How Many Types of Automatic Knife

Fact Checked By Luna L. Rusk | Last Updated on October 29, 2020
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Automatic knife is the perfect for everyday use. It is high performance knives that can be used as an everyday tool or a survival. An automatic knife is called a switchblade that is type of tactical knife.

The tactical knife is perfect for cutting something. Normally, it has folded contained in the handle. It can be used various purpose-household, defensive, outdoor cutting etc. 

How the Automatic knife Works

Automatic knives, compared to traditional knives, are easier and safer to use. They are very sharp, precise, and convenient to use. This type of knife has a quick opening blade that is released from the body through external mechanism.

Usually, it comes with a button or simple slide. Once you press the button or slide, the blade will automatically appear. An automatic knife is very useful compared to traditional folding blades.

You don’t have to open up the knife to put the blade on since you only have to press the button or slide. The process of opening the blade is also easy, compared to folding blades.

Types of Automatic Knife

Push-button Automatic Knife: One of the most common types of automatic knife is the push-button knife. This is fairly easy to use as it can be operated through a push of a button on the side of the handle. The blade will automatically be released through the internal spring or by the effect of gravity.

Drop Point Automatic Knife: Another type of automatic knife is the drop point model. Basically, this knife is operated through gravity. Meaning, you can just point the knife downwards and the blade will show once you press the switch.

Flick Action Automatic Knife: The flick-action knife is a reliable automatic knife that can be used by a push of a button. Unlike any other automatic knives, the user has to flick his wrist to open the knife swift and fast. The flick-action has a very strong grip. In fact, the only way you can accidentally let it go is when you use a lot of wrist action to flick the blade out.

Sliding Automatic knife: The sliding knife is also a popular automatic knife that shows the blade by opening and closing through a hole in the handle. The blade travels within the internal track or channel similarly to a gravity knife.

OTF Automatic Knife: Out-of-the-front blades, also known as OTF, can be similar to a side-opening knife but the difference is that it has a spring that forces the blade through a slot at the top of the handle. A great advantage of using this knife is that both sides of the blade are sharp.

Automatic knife are very easy and convenient to use. If you need to cut something or you need protection, you can have this in your bag and you will have a blade that can be used with no hassle.

You don’t need an expert to use an automatic knife. It is affordable, reliable, and guaranteed flexible for various cutting purposes. I hope you know what types of automatic knives.

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