What’s the Perfect Thickness of Cutting Board for You Kitchen

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Almost every night, I have this midnight craving of having an omelet. So, what I do is I sneak into the kitchen, tip towing. I dice some onions and chilies, beat a couple of eggs, and fry them. The cutting board is undoubtedly my partner in crime. I like the thickness of the cutting board, though.

So, talking about the cutting board, AKA chopping or dicing board is an essential utensil in a traditional kitchen. A good set of sharp knives and a sweet yet helpful board is a match made in heaven! Do you disagree?

What’s the Perfect Thickness of Cutting Board for You Kitchen
What’s the Perfect Thickness of Cutting Board for You Kitchen

Chop! Dice! Smash!

Today, we will be exploring the world of boards. There is a debate about whether to have one or not in the kitchen. The decision is simple if you love your knives and your fingers, this is a must-have item. You see, cutting some vegetables and protein is not a joke at all!

There are distinct benefits of having a cutting board. First of all, you will have a decent area or surface on which you will do the knife work. The kitchen space will also be less dirty. Your food will not get contaminated while dicing. And most of all, your knives will thank you!

As we are somewhat aware of the benefits, let us pull the lights into the boards’ variation. There are many made out of different materials in the market. All of them come in different prices and purposes altogether. We will try to find the best cutting board material.

The most common one in the stores is the plastic one. These are good options. It will make the knives a bit dull, but they can do a hell lot! The most significant advantage of this little menace is that it is dishwasher-proof. So, you can dash it in the dishwasher.

Another one is the traditional wooden one. The thickness of the cutting board is a bit thicker than the former one. But that is worth the hustle. These are ideal for chopping and dicing. But then again, it needs some care in exchange!

Perhaps the latest one in the market is the bamboo ones. Yes! You read it right! These are new in town. But that does not mean that Bamboo will not satisfy you. When I was looking for an appropriate and eco-friendly option, this one popped up on the internet. And that caught my eye.

Which One to BUY?

I mean, come on! This is not rocket science! The ideal cutting board for you will have to be YOU! In simple words, you will have to choose your needs and the frequency of using them. You might want to keep an eye on the maintenance process as well!

In my opinion, you should have two boards in your kitchen. Now, do not splash a bunch of rude comments just yet! Let me elaborate. The first one should be made out of wood. I would suggest you research the best wood for cutting board.

These wood boards will allow you to cut veggies and other kinds of stuff with ease. It will not harm your blades. So, this is a must-have item. But there are some hiccups. These boards need a bit of a caring nature.

You will have to wash and dry them immediately. Warm soapy water is ideal for cleaning wood boards. Avoid the dishwasher in this case. You would also need to oil these frequently. The oil will keep these good as new!

Now, the big question is, why do we need a plastic one as well? The answer is to avoid contamination. When you are cutting meat, there is a high chance of contaminating it. As the plastic board is dishwasher-proof, it can be sanitized right after use.

Some Tricks of Cutting Boards!

There are a set of unwritten rules before buying a chopping board. The first one is ideal. You will have to pick a board more extensive than your expected size. Trust me when I tell you, it will be worth your money. There are no ideal cutting board dimensions. It should come from inside.

Choose the material wisely; if you are not sure about the amount of care that the wooden and the bamboo board need, try plastic ones. But, for better results, I recommend the wooden ones.

The bamboo cutting boards are excellent and dependable. But there is a problem here, folks! As Bamboos are more rigid than wood, it will undoubtedly damage your knives. So, be extra careful on that one!

I have seen countless people cutting their fingers or having an accident while chopping. Inexperienced or lack of focus are the primary reasons behind it. But slipping the board is certainly not a new thing as well!

All you need to do to avoid slipping is place a wet kitchen towel! It is used by all the world-class chefs in the world. So, this is not a hack; it is a fundamental skill. So, when you see Gordon Ramsey on the table again, could you give him a wave for me?

Wrapping Things Up!

Now, the big question is, what is the ideal thickness of the cutting board? It is not a perfect question to ask first of all. And if you still want the answer, then you know it better! It is up to you! If you feel comfortable having a thick board, then have it!

I hope you are now fully aware of the facts and foremost of cutting boards. I do recommend you to try at least a piece of every variant. It will make you more connected to your chopping skills. On top of that, you will be able to learn the differences.

Lastly, another pro-tip, do NOT spend a good fortune on boards. You still can crack a good deal on the local store. That was all for today. I hope this article will come with the right helping hand. Happy Thanksgiving!

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