What’s Better Miyabi vs Shun knives? In-depth comparison

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The origin of knives carries a wide dominance to provide the best for you. When it comes to Japan as a manufacturer, you might not be dissatisfied. Miyabi and Shun knives both appear from Japan.

We often buy Chinese products for their long durability. But in the culinary sector, Japan holds a massive production. You may find your favorite knives in your house made in Japan.

With high expectations, these are undoubtedly favorite brands. The world-famous and traditional sword manufacturing technology keeps these brands ahead of the competition. Can you resist buying these for their indispensable nature?

Miyabi vs Shun knives
Miyabi vs Shun knives

The manufacturers keep a high artisanship in their products. Won’t you prefer high-quality products for your kitchen? If yes, then you may get confused between these two brands. Miyabi vs Shun knives comparison will give you the best insights into buying the perfect one.

Comparison Table For Miyabi knife and Shun knives

ParticularMiyabi KnifeShun Knife
DesignTriple-riveted handle with Damascus patternOctagonal handle with chevron pattern
Blade Hardness57 to 66 in the Rockwell scaleScores 60 to 62
Blade Sharpness95 to 12 degrees per side16 degrees per side

Limited lifetime

A limited lifetime with sharpening service
PriceCost-effectiveA bit expensive than Miyabi
Blade MaterialVG-10, SG2, etc., metalsVG-Max, Blue, etc., metals

Miyabi knife review

Miyabi is famous for its best features, along with its premium service and longevity. The Miyabi Birchwood is nicely crafted, which has made this product more precious. The layers of steel have a potent lock on keeping the protection.

You will also get similar features in the Miyabi chef knives. Besides all of the exterior designs, the Damascus pattern gives extra durability. This pattern brings you longevity with a Katana sword edge.

The scalpel-like razor can help you to carry the smooth cutting. To keep you satisfied in work, Miyabi has a good reputation. Building from G2 micro carbide powder steel provides an added strength to the life shelf.

Miyabi Fusion Morimoto Edition Knife Block Set, 10-piece, Black w/Red Accent/Stainless Steel

This brand has been serving with its authentic thin blade, made in Japan. The hardness and intensity of the razor bring overall efficiency. Moreover, the 4 step ice-crystallization process keeps the blade more hard by freezing the steel.

Miyabi knife sharpener has prominent attention from the manufacturers. They also focus on having better edge retention. As a result, it stays sharp and rust-free.

In Miyabi, the razor scores 63 on the Rockwell scale. Besides, the rounded spine and crust make this product more attractive. The knives are sharpened to a 9.5 to 12-degree edge through the three-step Honbazuke process.

For this occasion, the blades remain sharper for a long time. Lastly, here comes a comfortable issue. Without getting any satisfaction, the best knives are nothing but valueless. The ergonomic and pakkawood handle brings the overall comfort along with delivers an admirable design.


  • High-quality steel
  • Containing a satisfactory full tang handle
  • Edge retention
  • Having a Damascus pattern


  • a few users find it overpriced
  • Some of the blades are heavy

Top 3 Best Seller Miyabi Knife

Shun knife review

Shun, a rival brand from the indifferent nation, offers you precious and exclusive collections of knives. The VG-Max steel provides it have a sharper edge. For containing chromium and other elements, the products are perfectly corrosion-free.

An added cobalt with carbon keeps a knife strong and durable. The handles are made of Pakkawood that will give you a premium touch with satisfaction. Water-resistance advantage and easy cleaning process make it more popular to the users.

As a result, you can continuously use it for a long time. To get the proper slicing, this brand has special attention. Getting an extraordinary performance from its products is a result of Japanese blade-making practice.

Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set

So, if you are either a professional or general user, Shun is suitable for any task. The chef knives of this brand provide the all-purpose & slight-curved edge to make a variety in cutting. VG-Max steel contains materials such as chromium, tungsten, etc., that increase durability, sharpness, etc.

Rust-resistance ability comes with the Damascus layering. Besides, Shun keeps the craftsmanship high to preserve quality. Having 11 knife lines represents a unique design in the culinary tools.

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Along with its elegant look, serving the superior display has made it durable to any longer work. The blade materials give a premium vibe with flexibility that is more satisfactory to the users.


  • Having a wide variety of knives
  • Good edge retention
  • Less chance of chipping
  • Easy maintenance


  • Less comfort in the left hand
  • Handles can be a bit rough

Top 3 Best Seller Shun Knife

Miyabi vs Shun Knives

If you want to buy the best-suited knives for having a great culinary experience, there’s a chance to get confused. But without knowing every piece of detail, it is tough to differentiate. In this circumstance, Miyabi knife vs. Shun knife can assist you with the necessary information. It articulates the buying guide and other relevant details that you should keep in mind while buying.


Japanese brands have a different outlook. You will find an attractive exterior here that gives you a pleasant feeling. Mostly, there are many similarities between these two.

If you look at the handle, a wooden and synthetic material you may find. Handle carries a significant responsibility in working. You will get a satisfactory experience in slicing and dicing too.

The blades they designed in Damascus style look astonishing. Let’s try to explore the uncommon between them. Miyabi has collections that are Japanese-German composites and a triple-riveted handle.

