How can You Sharpen a Serrated Knife with an Electric Sharpener

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Are you a chef or professional who always needs a sharp knife while cutting food items? You may know that the blades slowly lose their sharpness (traditional ones face it more than serrated). That’s why it’s necessary to understand how to sharpen a serrated knife with an electric sharpener.

However, you can’t throw a knife when it turns dull; you should sharpen it to use it again for a long time. You can do it at home once you know the easy method and own the necessary tools; the article will let you know.

I also have an electric sharpener effective on maximum metal objects; you should again hear about other peoples’ experiences as I did.

sharpen a Serrated Knife with an Electric Sharpener
sharpen a Serrated Knife with an Electric Sharpener

Why Should You Use an Electric Sharpener for a Serrated Knife?

An electric angler performs much better and quicker; you may have to spend more than an hour to sharpen manually. Therefore, you have to choose a shortcut way to do that, and an electric sharpener is always there to help.

It takes a few minutes and shows a better result when you use the electric tool; moreover, that has less risk than the manual process.

How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife with an Electric Sharpener: A Total Guideline

You can sharpen a knife’s edge within a few minutes with some strokes and have the performance like a new one; you have to be careful while doing it. Let’s see the process of making a serrated knife a brand new one.

  • Get your knife and electric sharpener first; you have to check both of them to see if they are functioning appropriately or not. Moreover, you have to determine how dull the edge is and which angle you will set for sharpening.
  • Secondly, connect your serrated knife sharpener to the electric socket; that’s why you must choose the best handheld products. However, you should set the specific units there and place them in a flat area.
  • In the next step, you should remove the angler guide because you don’t need it while sharpening a knife.
  • Please select a sufficient belt grid (probably 6000 is the best) for polishing the knife’s blade; you have to be careful while doing it because excessive grinding may leave your cutting tool unusable further.
  • However, you will fit the knife’s flat surface near the belt at a 10° angle; please ensure that you have set the blade’s surrounding area.
  • You have to press the switch and turn on the electric sharpener’s motor; run the knife slowly through the running belt from top to bottom.
  • Please don’t hurry and make sure that the knife has gone through the machine; repeat the previous step 3-5 times.

Thus, you can sharpen the edge and blade of a serrated knife, use it as a new one, be careful while proceeding, and don’t injure yourself or damage the cutter. However, some advanced machines made it easy to sharpen the blade in 2-simple steps.

  1. Some cutters have the option called stage-3; the feature contains all the necessary functions for sharpening a serrated knife.
  2. After that, you have to run the knife’s edge 4-5 times as the previous method; that takes the least time.

No matter which machine or method you are applying to the blades, you must first read the manufacturers’ instructions. Every branded tool has its specialty and some prohibitions; you should accurately follow those.

What Things Should You Consider While Using an Electric Knife Sharpener?

You must think of some factors that affect the whole process; let’s know what they are:

  • First of all, you have to find out which metal your knife is made of; stainless steel is the easiest to sharpen. On the other hand, diamond coated or other mixed metals are challenging to sharpen with a machine than manually.
  • Next, you must check your knife’s current state and how dull it has been; please don’t try to deal with an already broken edge.
  • Thirdly, you must choose an appropriate electric serrated knife sharpener for your task; you may rely upon the best brands.
  • Lastly, you have to decide the easiest method of sharpening, and consider how expert you are in doing this.

Please keep those things in your mind while deciding or selecting everything related to a serrated knife sharpening.

How Can You Sharpen Your Serrated Knife without an Electric Tool?

You can use either a ceramic rod or a sharp maker if you don’t have an electric sharpener; the choice is yours what method you will apply.

Let’s find out how to sharpen a serrated knife using a ceramic rod step by step; it’s relatively easy for a beginner.

  1. Choose a ceramic rod that fits well in the blade’s tooth; the diameter should be 8-14 mm, and slowly sharpen the teeth.
  2. Please don’t pressurize too much, and keep running the rod slowly; keep the knife at the bottom and the ceramic at the top.
  3. You should reverse the position after some time and hold the rod tightly so that it doesn’t move; run the knife thoroughly on the ceramic.
  4. After a while, you should check if the serrated knife is sharp enough or not; if it’s perfect, your process is over.

What Are the Advantages of a Serrated Knife?

The edges are quite robust that can cut anything, including food, ropes, fabric, etc.; the teeth are long-lasting. Moreover, you can have a better and safer grip than a traditional sharp knife, making it popular.

Can You Sharpen a Micro-tooth Serrated Knife?

You can sharpen your micro-tooth serrated knife the same way you treat other blades; follow the steps and use an electric tool.

You may have to sharpen your daily life tools, and you won’t always have the time to do that; therefore, you must know how to sharpen a serrated knife with an electric sharpener.

Moreover, you must choose the best tool for your edge; otherwise, you won’t get the desired result. It’s a matter of practice, and you will be an expert in this; you won’t have to depend on others or waste time during household chores.

The sharpening technique and everything you can do with a knife is necessary qualities of a professional chef; I hope you’ve read the whole article.

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