How to Dispose of Kitchen Knives Safely (Read Before Uses)

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A fresh set of knives are the most important tool or culinary masterpiece for a chef. It feels soothing when you are cutting, slicing, and dicing your desired item with ease. It feels embarrassing when you need a new set of knives.

Dumping your knife directly into a garbage can cause problems because it is a very sharp object. You don’t need to buy a new product every time because there are ways to fix it. You can dispose of the knives safely by following some easy processes as well.

Sometimes throwing away your knives may not be the best idea. There are some alternatives that you can select before disposing of the knives. Disposing of these sharp objects should be handled carefully.

Dispose of Kitchen Knives Safely
Dispose of Kitchen Knives Safely

How to Dispose of Kitchen Knives Safely

You must maintain some safety precautions for disposing of the old or used knives. Old blades can also injure you and create cuts. Follow some simple but effective process of disposal to avoid any accident.

Using Bubble Wraps

You can use bubble wraps while throwing your knives because it is the safest option. The bubble wrap prevents the blade from cutting anything and prevents accidents. Use butcher paper to wrap it then use multiple layers of bubble wrapper to wrap it.

Using Cardboard

We recommend you use extra layers of cardboard while disposing of a knife. Keep the knife in an unused cardboard container or shoebox before disposing of it. This method will also help you while donating any old or unused knife.

Using a Knife Bag

One decent way of disposing of kitchen knives before disposing of it using a knife bag. It is a safe and presentable way of disposing or handing it over for reuse. It is a secure way to dispose of kitchen knives before handing them over.

Using Plastic Container

Dispose of your kitchen knives safely by using a plastic container. Simply cut open the top open of a used plastic bottle. Make a small cut so that your knife is secured and staying inside.

Using Other Materials

Use unused clothes, socks, and old newspapers to wrap your old knives before disposing of them. These are good alternatives to cardboard and bubble wrappers. Wrap your knife by making multiple layers of your selected item. Keep your knife stable inside the wrap by using some tapes around it.

Are Kitchen Knives Recyclable?

Recyclability depends on the build material of your kitchen knives. It also depends on the capability of your local waste disposal center. Common metal items such as steel can be thrown away like scrap metal at a local recycling center. Remember to blunt the blade before handing it over for recycling purposes.

Selecting Disposal Method

You should consider some alternative methods of the disposal before throwing out your knives. Your knife may not be serving you anymore but could be repurposed. It can be used by someone else after minor fixing.

For checking the value of your knives, you have to check the build materials. You will get a good value if it is made out of high-quality material.


You can resell your old knives for a small price by re-sharpening them at a professional shop. You can also sell it as metal spare parts in other shops.


Recycling your metal in the local recycling center is a great idea that you can apply for disposal. Get some information about your local recycling centers before recycling. You must take protective measures before recycling the knives.

Professionals Help

It is not always necessary to throw out your knives for disposal because you can repurpose them. With the help of a professional knife sharpener, you can make your old knives sharp again. Find or contact your local knife sharpener and fix your rusty or old knife for reuse.


Donating your old knives is another option of disposing of them safely. Your old knives may need some small fixing before reusing them. Some stores are interested in buying old knives for reusing purposes. Contact some local pawn shops or other stores to check if they want old knives as donations.


Sell your kitchen knives as scrap metal If donating is not an option for you. You can get some extra cash if your knives are made out of valuable metal.

Usually, knives are made out of iron, steel, or mixed metal ingredients. You can scrap your knife after figuring out the type of metal of your knife. Look at online pages or local stores to sell it as scrap metal.

Handing it to the Police

Disposing knives in the garbage disposal unit is illegal in some areas. Another safe way to dispose of the knives is by handing them over to the police.

Knives won’t get into the wrong hands if you hand them over to the administration. Always choose a method of disposing that is safe for handling. Unsuspecting handlers could get harmed due to the poor disposal of this sharp object.

Throw Away the Knives as garbage

If you cannot apply the previously mentioned methods, then this is your last option to pick. Dispose of the knife alongside the other garage of your house. You must check out the local laws of disposing of it before disposing of it.

Don’t think too much if your knives are totally damaged, broken, or have large chips. Keep the wrapped knife inside a cardboard box and throw it out. You should seal the box with tape and then throw it in the garbage.

We have mentioned the safe methods to dispose of the kitchen knives as trash. But it is not mandatory to rid of these pieces of metal as garbage. That is why we also mentioned the alternative ways to repurpose your old kitchen knives.

You can give away the kitchen knives to someone who needs them for the kitchen. It can also gain some money out of it by selling it. This is why you should think once before putting your old knives in the garbage.

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