91 inches, and the item weight is 9.78 pounds.

Accentuating kitchen cutting necessities and an attractive wood hold block, the Emeril 18-Piece Stamped Steel Knife Block Set enables you to attain a vast array of food prep slicing chores like the famous chef himself.


A long-lasting sharpness characterizes the material. The steel is acid-proof and rust-free. The handles are made of high-quality plastic. The knives are expected to the grip’s ergonomic form; the knives are very easy to handle.


 The handle design issue out of the way: they are made from mahogany Micarta. This rather strange-looking but durable material combines resin and strands of fabric to make something that looks a bit like wood. I’m not sure why you’d want a knife with a handle that looks a bit like wood, but Emeril thought you might.


The Emeril 15 piece knife sets made blade- fully tapered cutting edge for added strength. Saw-cut blades are narrow and tapered to a point. With these knives, you can cut soft foods that have a firm shell. Saw-edged cuts are ideal for tomatoes, for example.

The blade of fluted cutting edges has indentations. This creates air cushions between the cut product and the blade, and the product cannot stick to the sword. Such knives can be used to cut cheese, ham, salmon, and others.


Sharpens more easily and maintains its advantage more than a conventional steel handle contoured to fit in the palm of your hand for great satisfaction and ease of design. Sterling Imports Inc lends a one-year limited warranty in Emeril 12 piece knife sets.


The cutting edge is the underside of the blade that you use to cut food. In technical terms, the cutting edge is called the bevel. Depending on the intended use, the cutting edges are ground differently: A smooth edge is suitable for cutting vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish. Scissors with a serrated edge are ideal for cutting bread and rolls and vegetables or fruit with a firm shell.

Why Should You Buy It?

Emeril 15 piece set is used steel, which is considered to be very robust and durable. The knife blades also stay sharp for a long time. Real steel knives are hand-forged. At least two steels are used for wear-resistant, hardened steel and flexible, tough steel.

This results in an incredibly sharp, hard, cutting edge, and at the same time resilient and flexible blade. The blades of knives have a typical pattern, which is created by multiple folding and welding. Real cutters consist of several layers of steel and, in the case of very high-quality knives, several hundred layers of steel.

Customers Review

Over 1000 Amazon customers have given the Emeril 15 piece knife sets five-star ratings, praising its high quality and design. “This block set has some wild quality,” says a reviewer. “As somebody who assists in the food enterprise, this was a healthy option.

They are crazy raw, and when I say rather, I say they chop through a sheet by completely allowing sincerity to do its aspect. If somebody who cooks non-stop, every day, you’re in probability. This set appears with an intense as well, so you can sustain them nicely as new, 24/7.”

Final Verdict

A knife set always consists of different knives that are used in the kitchen. There is a suitable knife for every application. We introduce you to the types of knives that are most commonly used in the kitchen. Thousand of customer’s reviews, the Emeril 15 piece knife sets are the best kitchen knife on Amazon.

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