But in Shun, you will see an octagonal-oriented handle. It has a layered steel edge with a chevron pattern. Miyabi contains a wide blade for better cooperation as many users want longer in width.

Blade hardness:

When you are working, you must want to finish it quickly. As the culinary tools come into the discussion, knife performance mostly depends on the blade. It is always vital to choose the right and effective razor to have a smooth cut.

When you are choosing this, the Rockwell score indicates the efficiency of a blade. The score measures how hard your edge of the knife is. To have a good idea of the sharpness and durability, you need to know this score.

As the score goes high, it indicates that your blade contains better edge retention. But if the score goes highly up, that material is needed to be taken care of because of its crisp-prone nature. Unlikely, the lower score indicates the longevity sign of your products.

Alongside, it is needed to sharpen regularly. You will find an ice-hardened process in the Miyabi blades that is known as Friodur. Besides, it varies on the Rockwell scale, depending on the collection.

This Japanese brand has a score between 57 to 66. In the Shun, the edge score range is between 60 and 62. Before buying a specialized blade for your culinary works, make sure to check the Rockwell performance. It assists you to predict the durability and validity of the hardness of your product.

Blade sharpness:

Besides, considering the blade hardness, the sharpness matters for having smooth cuts. Professionals or chefs regularly need to testify their knives in several sturdy tasks. Even if you plan to dice the meat properly, you have to maintain a good knife that can accurately cut.

The boning cuts are difficult to cut the meat sensitively from the bone without compromising any good. So, before focusing on that, a well-sharpened blade is mandatory to buy. For the incredible performance out of the Rockwell scale and hand-honed process, the Miyabi knife set is a better side than Shun.

But it barely means that Shun will disappoint you. No, you will get an incredible sharper edge in both of these two brands. This satisfaction comes because of the sharp edge angles.

While the Miyabi knives present an edge angle between 9.5 to 12 degrees on each side, it sums a range of 19-24 degrees totally over the collections. On the opposite, Shun knives are filed at an edge angle around 16 degrees on each side. It sums the total edge angle of 32 degrees.

For this specialty in their features, the slicing and dicing cuts have become easy while using these. As a result, the sharpness reduces the damage of being chopped over and over. So, you will have accurate slicing in your kitchen.


Any incredible product without having a warranty will disappoint you. So, every brand tries to provide a limited or lifetime warranty according to their products. Miyabi offers you a warranty that is a limited lifetime.

If you are facing any defects within the guarantee period, they will cover you free of cost. Likely, Shun has provided a similarly limited warranty. You can get an unlimited sharpening service there for free.

Repairing the chips, sharpening the single and double-bevel knife and serrated razor it covers. You can also avail the rust removal process in it.


If you want to buy a better product to use for a long time, the budget is also a concern. Culinary tools have several varieties and a massive collection available in the market. As both brands focus their product on a high-quality, price is also a key concern to keep them alive in the competition.

You will be pleased to find that Miyabi and Shun offer their products at less expensive costs. Among the several varieties in Miyabi, Red Morimoto is more cost-effective than the Birchwood edition of them. In contrast, Shun Sora has the least expensive among all the collections of this brand.

In the Premier & Dual-Core collection, you need to pay more to buy. According to the users, they found Shun a bit more expensive than Miyabi. Though these both brands are enough cost-effective than other existing brands in the market. That has kept these in a higher position for their cost-effective planning along with ensuring the premium quality.

Blade Material:

How can you understand if your products are up to the mark or not? Everyone wants to have a comfortable product while doing the work. Knives are one of the most vital culinary tools of all.

In a knife, you will find the most significant component is a blade. An efficient edge not just provides comfort but also a great experience in the kitchen over and over. Most of the Miyabi blades are manufactured from the VG-10, SG2 steel.

These stainless steels are considered a precious element in the culinary journey. It is made of high-carbon steel but contains a low amount of carbon. The metal consists of carbon, chromium, vanadium, cobalt, and other significant elements.

These ensure the durability of your edge. Reducing rust is also a concern to protect. Apart from the Miyabi, let’s look at the Shun. This brand also doesn’t compromise on providing quality products.

From edge to handle, it has massive popularity in giving satisfaction. Managing with a variety of metals, people consider it the best for dynamic purposes. These two brands have a similarity in blade material. But the AUS-10A, VG-Max, Blue steel, etc., in Shun, indicate a significant difference.

Final Verdict

Japanese brands in the culinary world are famous for their cost-effectiveness as well as other vital features. For multitasking, Shun and Miyabi have a massive fanbase. For the overall quality, Shun is unmatchable in the market.

But the Shun knife set is not the less expensive one while the price comes around. In this case, Manufacturers from Miyabi can get closer to the users. By compromising the price to a lower limit, it offers the same quality that we expect.

The knives from these companies cover nicely, from cutting to slicing or dicing. As a result, anyone likes these brands for their culinary works. But as you want to choose one, then following the buying guide is a must.

It articulates the processes a knife delivers by where you can compare the needs with these. Consequently, the Miyabi vs. Shun knife can save your time by giving the perfect insights.

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