Zelite vs Dalstrong: which kitchen knife is the best for buy

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Holidays are around the corner, and there must be a huge influx around the house kitchen. Be it a house or a chef’s kitchen, knives are the most fundamental equipment to furnish it. But are you satisfied with the knife on your hand currently?

Last year during my holiday visit to my grandparents’ house, I saw two different types of knife sets, from two different brands, sitting side by side on the kitchen counter. It intrigued me so much that I questioned my grandmother why so. She was so overwhelmed with the review of each of these that she could not decide which one to go with.

Zelite vs Dalstrong
Zelite vs Dalstrong

Let’s dig in more to the brands we were having conversations about. Furthermore, it will be up to you to decide between Zelite vs. Dalstrong.

Comparison Table For Zelite knife and Dalstrong knife

Since the Zelite vs Dalstrong debate is at the peak, here is a comparison table to give a little more insight to the viewers:

ParticularZelite KnifeDalstrong Knife
Used forMultipurpose use (mostly for chefs)Multipurpose use (mostly for day to day lives)
DesignFull tang, have both German and Japanese steel in the formulationOnly high carbon German steel in the manufacture
Blade curveStraighter from the sideAngle curvature present
Common blade length


ManeuverabilityLightweight and fastA bit heavy and slow-paced
Force toleranceIt is better for light dutyIt can endure more force

Zelite knife review

Knife business, just like any other business, is old-built. Most of the knife brands currently dominating the market have yearlong traditions and popularities. So, it is undoubtedly harder for any other new brands to suddenly come up and make their empire. Yet Zelite is doing the same.

They have caught the consumers’ attention with their attractive marketing policy and of course, the quality knives, in a very short period. Zelite has come up with three different classes of knives- comfort pro, alpha-royal German, and alpha-royal Japanese. The difference between these three lies in the structure and usage.

Zelite Infinity Knife Block Set (9-pc) - Comfort-Pro Series - German High Carbon Stainless Steel, Professional knife set, Wood Block

The comfort pro series holds mostly home kitchen knives or specializes in beginner’s knives. The rest of the classes are more prone to have chef special knives. From the structural point of view, the comfort pro series has used high-class stainless carbon German steel whereas, the alpha-pro Japanese has Japanese Damascus in its material.

From the pricing side, both of these may have a slight difference but all of the Zelite knives are quite affordable. All of them scream quality, unanimously. From sharpness to elegant design, these full-tang knives are something to have. 

Although Zelite sells knives as an individual, not assets, you can always customize your knife set by picking the best among the series. These are, indeed, showcasing their cutting standard with easy usage and application as the best chef knife.


  • Great marketing showdown
  • It is handy and lightweight
  • More budget-friendly
  • Highly durable with quality


  • Knives are sold in one piece

Top 3 Best Seller Zelite Knife

Dalstrong knife review

Dalstrong is also a baby brand, just like the previous one mentioned. But the real reason behind this debate is, both of them may be newcomers, yet with sky-high ambitions. It has been creating its mark along with other age-old brands in the knife business. So, it often gets fussier to pick on these two. 

Dalstrong has such mouthwatering names for their knife series, almost as much as the brand name. Such as gladiator, phantom, shogun, etc. After taking customers’ reviews, they have concluded loving the phantom and gladiator series the best.

DALSTRONG - 8-Piece Knife Block Set - Crusader Series - Forged Thyssenkrupp High-Carbon German Stainless Steel - w/Magnetic Sheath - NSF Certified

Although these are China-made but Dalstrong has their line of German and Japanese steel to manufacture the knives with. So, strength and sharpness are nothing to worry about. They have an amazing marketing policy of gifting knife sets to professional chefs along with push notifications on Amazon.

Dalstrong knives are easy to maintain, including honing and sharpening. The full tang knives have Damascus on their blades to reflect enough elegance. All of these are offered to the customers at a very affordable price.

The sturdily forged Dalstrong gladiator knives have been playing quite well around the market for a while now. 


  • The knives come in sets with all the essential knives
  • They are corrosion-free
  • The sharpness is easy to handle
  • One knife goes a long way


  • May be heavy on the purse for beginners

Top 3 Best Seller Dalstrong Knife

Zelite Knife vs Dalstrong Knife

Used for:

Both Zelite and Dalstrong manufacture multipurpose knives. That means you can purchase normal bread knives to steak, fillet knives from both of these brands. The only difference is that Zelite sells a single knife in one go whereas Dalstrong puts out knife sets. Now, both of the points have their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, since the Zelite comes in a single piece, you can always pick out the best knives from their variety of knife classes. Then they can be customized further by adding more essential knives from other brands that have better quality than Zelite. That way you will not have to be stuck with an entire knife set just because one or two knives are not living up to the expectation.

On the other hand, the Dalstrong ones come inset. It saves up much hassle for researching about every other brand to find the best among them. Since it comes with all the essential knives in one set, you are good to go with just one.


The Zelife chef’s knives are full tang, made of high carbon German steel. The handle has carbon fiber to wrap the tang which is triple-riveted for a better grip. These knives come in a well-packed package that prevents the blade from moving and doing any damage. The blades are lightweight to handle.

It also has a tip-guard for protection. The blade is sharp enough to make it the chef’s first choice. It can be used as multipurpose from cutting, slicing, deboning, and other imperative functions. 

The Dalstrong knives are more on the heavier side, coming in a set with a block. There is a mixture of full tang and half tang blades, according to preference. The blades have beautiful Damascus on the body to show the quality forging. The handles are also triple-riveted for a tight grip.

This type of handle prevents any slippage even while cutting in sweaty hands. The blades are so sharp that they can cut through anything even in a fraction of seconds.

Blade curve:

Zelite knife blades are more on the straighter side. Although it cannot be spoken about an entire brand since the different products may show different curvatures. But Zelite knives have preserved such straightness while looking from the side view. 

On the other hand, the Dalstrongs have maintained some Japanese style on their blades to promote curvature. It means, the tangential curvature can be seen more on the Dalstrong knives than the Zelite ones. It is a con in a way these knives tend to wear out easily.

Although Dalstrong comes with a promise of easy maintenance, the curvature makes it a bit hard to keep up with. These blades can lose their sharpness easily with time. So, if you are going for a Dalstrong set, make sure to hone and sharpen the edges now and then.

Common blade length:

There are three different classes of blades offered by Zelite with variety in blade length. They are-

  • Comfort pro: These knives have a length of 6-8inches for accumulating the lightweight blades in day-to-day use. The short length helps the chef to move it in any direction for regular use.
  • Alpha-royal Japanese: It comes with an 8-inch chef’s knife with a 4.25-inch paring knife. It has a Japanese finishing to support the structure with all the strength.
  • Alpha-royal German: These have the same length but only with a German blade.

Dalstrong blades have five different classes. Since all of them come in sets, each containing deboning, breading, pairing, and other essential knives, the lengths vary in abundance. But generally, they range from 6-inches to 12.5-inches, considering what function they are up to.


The Zelite knives are more maneuverable than the Dalstrong ones due to their lightweight and straightness. The blades can be easily swirled around without having to worry about any accident. The sharpness of the blades cuts through any meat or food chunk easily, without struggling.

The Dalstrong blade’s stability depends a lot on the size. The lower-length blades are comfortable to handle due to their lightweight feature. But the Santoku and steak knives are quite heavy. They are also bigger, so you have to be a bit cautious with the usage process.

Although both of the brands have their reputations for being fast. It also depends a lot on the chef’s preference on they choose to move around a knife.

Force tolerance:

Dalstrong wins the competition in this section. The high carbon German steel pays off the price for an enduring force of any kind. A good force tolerant knife is necessary for heavy-duty. These Dalstrong knives can cut through even through the chunkiest turkey.

Also, heavy pressure is exerted while deboning a lump of meat, sparing it off the skin. The blade needs to be intact with the handle while doing such work. Dalstrong has surpassed these expectations with all of their classes from Gladiator to Shogun.

On the contrary, Zelite may be lightweight and feathery but they are not so good with tolerating force. There has been a complaint from customers that the blades are being slipped off while exerting enough push on the material. Zelite is making the full tang blades to avoid such accidents, yet they are not quite fit for heavy-duty.

Although it depends more on the product than an entire brand, Zelite is better for beginners with more slow-paced work and an easy-go. The delicate knives are better for fillet knives than steak knives. The reason Dalstrong has been so popular with the steak world is because of their pressure tolerating capability.


Cost always vary from brand to brand and Zelite and Dalstrong both have a variety of knife classes to offer different pricing list. Here is the ranging price for each class-

  • The shogun series: The Dalstrong Shogun series is the most affordable among the high ranges. Any knife set from this series can be bought within 199-299$.
  • The Gladiator series: It is a bit on the high range. But they produce cost-effective gladiator series knives as well. It ranges from 199-499$.
  • The Phantom series: It is the most high-end series from Dalstrong with a price range starting from 500$ and above.

Zelite is more on the budget-friendly side, as mentioned before. Although they have sky-high products as well, the starting range is very low from 150$ or even cheaper. They build it up to a higher range from that point that goes up to 500$.

Final Verdict

A kitchen is a place where food is shared and bondages are formed with much love. A freshly made food will always need a proper knife to cut and slice it. A knife is one of the most imperative essences of a kitchen. Knowing piece by piece about a knife before buying is essential for a healthy culinary activity and to avoid accidents.

Since Zelite and  Dalstrong both brands have emerged in the market almost at the same time, the Zelite vs Dalstrong debate can be never-ending. Each of the brands has its quality with rainbows and drawbacks. It may often get harder to pick just one among the bunch.

While Zelite is more on the professional side, Dalstrong can be presented from home to restaurants. Both of the brands have prioritized enough enthusiasts on shaping a knife with the highest standard. 

The motto of this article was to provide the readers with a crystal-clear idea about the brands. Hopefully, buying from them will be a little less daunting next time.

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